Message Delivered

Message Delivered July 19, 2009

Back in January, I wrote about a prophetic dream I had, and how I was going to have to tell my evangelical Christian friends that their new daughter is going to be (as I put it at the time) “psychically gifted, destined to be a seer and a mystic, and a great source of consternation for her parents.”

While they live in Pueblo (which is nowhere close to Durango), it so happened that they were in Albuquerque the day we flew in. So Cathy and I made plans to have lunch with them. I was trying to figure out how I was going to break Phil away from his wife (I worked with Phil for almost five years and I’m much closer to him) in order to tell my odd tale. But when we got there, Phil was alone – two of their four kids weren’t well, and his wife had stayed with them.

That made it much easier. To his credit – and to my great relief – Phil listened carefully and then thanked me for delivering the message. He may see God a lot differently than I do, but he knows I wouldn’t say something like that without a very good reason.

Want more evidence this girl is going to be something special? You may have to be close to my age to get the irony, but they named her Samantha – (intentionally or coincidentally) after the most famous TV witch of all time.

Message delivered. As I told Phil, as far as I know my part in this is over – I didn’t see me playing any part in her life, as a mentor or teacher or anything else. But when the magic starts, I expect I’ll be getting a phone call…

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