I am Not Worthy

I am Not Worthy October 14, 2012

Rome — “During this Year of Faith may we, like the man in today’s Gospel, have the courage to ask the Lord what more can we do, especially for the poor, the lonely, the sick and the suffering, so as to be witnesses and heirs to the eternal life God promises,” Pope Benedict XVI prayed in his Angelus message today.
Looking away, avoiding loving one another is not Christian.
In the gospel today we are reminded that “All things are possible for God.” This whole concept of a “Year of Faith” is about realizing what it is we are saying when we say we are Catholic, and truly surrendering to it, so that He may transform our lives and the world.

In the Magnificat Year of Faith companion today Father J. Anthony Giambrone, O.P. reflects: “We make Christ wonder in gladness by expecting of him much more than we deserve: “Lord I am not worthy, but only say the word … ”
Instead of looking at Monday with dread, perhaps we can begin by living a little as the name Christian implies: Living as He did, showing love, and trust in the Father.

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