‘Formed’ — Giveaway Just in Time for Christmas!

‘Formed’ — Giveaway Just in Time for Christmas! December 16, 2016

FORMED Home-PatheosWhether you’re a parish, a prayer group or a ministry, “Formed” may be the thing to round out your Christmas giving.

Last summer, the Augustine Institute, a graduate school of theology based on Denver, joined forces with some other Catholic apostolates to create a comprehensive catechetical platform. From the Augustine website:

FORMED.org is a revolutionary online platform featuring the best Catholic videos, audio talks, eBooks and movies from trusted partners like the Augustine Institute, St. Paul Center, Marian Fathers, Lighthouse Catholic Media, Ignatius Press and Word on Fire. Catechism and Personal Faith Formation are at the fingertips of every parishioner. Visit FORMED.org to learn about these resources delivered to you by the Augustine Institute.

The result is a sort of “Catholic Netflix,” with a variety of catechetical programs, scripted and documentary video presentations, audio, books

“Formed” is meant to be used for adult faith formation, marriage prep and enrichment, Bible study, RCIA, youth ministry, Marian devotion and small-group discipleship.

It even includes feature films, such as Mother Teresa, starring Olivia Hussey; “Joan of Arc,” with Leelee Sobieski; Italian production “Clare and Francis”; “Saint Peter,” starring Omar Sharif; “Joseph of Nazareth,” starring Tobias Moretti; and “Don Bosco,” starring Ben Gazzara.

From Catholic World Report:

The content featured on FORMED includes Bishop Robert Barron’s entire Catholicism series; “Beloved”, a 12-session video program that uncovers the mystery and the meaning of the sacrament of marriage; The Jeweler’s Shop, a classic movie based on St. Pope John Paul II’s bestselling book; and the popular conversion story, Rome Sweet Home, by Scott and Kimberly Hahn.

These, along with documentaries, children’s programming and Spanish-language shows are available to be viewed from the “Formed” Website, with a subscription.

What, you may say, a SUBSCRIPTION?

Fear not, we here at Pax Culturati hear you, and we got you.

Just for Patheos and PC readers, “Formed” is offering a free, one-year individual subscription (a $120 value) and two CD copies of “Can You Trust God?”, the latest talk from Augustine Institute president Dr. Tim Gray.

So, email your name and mailing address to paxculturati@aol.com (I know; I’m retro that way), and three winners will be chosen at random on Dec. 23 [UPDATE: I’ll now make the drawing on Dec. 19], so you’ll know whether to put a note in someone’s stocking.

Image: Augustine Institute

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