April 5, 2016

1. Happy Feast Day of St Vincent Ferrer. St Vincent, pray for us! #holyland #franciscans #saintquotes #feastday pic.twitter.com/z3QRNq9Rbq — FFHL (@FFHL_HQ) April 5, 2016 2. From Fr. Roger Landry’s homily notes today: Today we celebrate a saint who constantly was growing from above and seeking to help his contemporaries learn how to live truly as Christians. St. Vincent Ferrer, the great Dominican preacher of the late 14th and early 15th centuries, was trying to help the Church rebuild when it... Read more

April 4, 2016

1. Normally celebrated March 25, #Annunciation never falls during #HolyWeek so is transferred to today, day one following the #EasterOctave. — Arlington Diocese (@arlingtonchurch) April 4, 2016 2. Pope Francis: It’s the feast of saying yes to God. 3. Bishop Samuel Jacobs: today is the right day to thank the Lord and ask ourselves: am I a man or woman of ‘yes’ or a man or woman of ‘no’? Or am I a man or woman who looks away, so... Read more

April 1, 2016

1. On the Easter grace that continues. 2. Fr. Roger Landry: Breakfast with Jesus as he feeds and forms his Fishers of Men, Easter Friday 3. Fr. Lawrence Lew: At the dawn of this new Easter day let us, as creatures of the eternal Easter and God’s new creation, come and break fast with the Risen Christ. For, having been starved by sin, we come here now to feed on his Body and Blood; to grow fat on his grace;... Read more

April 1, 2016

I’m going to do something uncharacteristic today and participate in a news event without being hyper-connected to my phone. I’ll be at Mother Angelica’s Mass of Christian Burial in Hanceville, Alabama. There’s no photo taking or the like inside. Thanks be to God. I happened upon this morning this meditation in a new collection called Praying with Mother Angelica from the late foundress of EWTN — “the global Catholic network.” It both focuses the mind on what she lived for... Read more

March 31, 2016

1. "The whole liturgy of the Church radiates from #Easter, as if from a luminous, incandescent centre" ~ Benedict XVI. — Fr James Bradley (@FrJamesBradley) March 31, 2016 2. Our hope is in the Lord. Alleluia! #Easterpeople #hope pic.twitter.com/t6Lob3G9jt — Saint Pauls Outreach (@SPO_National) March 31, 2016 3. "Peace be with you!" the Risen Christ says to his disciples today, shown in this stained glass window from Edinburghhttps://t.co/8VKn4jFoEa — Fr Lawrence Lew OP (@LawrenceOP) March 31, 2016 4. Fr. Roger... Read more

March 30, 2016

Thanks to Fr. Jeremy Zipple at America for mentioning it is a must-read reflection for the day, which I find here via a Notre Dame website: Our Lord left himself to us as food: bread and wine. The disciples at Emmaus knew him in the breaking of bread and so it’s far easier to see Christ in your brother when you are sitting down and sharing soup with him. You don’t any longer see the destitute, or the drunk, or... Read more

March 30, 2016

Today’s Emmaus Gospel has me thinking about a recent column from Cardinal Dolan on the Full Emmaus. I wrote a little bit about it here. Magnificat has a beautiful reflection in its Year of Mercy companion from Fr. George W. Rutler, quite timely with recent controversies over the relevance and efficacy of “thoughts and prayers” and with the predominance of people presuming Mother Angelica is in Heaven. That would be the last thing she would want. She would want us... Read more

March 30, 2016

1. "In this Octave of Easter the liturgy invites us to meet the Risen One personally" ~ BXVI. — Fr James Bradley (@FrJamesBradley) March 30, 2016 2. Jesus shows us the real face of God, for whom power does not mean destruction but love, and for whom justice is not vengeance but mercy. — Pope Francis (@Pontifex) March 29, 2016 3. Have compassion. Have mercy. Welcome the Risen Jesus among us. Reveal Him to other travelers. #homilytweet #Emmaus pic.twitter.com/Qf2JZbQwIL —... Read more

March 29, 2016

1. Statue of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom @CatholicUniv surrounded by cherry blossom this Eastertide https://t.co/xrplqCAM5D — Fr Lawrence Lew OP (@LawrenceOP) March 29, 2016 2. Archbishop in India, where anti-Christian pogrom erupted in 2008, says Easter means hope: https://t.co/bGqlgAUoHu pic.twitter.com/B4dhtBDfU4 — John L. Allen, Jr. (@JohnLAllenJr) March 28, 2016 3. "I assure you that the good Lord is much kinder than you can imagine. He is satisfied with a glance. With a sigh of love"-St.Therese Lisieux — NCDVD (@ncdvd)... Read more

March 24, 2016

1. Don't be a spectator in Holy Week: enter into the Paschal Mystery by attending and participating in the sacred rites of Holy Mother Church. — Fr James Bradley (@FrJamesBradley) March 24, 2016 2. What's up with the Triduum? Here's what's up. #Triduum #Easter https://t.co/boN2suNvIy pic.twitter.com/1Stnztwzgy — Saint Pauls Outreach (@SPO_National) March 23, 2016 3. Be present. 4. Tomorrow sees a confluence of dates – Annunciation & Good Friday – that will not occur again for 141 years…https://t.co/yBkEcttNZ8 — Fr... Read more

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