Father Corapi–Back in View?

Father Corapi–Back in View? May 12, 2013

Is Father John Corapi still trying to restore his reputation and return to active ministry?

In 2011, Father Corapi was removed from public ministry as a priest, following allegations of misconduct.  Since that time, he has consistently maintained his innocence.

And now, in a March 18, 2013 post on a new Facebook page titled Vindication for Fr. Corapi, the disgraced priest says:

“In light of recent happenings, all the accusations against me and all the controversy….  A lot of these things are amazing to me.  They are totally unfounded and I’m startled that people who should know better have paid so much attention to it.”

The grassroots response from Fr. Corapi’s loyal supporters has been immediate; the site is filled with words of encouragement and prayer and hope that he will come back.  I’m pretty sure the vitriol from detractors will be just as vociferous.

I have no pony in this race. 

I pray for Father Corapi, that he will live quietly in his new station, rejecting Pride and the temptations of the world, and will grow closer to God.  I will not mock him, as some will be quick to do; he may have been removed from ministry by legitimate authority; but he remains a priest, one of God’s chosen ones, and is deserving of respect.

I pray for his followers, that they will not be discouraged but that they will turn, not to an individual teacher or preacher, but to the promises of God.

And I pray for his detractors, the cynics and critics, that they will leave judgment to their heavenly Father and will, instead, forgive Fr. Corapi and remember him in their daily prayer.  Above all, I pray that they will not cause further scandal by their wagging tongues and accusing spirits.

You can watch his entire statement at this link.

*     *     *     *     *

UPDATE:  For a few hours, I pulled the video after friends told me this may be outdated information.  So many have asked me about it, I decided to restore the post with this disclaimer:  The “new” video which is circulating may not be so new, after all, although I’m not sure.

That being said, I decided to restore my call to prayer, for the elusive Father Corapi and for those who care about him.  If anyone can provide up-to-date, verifiable information, I know we’d all appreciate it.

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  • Lee Meili

    Very nice Kathy! I remain a fan of Father and hope he does come to some kind of peace and reflects on the things that may have contributed to his issues that had the Church remove him from public ministry. Regardless, he does deserve our respect and dignity that we should show to anyone suffering in a world that hands out many challanges.

    • OL

      I find this very sad that all the gossip under the pretense of praying for Fr. Corapi is still going on. We recently heard that The Roman Curia has a network of Homosexuals looking to destroy the Church. Seems that The Corapi accusations coincided with his scheduled appearances to speak at Pro-Life events, for Catholic Charities. Interesting to note that the Bishops that were sent letters of the allegations about Father were all in the Places he was scheduled to speak. GEE I guess The Georgetown University “scandal” Homosexual takeover of The Catholic Church has not received the scathing condemnation that Poor Father Corapi received (based in this persons opinion on hearsay). I support Father Corapi do not post on support sites. I think this Priest did a lot of Good he had not one complaint for 21 years ,suddenly all this. I find it odd to say the least. But The Bashing that has occurred by so called Catholics is all to telling why the Church is in such a state. Pray for The Holy Father and all Priest. and Do remember what Pope Benedict stated when he visited the US you must LOVE The Church. The Bride Of Christ.

      • David Cooper

        Father Corapi,

        In 2011 you brought me, an ignorant cradle Catholic, into a quick journey to know my faith. From you I became an avid Catholic radio listener and from the apologists and their books, God gave me the Grace of Faith, a grace I so cherish. If I actually make it to heaven it is because of you.

        Father Carapi, if you are still a priest we so need you. If you are now part of the laity we need you. It is time for the laity to quit waiting for the church to sing the praises of God’s Church, the Catholic Church. It is time that the laity is armed and it is time for the laity to evangelize. You are the missing and so desperately needed link in this passion. May God bless you; may God bless us again with your public presence.

