The Reformation Is Over?

The Reformation Is Over? July 20, 2012

I do open my piece on National Review Online today about evangelicals and Catholics suing the federal government together with a colorful quote involving Martin Luther.

Evangelical Wheaton College joining the Catholic University of America in suing the Department of Health and Human Services over is contraception/sterilization/abortion-inducing-drug mandate did give me the opportunity to meet Phillip Ryken, the president of Wheaton (and grad of, with long and deep family ties there).

It is shamefully outrageous that we are at a point where institutions and individuals have to sue to protect their religious liberties against the federal government.

Read my interview with Ryken. This team-up moment certainly seems akin to Catholics and evangelicals standing together in pursuit of a culture of life — I will never forget observing that some of the most beautiful tributes to John Paul II came from evangelicals. On the day he died, I watched as press releases came in from evangelical congressman who had been inspired and informed The Gospel of Life. Ryken observed that Catholics and evangelicals are natural allies on abortion and religious freedom.

After you read what Ryken has to say, go here and read about the freedom to love God from CUA’s president John Garvey from a little earlier. It’s instructive about the debate about the HHS mandate, and important about who and why we are.

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