New Book from Just and Sinner: Natural Theology by Milton Valentine

New Book from Just and Sinner: Natural Theology by Milton Valentine April 10, 2015

This is Milton Valentine’s major apologetic work. In this book, Valentine defends a robust natural theology, arguing that Theism is the only rational worldview in contradistinction to the materialistic rationalism which pervaded the nineteenth century. Valentine stands within the nineteenth century apologetic tradition among the likes of B.B. Warfield an Charles Hodge. Though some of the science of this book is dated, this work still stands as a convincing rational defense of the Christian faith.

You can purchase the book here.

It is also available through Amazon here.

About the author:

Milton Valentine (1825-1906) was the most prominent theologian of the General Synod after the death of Samuel Schmucker. Unlike Schmucker, Valentine was committed to the unaltered Augsburg Confession, and argues for Lutheran unity in America based on a quia subscription to the Augustana. Unity was impossible however, between the General Synod and the General Council due to the remaining liberalism amongst many clergy and theologians in the General Synod. Though committed to the Augustana and the historic Lutheran tradition as he understood it, Valentine was still largely influenced by the protestantizing tendencies of his own church body. This should not, however, serve as grounds for dismissing Valentine as a theologian. He was a highly original and intelligent theologian, producing the best theological textbooks to arise from the General Synod.

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