        David Cooper

        • OL


        • OL

          My Husband passed away last year from Lymphoma. My introduction to Father Corapi was due to my Husband . Many years before My Husband was watching EWTN ,he was not sick then, and came across Fr.Corapi, He was very moved by Father and never missed a program on EWTN Saturday at 10 PM NY TIME, Sunday 7 PM Catechism of The Catholic Church, and Monday at 1 PM the repeat of Saturday. I started listening to him also, We especially loved his conversion story. Due to this singular Priest, and The Grace of God My Husband became a devout Catholic. He start attending Church, going to Confession, watching Bishop Sheen and other programs on EWTN. In 2008 he was diagnosed with Lymphoma I was devastated, Did everything to help him recover he was marvelous. Made a great recovery, when through Chemo Radiation, test etc.This was a rare form of T Cell. He remained Cancer Free or we were told that, turned out he was not, Last year after so much illness, and being told he was fine I rushed him to The Hospital he had 4th stage Lymphoma rare T Cell. etc. He never thought he would die, saw a Priest all the time in the Hospital ,I took him home. Of course before he passed away he received Communion every day in the Hospital, Confession last rites. My Husband was a very decent person, couldn’t know a better person. He really Loved Father, He was around the same age, much older then myself, From New York Bronx,

          Italian /Irish back round in the Navy, He never believed any of the accusations, and said, besides it didn’t matter to him. He learned so much from Father, he learned to Love The Church, which he always did. By their Fruits you will know them, Father John Anthony Corapi produced great Fruits from his Preaching, we both really Loved Him Dearly and still do. You can bet that My Husband is praying for him. God Bless You Father Corapi where ever you may be, you are in my prayers for ever!


  • Any Bishop who would give him faculties, would be wise to post him far, far away from the media.

  • That is such a fair, and decent position. That is how I feel on the issue. I can’t understand the detractors, nor can I understand those who still follow him after all that has come out. I offer prayers all around.

  • Juliette Girouard

    This was taken from his DVD–“” DON”T LOOK BACK “”– which he made in the summer of 2011…Wish people would realize that we don’t worship or adore Father, we worship and adore God, but we are on Father’s side to defend him from all those false accusations made out of lies and vengeance…Not in a million years is Father guilty of those accusations…Like Father said, some people should have known better…He was left under the bus never given a chance to defend himself..He was judged by SOLT without even doing an investigation on the accusations..They believed the accuser and giving a guilty verdict without proof…Solt has even left their founder, Father James Flanigan under the bus…

    • OL

      His “community” and the bishop of Corpus Christi just prior to calling Fr. Corapi “back to community” had to shell out almost 2 million dollars to settle the case concerning one of SOLT’s priests who molested a guy and then tried to hire a hit man to murder him in order to keep him Now 19, the alleged victim filed a lawsuit against the Archdiocese of San Antonio and the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT), a society of apostolic life based in the Diocese of Corpus Christi in Texas that Father Fiala joined when he left Nebraska 15 years ago, as well as the Archdiocese of Omaha and the Diocese of Corpus Christi. The Society, the Diocese of Corpus Christi and the Archdiocese of Omaha settled with the plaintiff Jan. 27, Deacon McNeil said. The Archdiocese of San Antonio announced its settlement Jan. 21.


  • Juliette Girouard

    This was taken from his DVD–“” DON”T LOOK BACK “”– which he made in the summer of 2011…Wish people would realize that we don’t worship or adore Father, we worship and adore God, but we are on Father’s side to defend him from all those false accusations made out of lies and vengeance…Not in a million years is Father guilty of those accusations…Like Father said, some people should have known better…He was left under the bus never given a chance to defend himself..He was judged by SOLT without even doing an investigation on the accusations..They believed the accuser and giving a guilty verdict without proof…Solt has even left their founder, Father James Flanigan under the bus…

    • Tricia

      You tell them Juliette.!Don’t people have enough of their own sins to worry about rather than engage in hurtful gossip and meanspirited dialogue about something they know so little about? May Jesus in his Divine Mercy shelter Fr. Corapi and bless him for all he has done in bringing countless souls to God. Before people start playing judge and jury for Fr. Corapi and those of us who love and admire him, ask yourself how many souls you have brought to Christ. Now go and worry more about saving souls than attacking them. Thanks Juliette for standing up for such a wonderful priest. Once a priest, always a priest. +++

      • jimbee

        It has become an epidemic in this society to love to hate. People would much rather trash someone than to find them blameless. They harbor anger within and imprison both themselves and the innocent party. Just the opposite of what God teaches.

  • Amy

    Lets keep praying …. Love is the answer. Thanks for so much compassion and a love

  • Nancy Ward

    Thanks for the insight on Fr. Corapi. Troubling, still prayers are the best remedy.

