March 23, 2016

1. Today is 'Spy Wednesday' when Judas agreed to betrayed the Lord: this window illustrates today's Gospel reading — Fr Lawrence Lew OP (@LawrenceOP) March 23, 2016 2. That long Holy Week Confession line? It’s totally work waiting on! With how much love Jesus looks at us! With how much love He heals our sinful heart! Our sins never scare Him. — Pope Francis (@Pontifex) March 23, 2016 3. Why did Judas betray Jesus? It wasn’t the money ….... Read more

March 22, 2016

1. Christus Factus Est #HolyWeek — Patrick Mary Briscoe (@PatrickMaryOP) March 22, 2016 2. Today’s readings. 3. “we ask the Lord for the grace never to betray him through calculation and to strengthen us to minimize our betrayals out of weakness” 4. Compulsion to Completion Tuesday:"There's a fire in [Jesus]…He MUST continue to do the Father's will." #HolyWeek — St. Paul Youth Group (@StPYG) March 22, 2016 5. Via Magnificat today: 6. “Fanatical fundamentalism disfigures [God’s] loving and... Read more

March 21, 2016

1. — FrSteveGrunow (@FrSteveGrunow) March 21, 2016 2. Today’s readings. And a homily from Fr. Roger Landry. 3. 4. Today is Reconciliation Monday in the Archdiocese of New York. The light is on! Reconciliation Monday – best way to prepare for Easter! Confessions today 3-9 PM in every church in @NY_Arch @BrooklynDiocese & @RVCDiocese — Cardinal Dolan (@CardinalDolan) March 21, 2016 Love this ad in THE REGULAR NEWSPAPER from @NY_Arch for #ReconciliationMonday. This should be every week! —... Read more

March 17, 2016

1. One of the most beautiful prayers, via St. Patrick. 2. Statue of Saint Patrick in the Dominican church of St Vincent Ferrer, NYC — Fr Lawrence Lew OP (@LawrenceOP) March 17, 2016 3. From Fr. Roger Landry: Today we renew our Covenant with God by a similar commitment of faith. And the way we do so best is the way St. Patrick that St. Patrick was strengthened, allowing Christ to be with us through Holy Communion, in which we... Read more

March 10, 2016

1. God asks everything of us, yet at the same time he offers everything to us. #PopeFrancis — Bishop Barres (@BishopBarres) March 10, 2016 2. Be focused by the guidance of St. Leo the Great from the second reading in the Office of Readings of the Liturgy of the Hours today is exactly what I needed this Lenten Thursday: True reverence for the Lord’s passion means fixing the eyes of our heart on Jesus crucified and recognizing in him our... Read more

March 7, 2016

1. How can you honor the Missionaries of Charity martyred this week? Joining them in prayer every morning this week: — Ryan M. Thomas (@RyanM_Thomas) March 7, 2016 2. Why it’s important to remember them all: story of the martyrdom of Perpetua and her companions is the story of the Paschal Mystery redividus. The Christian becomes most fully herself or himself inasmuch as there is a will to be conformed to Christ in suffering and death. Martyrdom, like Baptism,... Read more

March 4, 2016

1. Returning to the Lord with All Our Heart, Mind, Soul and Strength 2. Today is a yuge opportunity to encounter God’s mercy. St. Patrick’s in New York as an example here. Check out #24HoursfortheLord where you live. A primer on what it all is and means here. 3. Pope Francis on the priest as a channel of God’s mercy in Confession and: it is important that the confessor also be a ‘channel of joy’ and that the penitent faithful,... Read more

March 3, 2016

Philadelphia’s Archbishop Ryan was dying. He asked Mother Katharine Mary Drexel if she had ever prayed the Our Father in honor of the Passion. According to the book Katharine Drexel: A Biography, by Sr. Consuela Maria Duffy, S.B.S. (the order she founded, the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament), she shook her head no and he took a crucifix in his hand and said: Not a bad way prayer for focusing these next 20 days of Lent. Read more

March 3, 2016

1. Statue @MarysShrine of St Katherine Drexel whose feast is today — Fr Lawrence Lew OP (@LawrenceOP) March 3, 2016 2. "Every trial that we experience is an act of God's #mercy to detach us from earth so we approach nearer to God." SKD — St. Katharine Drexel (@KatharineDrexel) February 17, 2016 3. In Philadelphia this fall, Pope Francis said: Most of you know the story of Saint Katharine Drexel, one of the great saints raised up by this... Read more

March 2, 2016

1. First, this: — NCDVD (@ncdvd) March 2, 2016 2. I feel like we all need this today from Saint Theophilus of Antioch (what, he wasn’t on The Today Show this morning?): If you say, “Show me your God,” I will say to you, “Show me what kind of person you are, and I will show you my God.” Show me then whether the eyes of your mind can see, and the ears of your heart hear. It is... Read more

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