Googling God for Answers

Googling God for Answers December 17, 2016


Can you Google God?

People have always sought for answers about life. They’ve asked shamans and sages and prophets, their grandmas and favorite sisters and that one weird uncle, experts and therapists and gurus.

Of course, you can ask God, but He’s not known for sending immediate, unambiguous answers. So, these days, people turn to the ultimate source of all information — Google.

I don’t know if you’ll get any answers from the Almighty on the Internet, but this is what people are asking.




OK, it’s not all terribly serious …


Here’s to hoping these folks found some clarity.

Courtesy of Catholic Online, here’s a prayer that might help:

God’s Plan

Almighty God, father God, God of great mercy. I love and am grateful I can come before you knowing you accept me as your child whom you love.

Thank you so much dear Jesus that you are with me where ever I go. Like a child in his mother’s arms I come to you. Take ownership of me, guide me, prompt me, teach me, and instruct me dear God in the way I should go. May your great plan for my life be fulfilled so I may be closer to you.

Thank you dear God for all you have done.


Image: Courtesy Google

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