  • I am going to share a very personal experience here, in the hopes that you who have heard the worst, will understand that people who serve Our Lord this way, are so deeply in love with Him, and so very very pure, we suffer the same depravity as does our Sweet Mother to uphold His very Sacred Life.

    We must ask why did St. Joseph have to bear witness first? Holding Sweet Jesus up by being tried as to the sanctity of Life that his Virgin Fiance’ bore? Intense heartache this! Yes? Why did he struggle wondering if he should break the law to uphold holy life, or break it, to save Hers, thus His? Why is bearing such a cross sweetly so necessary before wedding Sweetness Personified?

    Divorcing rather than stoning our Holy Mother, quietly putting her away is what most claim is very pure action today, yet we are dissuaded how? By an angel of God through a dreamlike state given? Why? I think it is because our Sweet Mother needed to pray St. Joseph into the highest realm of holy life, so he could recognize our sweet Infant Savior. Without loving recognition given in Spirit this way, the door to Holy Life remains impossible to open, unrecognizable… Her Prayer enabled dear St. Joseph to father He who is Divine! An intense task of loving embrace most purely given…

    Let us pray all dear pastors of soul will embrace His Life so as to give one’s life for love of soles… little fish to fry. Amen.

  • Cautiously skeptical

    In the half-minute video segment that is linked here, Fr. Corapi does not utterly deny all of the allegations; he just says a lot of the things said against him are “amazing”. He doesn’t say all untrue.

    The drug-use allegation is really the worst one, in my opinion. As for all of the other stuff alleged, most people do all of those things anyway, and they are done by people that live responsible, ordinary lives. Yes, they are sins, but what’s he proven, assuming they’re true? That he’s human. None of these allegations invalidate his sermons/talks, which were really just re-statements of existing doctrine, with some anecdote and examples mixed in.

    What makes people so shocked is that he was in vows. Not everyone does a perfect job of living up to vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. It’s always been obvious to me that he’s eccentric. He’s not Mother Theresa, but he’s not Jim Jones either. Whether the allegations are true or not, he’s a frail human being, as all people are. Whatever else he’s done, he’s helped a lot of people.

    Maybe he was forcing a vocation that he never really had. Who knows?

    This is far less harmful than a spouse or especially a parent abandoning their family. And that is something that occurs every day. At least Corapi didn’t do that.

    A more important concept here is to not be scandalized or have one’s faith shaken because of faults and sins of a cleric, nun, etc. Scandal and ridicule are weapons of the Devil.

    • Ursula

      he did not take avow of poverty…

      and you think drug use( regardless of what drug it may be? ) is worse than breaking a vow of celibacy because ,as you say., it just shows he is human!? why?
      (do you might think that these vows may be asking too much
      .for ordinary humans to actually be able to handle? ?
      because it is unnatural? or what? ..)
      Drug use is the worst one to you….why?
      it does not show you are human?
      Is it less human than breaking a vow of celibacy?
      or what?

  • bzelbub

    Fr.Corapi, like many a demi-martyr, is an interesting and often amazing man for all to see. He always preached using the I was a Sinner line and enjoyed it but you shouldn’t do it because I was wrong. Always letting us know that his transgressions while good for him wasn’t for all the little people who couldn’t absolve themselves of his former (but enjoyable) sins. And therefore if we had didn’t do as he said we would be damned, but since he became a priest he wouldn’t be.

    • texasjo

      That’s crazy! He and all of us know you cannot absolve yourself! Yes, he did enjoy telling us stories of his transgressions I noticed. But, not at first. He looked like a monk, in gray habit, with gray beard, and his loud voice irritated Mother Angelica, I could tell. But, I believe he was in earnest, after all it took a lot of study and sacrifice to become a priest. Then, I noticed slowly, as he got famous, and many called for him to speak, he changed. We are always tested by Satan, and Fr. Corapi was getting too good at telling us how to overcome our sins. It looked as if he was getting beautifully tailored outfits, his gray beard gone, he looked manicured. Later, he was said to be ill, and I noticed a reddish cast to his face. It could be he was ill and took meds and got addicted again, or he took drugs, maybe did something else, and can’t kick it. Whatever…I think he is/was a good communicator. Now, a priest is always a priest if he’s alcoholic, on drugs, or whatever, and he still can offer Mass and absolve others even if he’s in the State of Mortal Sin! Therefore, I wish he would try to make a comeback. However, the church has lost millions on cases, and perhaps they do not want to take a chance.

