Christ, Culture, and the Two Kingdoms Conference

Christ, Culture, and the Two Kingdoms Conference September 10, 2016

This October, we will be hosting our second annual Just and Sinner Conference on the topic: Christ, Culture, and the two Kingdoms. The dates are October 27-29 at Faith Lutheran Church in Watseka, IL. You can sign up at

The speakers are: Eric Phillips, Gene Edward Veith, and Jordan Cooper.

Here is the schedule and lecture topics:


6:30  Opening worship service led by Rev. Jordan Cooper and Rev. Lewis Polzin

7:15 Opening lecture, “The Two Kingdom Paradigm and Escondido Theology: An Evaluation and Critique” by Jordan Cooper

8:15 Fellowship with coffee and cookies.


9:00 “Two Cities, Two Kingdoms: Augustine and Luther on Church and State” by Eric Phillips

10:00 Break

10:30 “The Doctrine of the Two Kingdoms as a Paradigm for Criticism” by Gene Edward Veith

11:30 Break

12:30 Lunch

2:00 Breakout sessions

4:00 “Worship as the Agent of Cultural Transformation” by Jordan Cooper

5:30 Dinner in town

7:30 “How God Governs Economics” by Gene Edward Veith


9:00 Lecture, “The Responsibilities of the Christian Prince According to Augustine, Luther, and America” by Eric Phillips

10:30 Roundtable discussion with all speakers

12:00 Closing worship service

12:30 Lunch

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