No Time Like Today for an Epiphany!

No Time Like Today for an Epiphany! January 5, 2014

As Pope Francis announces his own journey to the Holy Land, we are invited daily to meet Christ in the Eucharist.

Magnificat has Pope Benedict reflecting on the Epiphany (from his homily just last year):

Human beings have an innate restlessness for God, but this restlessness is a participation in God’s own restlessness for us…. Faith is nothing less than being interiorly seized by God, something which guides us along the pathways of life. Faith draws us into a state of being seized by the restlessness of God and it makes us pilgrims who are on an inner journey towards the true King of the world and his promise of justice, truth and love….

Around this time last year, Christopher West had a new book out, in which he wrote:

If in the end we cling to something less than God as the source of our satisfaction, then something less than God is what we shall have. The question here is not whether we desire “heaven,” but what we desire as “heaven,” as the fulfillment of our longing. We all desire some kind of “heaven,” some kind of lasting fulfillment. Nothing can change that about us. But in the end, if we’re not aiming our ultimate desire at the Ultimate, we miss the mark. And when the mark is heaven, that’s something we really don’t want to miss.

More here on Incarnational desire and what the wise seek!

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