  • Florin S.

    June 9th: Does anyone know how Father Eutenaeur (spelling?) is doing? He did the honorable thing by obeying his Superior and stepping down as head of Human Life International…I pray for him.

  • jeanette lagurdia

    i hope father caroppi comes back to us we need him imy brotherb who is 84 is in the hospital and i know if he could see father caroppi on tv again he would be very happy i wish i could get father to go and see him it would really pick up his spirits an faith he is trting to give up he never missed fathers preaching he did no wrong

  • John King

    Not that I condone or support Father Corapi or Father Eutenauer actions, but isn’t it interesting how there is still a Gay friendly priest holding Gay friendly Masses in NYC or how our Bishops fail to teach the True Faith and disobey Canon Law by not denying Holy Communion to pro-abort politicians.

    • Tom

      Your comments are right on target. Can you imagine our own NYC Cardinal Dolan states in the NY Times Times Union that Governor Cuomo, a radical pro-choice, promoter of gay marriage and publicly practicing adultery is held in Good Standing as a Catholic! Plus, Recently,the Cardinal’s spokes person in the Catholic New Yorker admits that under Cardinal Dolan and the Archdiocese of NY they have in good faith successfully negotiated a labor contract for local 1199 to include women reproductive contraceptive products and services. But in the same breath preaches against Obama Care! How do we have any creditablity in the eyes of our enemies?

  • tavale@optonline.net

    I love how Catholic American’s tout due process for themselves, athletes, celebrities and alike. But when an defamatory accusation is applied to one of own Priest. We are so willing to hang him out to dry without due process under the skewed excuse that by doing so would victimize the accuser! What a punch of hypocritical “Judas”! Remember, our savior was abandon and rejected by his followers. But at least even Jesus was dragged before Piteous Pilot’s court. Not even Reverend Father John Corapi was given that respect after serving faithfully for over 25 years tirelessly defending our faith against the onslaught of this secular world. I and my family miss him. But like Jesus told the sons of thunder. Shake the dust off you feet of that town of village who rejects my apostles and disciples for they will fair worse than Sodom and Gomorra! I only hope that Most Reverend Father John Corapi finds the strength to maintain his faith and preach again as a Proud Roman Catholic Priest. Instead of allowing hearsay unsubstantial gossip from an ex-drug attic/alcoholic employee who had a vendetta against Father John Corapi ruin God’s Mission to truly preach the word of God. It is ashamed that Father Frank Provone and his organization Priest for Life were basically destroyed by the same unfair method of justice being applied to our Catholic Priests. I served decades in NYC Law Enforcement arresting low life scum of the earth who were granted better due process then our Catholic Priest. Remember this, what comes around goes around. For those Catholic’s that adhere to this due process against our Priest will fair the same on Judgment Day by the ultimate Authority of Justice, “God All Mighty”. And no lay person, parishioner, bishop, cardinal or pope will escape. Are we not allowed or to be deprived the right to hear our Priest immediately defend themselves in court or in the eyes of the public and social media who represent the Church in lieu of the sensitivities of the accuser. Boy has the Devil won! How can any Catholic Priest ever be expected to perform his job without offending someone or organization.They can create any arbitrary false accusation and succeed in shutting down or squelching the Word of God! If you our reading this Father John Corapi God Bless You! I adhere to your innocence. Until proven otherwise under our form of justice. Innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by a unbiased jury! Since you have not yet received this by our church. Will have to leave justice up to God. Remember, All Great Saints suffered under the plight of injustice, i.e. Joan of Arch, Thomas Moore, Padre Pio, etc. But they received there reward in heaven and their accusers probably didn’t. But I am sure the screamed for fair judgment on their death!

