Praying on the Hill

Praying on the Hill October 18, 2013

Dominican Father Andrew Hofer opened the House one day this week (while we were still in shutdown mode) and it’s surely a prayer for legislating, but one for every day:

We have been wrong, and we have sinned. Give us all a share of your wisdom and your mercy. Enlighten us so that we can turn from our error and live by the power of your truth. Strengthened by you, may we stand united in necessary matters, acknowledge liberty in doubtful matters, and be charitable in all matters.


Letting people have their liberty is sometimes the hardest — it sure seems it in politics these days and isn’t it in our personal lives all too often?

And so we pray! As the pope put it the other day at Mass, prayer is the key to faith, it keeps us from abandoning faith and descending into ideology and moralism.

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