Athirst? Moving Deeper into the Trinity

Athirst? Moving Deeper into the Trinity July 22, 2016

With all the pain and violence in the streets and throughout the world, it is hard sometimes to get a moment for silence and contemplation — to listen for the voice of the Lord in prayer, to reveal the will of God, to lead our lives.

Elizabeth of the Trinity will be canonized a saint later this year by Pope Francis. She wrote this prayer in 1903, which may help:

O Lord, give me a passion for listening to you. Sometimes this desire to be silent is so strong that the only thing I long to do is to hear everything and to penetrate deeper and deeper into the mystery of charity that you came to reveal to us. Grant that in action, even when I seem to be fulfilling the office of Martha, my soul may remain buried like Magdalen in her contemplation, remaining at the source like one athirst…. I shall then be able to radiate you, to give you to souls, if I remain always at these divine springs. Grant that I may draw very near to you, my beloved Master, enter into communion with your soul, identify myself with its every disposition, and then go forth like you to do the will of the Father.

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