    • texasjo

      I got thrown out of RCIA by a convert can you believe? I learned about being Catholic in a convent school. They were not doing it right! The leader
      even made fun of Father after he left the room, and the catechism, saying, “well, we got the catechism right here, in case,” with a smile, and insinuating we do not need Father! If only he could have heard. Oh, this same father refused to say anything about thanking mothers for not having abortions on Mother’s Day, he was shocked and said “not from my lips,” as many believe they can have abortions now. Another wonderful one to hit the dust is Father Groeschel, my favorite show on EWTN was Sunday Night Prime…he was very interesting, but he mentioned some of the priests were not guilty (and I know some were not guilty that are in prison now…Father McRae) of being a pedophile, plus one person came on to the priest first…but, NO, all the victims are right, you know…they got big bucks, too. Protestors got him kicked off the show. So many times I wish Jesus could come back and answer more questions from us, and make things right…like celibacy, confession, etc. I do not go to church anymore. I loved the old way, Latin, singing Gregorian Chant, and I knew the Mass by memory.

      • michael de cupertino

        come back home to the Church. Yes, it is an imperfect church of sinners, but that is why we go to mass.

        • texasjo

          I feel as thought I’m in the “Church” and Catholic, but looking for the one, when I walk in I know Jesus is there and people realize it. Hope I find it soon.


    Thank you for this post. I miss Fr. Corapi, very… very much. PLEASE, if anyone knows anything, PLEASE don’t hesitate to post about it. Thanks & God Bless!!

  • Terry

    Message of the saints…Obedience. St. Pio was falsely accused, if Father Corapi is innocent it will come out. If he re-lapsed into some old sins, we need to forgive him.

    • Valerie

      The truth always comes out. I do wonder why he is hiding instead of facing his accursors.

      • James Curtis

        He’s ashamed!!! Everyone knows now that he is a phony. I knew it the second I heard him preach with the loud voice and stupid mannerisms.

        • Bryan Malouff

          Ashamed James? Please throw the first stone. When it is time for Father Corapi to come back God will bring him back. Father will have no choice!

          • bumboo58

            oh shut up

          • Ducky

            You know James, you with such a warm loving heart. If you would try keeping your mouth shut the world would be a better Place!!

      • Heather McLemore

        It might be out of obedience. Padre Pio was also removed from view do to worry that the faithful were beginning to ‘worship’ him. The media is really having a field day distorting & attacking the church, which might be why he has been removed from the attention of ‘them’.. Just a thought..

  • Edward J Baker

    There are legal reasons why he has not been able to directly refute some of the charges until the settlement of lawsuits. But two of his prime accusers have publically recanted.

  • Archbishop Anthony Burns

    We must remember we’re all human beings We all have faults.And Christ tells us those without sin throw the first stone.Father has proven to be a very valuable priest And a holy man Regardless of the shortcomings he is a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek One’s hands have been laid on him it is not the bishop making him a priest is the Holy spirit and it can never be taken back even though he may not be able to represent the Roman church their other churches would take a Him in the minute and to the peopleAnd those that would falsely accused priests for 15 minutes of fame and money there’s a special place in hell for you.

  • Archbishop Anthony Burns

    He has our support to continue saying mass for whom ever will attend and always remember god’s divine mercy

    • Vic Pic

      Archbishop Anthony Burns?
      You should know to refer IN CAPITAL LETTERS when referring to “… remember God’s Divine Mercy.”

  • ttexlax

    Father Caropi was and continues to be a very real part of my conversion to what I believe to be the Body of Christ which is the Church. I believe Fr. to be one of our Lord’s servants which I have declared myself to be.
    Fr Caropi’s troubles whether real or not are his but I will continue the prayers I pray for him because I love him for his valuable assistance.

  • Kathryn Woeppel

    Father John Corapi was framed. He stood up for the truth and those in power decided to frame him. We know that satan is having his last try on mankind, especially the priesthood. Father Corapi, fight for what is right. Heaven needs you! May Our Blessed Mother guide you back to the fold.

  • testing itout

    I find religion so revolting that I can honestly say I take great joy when a charlatan falls from the high gothic towers that are full of other charlatans. Our humanity will not truly be free until we scrap all the religions and their crazy wicked over lords. I don’t miss you John; I hope you are hiding under a rock.

    • texasjo

      Why are you even reading this? Perhaps something bad happened to you by a “religious” group? Well, I got mad at the Church, but years later found out (decided) it was the rotten people in the Church, not the Church’s fault. Yes, there are rotten apples in every type of barrel, unfortunately. But, look at the saints and their lives. Usually, it is difficult to stay saintly if you achieve prominence and power. It is easier to stay the course if you give up all worldly things, and trust in Jesus. Religion means “belief.”

