Quiet, Soul!

Quiet, Soul! August 7, 2012

In continuing conversation with Dawn Eden about her book, My Peace I Give You, I take note of a line in her book “What I truly needed was not to rile my body, but to quiet my soul.” And ask: However does anyone do that?
You’re referring to a passage in chapter 4, where I talk about how, before I found healing in Christ, I tried to cope with the effects of my childhood abuse in ways that were self-destructive. I did not trust my body — it was vulnerable to being used by bad people, and it might even feel physical pleasure while being so used. So, as a defense mechanism, I mentally dissociated the “real” me from the physical me, and became emotionally fragmented.
In order to heal, I had to learn how to be comfortable in my own skin. Instead of acting from my pathology, I had to learn how to act from my wellness. The saints helped me in this, because they all suffered in some way, but they did not respond to suffering by becoming fragmented or dissociated. Instead, they sought God’s grace to help them become integrated. The evils that were committed against them were lies, but they did not have to internalize those lies. Looking at the crucified Christ, they were able to place their past pain in perspective so that they, like him, could live in the truth of God’s love and share that love with others.

Consider reading more of my NRO interview with Eden here, including some additional exchanges on the wounds of Christ and His Passion. Consider sharing it with someone who needs healing and peace.

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