April 5, 2017

Each and every kundalini yoga practice begins with the Adi Mantra. We bow to the subtle divine wisdom, the divine teacher within.  An ancient yogic mantra which allows the chanter to relate instantly to the divine teacher within. Adi means primal or first, and mantra means the creative mental projection using sound.  The Adi Mantra centers us in the higher self, and spiritually guides both the teacher and the students during the class. The words to the mantra are “Ong namo... Read more

March 29, 2017

Do you know how powerful it is to pray for someone from a distance? To send loving prayers and to offer yourself these prayers can HEAL! You don’t have to be next to someone to offer this mudra of Prayer Pose. Give it a try! Read more

March 22, 2017

As you begin to explore and practice Kundalini Yoga, you will often hear and speak the mantra “Sat Nam.” It’s such a big part of the practice, but you might be wondering what it means, and how should it be used? Here’s my answer for you. Sat Nam!   Read more

March 15, 2017

When young folks come to me with courage and conviction to heal without medication and ask how to meditate, I jump! I invite you to hear one young athlete share his story of recovery. Thanks to Brooks for appearing! Sat nam! Meditation is Good Medicine from Caroline Ashley on Vimeo. Read more

March 8, 2017

I’ll share how Yogi Bhajan defined Prosperity…and it doesn’t always mean a big fat bank account! I’ll demonstrate the Lotus Mudra to open your heart center and being to authentic Prosperity. Enjoy! Read more

March 8, 2017

Sharing these thoughts with you today. We all have reasons not to take that first step…but don’t let them stop you from finding your path. Karuna is available for personal consultations, including diet, nutrition and physical yoga practice and meditation. Click here for information. Read more

March 4, 2016

In the words of Yogi Bhajan, “We can create miracles, but we do not pretend to create miracles. Miracles are miracles; they shall happen.” (12/5/88) Whenever I spend time with young people, I sense the miracle of their precious souls. It is a priviledge to teach and learn from these tender vessels of light and wisdom. I so enjoyed teaching the kundalini yoga technology to these 4 young people, and then listening and learning from them later. Sat nam!  ... Read more

December 14, 2015

I am so very honored to share with you a tremendous opportunity. Imagine for a moment the fulfillment of a life-long dream in which you experience a soul-filled adventure that takes you not only into the depths of India — one of the most magical countries in the world — but also into deep and lasting communion with the Divine. A true pilgrimage of the heart. That dream can be yours with A Sacred Pilgrimage into the Soul of India,... Read more

December 11, 2015

It’s my distinct honor to welcome a bright new light to Patheos Spirituality—the founder and primary teacher of Light on Kundalini in Boulder, Colorado—Karuna. Whether you’re a devout student of Yogi Bhajan’s distinctive Kundalini teachings, or you may be a yogi or yogini of another wisdom branch, or perhaps you’re just beginning to explore what yoga means to you, I’m pleased to welcome you to a blogging community that will enrich and bless your life. Karuna teaches yoga as a... Read more

December 4, 2015

Teaching Kundalini Yoga for over 25 years in the lineage of the great Sikh teacher Yogi Bhajan, I have witnessed, through work with hundreds of students young and old, the profound “technology” of Kundalini Yoga. Having trained in all the Yogas, the fruits of Discipline and Lifestyle from Kundalini Yoga appear, in my experience, to surpass all other Yogic modalities in which I have trained or taught. So, it is a great gift for anyone to discover this tradition. This... Read more

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