  • Jude


  • Donna

    Father Corapi where are you I just passed Hudson on way to friends often wonder if you are around Sincerely Donna and John reachjohnbrady

  • Giordano_Bruno

    What the issue of Father John Corapi has confirmed for me —

    First, all things through Jesus Christ. Period. Everything else is a distraction.

    Second, a spiritually healthy person needs role models selected without sentimentality, naivete, or particular allegiance, else they become the distraction mentioned in my first point.

    And thirdly, fans need to rethink the concept of Father Corapi as role model, and embrace him as one who needs the grace of God.

    The “Press Release Concerning Fr John Corapi from SOLT Regional Priest Servant” issued by Father Gerard Sheehan on July 5, 2011 presents the known facts very succinctly and without passion. I just read this for the first time this morning, and it tells me everything that I need or want to know about this old case. From my understanding, nothing has substantially changed in the last 2-1/2 years except Father Corapi’s increasing recalcitrance to cooperate with his superiors to positively establish the facts.

    Everything about this story is sad, sad, sad.

  • Sharon Martin

    I understand that Fr Corapi has addiction issues. Maybe he should take care of all that first. Get into rehab and then maybe think about finding the right woman and getting married. The priesthood is too hard for most men and most men need to be married. Father Corapi may be one of those men.

    • rob

      you do not speak as a true roman catholic.

    • GregGrimer

      Why would any woman want a 60 year old, former drug-addict, ex-priest as a husband?

  • Will

    Everything Father Corapi preached was very Catholic. We are all sinners but the catholic faith itself is pure. He preached authentic Catholic teachings…

  • Mr. Shea. Since you’ve been trying to ban me from this site for defending Corapi, I’ll post up here. When you get around to honoring the Eighth Commandment, you might take note that Corapi never said he was a Green Beret or in Special Forces. He said he was in training for such until he got injured and then medically rejected. Got it? A similar thing happened to me. I know he’s truthful about this.

    • Christopher Lake

      James, you have the wrong blog. This is Kathy Schiffer’s blog.

  • Jerry McCarty

    Father Corapi, if you read this follow the truth. The devil is a wicked evil being. The harm you caused to the ministry of lies was really a punch in the nose to the devil and all his evil.
    Mother Theresa once said, she felt no warmth or goodness through out her life.

    Why Father do you think you will feel anything but harsh ash, the devil does not want you to feel good about anything. because if you do than the harm to the evil in place could be a change the devil can not allow.

    Remember the best words you used, The man dead walking in to Heaven,
    welcome good and faithful servant.

    The Catholic Churches mission is to remind all God is real and constant. This advent remind yourself of that mission and re-light the fire you are and punch the devil in the nose

    remember your mother wears army boots

    I believe and thank you

    Jerry McCarty

  • Fame will ruin a priest faster than most things.

    • michael de cupertino

      and not just priests…

  • RandomRambler

    Father Corapi, PLEASE, obey what the Church asks of you in humility and
    obedience. This is how spirits are tested – whether they come from the
    Lord or from the netherworld. Demons cannot fake these two things –
    namely humility and obedience! Peace be with you. Keep repeating it to
    yourself no matter what … Jesus, I trust in you!

  • Mlbc2930

    I loved listening to Fr. Corapi. He taught me so much. I don’t know what happened to him. I only know that I have no right to judge him. I only have the duty to pray for him. As each day grows darker in our world, i miss his strong booming voice telling us to always remain faithful to the Church and her teachings. God bless Father Corapi.

  • Jimmy Martello

    I don’t have a pony in this race either. I just want to say how much I respect your approach to not criticize either the priest or people, supporter or critic, and how you call for surrender to one’s state in life and dignity of priesthood. God bless you for such a positive, loving, affirming attitude. I pray that all those calling themselves Christian adopt your approach. Thank you.

  • kulas2015

    me too, a Filipino, is a follower of Fr. Corapi’s talks and i love learning from him…i just sad with what happen to him….

