Not Mission Impossible

Not Mission Impossible April 1, 2012

A Church bulletin from March I happened upon, that ought to be shared:

Note to Georgetown law students – Catholic teaching is very simple:  Boys and girls are born into the world.  Boys and girls grow up.  They practice their Catholic Faith and participate in the sacraments, especially Confession and Holy Communion.  Coming of age, they date one another and refrain from sexual activity until the knot is tied.  If they get serious, they may choose to be engaged for marriage.  They prepare for marriage with the Church’s guidance.  They celebrate the sacrament of marriage.  Then they drive off into the sunset for the honeymoon.  Note:  the honeymoon comes after marriage.  Then, God willing, babies.  There, that was easy.  (Even a Georgetown law student can get this down if he or she tries.)

Here’s the beauty of the Faith – If you get the preceding a little out of order because of human weakness, we have a safety net:  Confession!

But please do not call evil good.

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