Academy Awards 2017 Predictions: When the Media Nun Met the Film Critic

Academy Awards 2017 Predictions: When the Media Nun Met the Film Critic February 22, 2017

Academy-Awards-PredictionsAcceptance-speech controversies aside, who and what wins the Academy Awards — taking place Sunday, Feb. 26 — still matters a lot in Hollywood.

Recently at Family Theater Productions in Hollywood — where I manage social media, blog and produce videos — we had a panel to discuss the nominations for the upcoming Academy Awards.

Before the panel (the February edition of our monthly Prayer and Pasta series), I sat down with what you might call the new Catholic version of Siskel & Ebert — Sister Nancy Usselmann of the Daughters of Saint Paul (the “media nuns”) and Catholic film critic Carl Kozlowski — and went through the top nominees.

They didn’t always see eye to eye — especially on “La La Land” — and who or what their hearts wanted to win didn’t always match what their heads said would win.

On Sunday, we’ll know which prevailed.

Click here for a full list of nominees.



Image: Courtesy Family Theater Productions

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