More Pagan Gospel

More Pagan Gospel October 30, 2009

If things have been a little slow here under the Oaks it’s because they’ve been anything but slow in my paying job. I’m working more hours and harder hours than I have since I left my job from hell in Indiana in 1997. At least I still have a job, and I’m thankful for that. Most days.

Long hours at work don’t leave much time for contemplation and composition – just enough to run a few errands and answer the e-mails that have to be answered. Tonight I went looking for some Pagan music, just to wind down and hopefully get in a little better frame of mind for Samhain tomorrow.

And I came across this on YouTube. No video, just music, but it’s awesome. I don’t know anything about the musicians, except that somebody clearly has a little gospel in her musical background. Listen especially for the background harmony that starts at about 2:40.

And now this Pagan is feeling a little more revived…

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