Feeling Weak?

Feeling Weak? August 9, 2012

In her book, My Peace I Give You, Dawn Eden writes about questions she’s encountered in her life, confronting the memories of abuse: “How … do I take the first step? How do I find strength when all I have to work with is weakness?” I asked her about her answer:

I found the answer in prayer, reading sacred scripture, and discovering saints to emulate. I write in My Peace that I think of sacred scripture as being like a globe showing a detailed political map of the world — where the countries and cities are, where the major roads are, and so on. If I study it, I will know what is my destination — heaven — and what I need to do in order to get there. The saints’ lives are like that same globe, but with a new dimension — a topographic globe, revealing not only the path I must take, but also what peaks and valleys I can expect along the way. Discovering that weak human beings like myself have reached heaven after crossing the most tortuous terrain, I have confidence that I too can do so with God’s grace, no matter how trying my journey.

You can read much more about the book in my National Review Online interview with Eden.

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