  • ANNE

    It’s too bad that most US Diocese Bishops do not teach the “CATECHISM of the CATHOLIC CHURCH, Second Edition” with the completeness and accuracy as that of Fr. Corapi. (Many are not doing their required job, so that people have to rely on others.)
    People are not hungry for an individual but for the truth of the Faith.
    “Read in this light, the prophetic text leads to one conclusion: we need knowledge, we need truth, because without these we cannot stand firm, we cannot move forward. Faith without truth does not save, it does not provide a sure footing.”….. “These, then, are the four elements which comprise the storehouse of memory which the Church hands down: the profession of faith, the celebration of the sacraments, the path of the ten commandments, and prayer.
    The Church’s catechesis has traditionally been structured around these four elements; this includes the CATECHISM of the CATHOLIC CHURCH, which is a fundamental aid for that unitary act with which the Church communicates the entire content of her faith: “all that she herself is, and all that she believes”. “ – Pope Francis (Encyclical Letter LUMEN FIDEI, 2013)

    “….the CATECHISM has raised throughout the world, even among non-Christians, and confirms its purpose of being presented as a full, complete exposition of Catholic doctrine, enabling everyone to know what the Church professes, celebrates, lives, and prays in her daily life.” – Pope John Paul II (CCC pg xiv)

    • ANNE

      How many of your Diocese Bishops (and their own Diocese Priests) actively, openly, and often tell all literate Catholics in their Diocese to study the CCC ?
      How many tell you that you are required to adhere to all the teachings of the Church within the CCC, not pick and choose?
      “The CATECHISM of the CATHOLIC CHURCH, lastly is offered to every individual who asks us to give an account of the hope that is in us (cf. 1 Pet 3:15) and who wants to know what the Catholic Church believes”. – Pope John Paul II (CCC pg 6)
      Lousy catechesis is our problem within the Church. Many Souls are lost because of this.
      If the Bishops will not do their job, the rest of us should spread the word to read the CCC.

  • Dan Boland

    Look. Something doesn’t add up. JC is not behaving like an innocent man, but rather like a man who is terrified of embarrassing revelations. What’s troubling is not that he’s apparently flawed (we all are) & hiding dark secrets, but that he’s not admitting it, concurring with the charges or using the spiritual means of the Church for restoration. Very sad, indeed.



  • lori b

    God is the judge ,not anyone else, i have seen and talked with Fr.Corapi many times. he is a good person. what happen to him is evil. This evil is trying to destroy the catholic church and we must fight to stop it and pray allot more, go to church more often and adoration. I will keep fr in my prayers.

  • Dan Chandler

    In search of facts, I did look at public property records in Flathead County, Montana. They are available online. There is around a million dollars in property in his name. Not sure that is consistent with a vow of poverty. It just makes me sad.

  • gghd

    It’s a well written column Kathy Schiffer. Bless you for listening to our Priests; we are obligated to pray for one another. The Judge on Judgment Day, “I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another. This is how all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13: 34-35.

  • Dolen

    Why don’t you folks write to Father Corapi at 555 Walker Meadow Road in Whitefish Montana 59937 or call him at 406-862-3112. Ask him yourself any questions you have. Its all public record in Flathead County Montana

  • Ortodoxa

    The problem I am seeing with the whole ‘worship or adoration’ that Catholics constantly get accused of, is that you folks are writing father wrong. DO NOT capitalize father if you are not beginning the sentence with it. You are only to capitalize Father when referring to God and not to a priest or a dad. Start there please……

    As for father Corapi? This is not the first time someone has been accused. I wish the church would have done the same with the pedophiles and allow priests like Corapi defend themselves properly. Yes, fr. Corapi should have stayed and fought but I am also sure fighting the church is not easy. As for the woman who accused him? Well….. nothing surprises me. Some of these women are something else. Look at Alerto Cutie’s present wife? A good loving woman would never advise a priest to take the exit door in the back but to walk out through the front after doing the right thing.

    What it is true; satan knows where to attack.

    • kathyschiffer

      Ortodoxa: Does it also offend you if we type Mr. with a capital letter, or Senator, or President, or Officer? Each of these titles, like the title “Father”, is capitalized if used directly before a name. That’s English grammar, not Catholic politics.

  • Betty Yelle

    It is 12:00am Thursday May 7, 2014. I do not know why but I am being asked to pray for Father Corapi. I feel he is in great need of prayer. God Bless you Father. You have been such a positive influence on me and many.

  • Carol Stream Joanne

    In his ministry, Father Corapi was filled with the Holy Spirit and inspired others to pray to God through Jesus Christ and His mother and reject all that is evil….Satan did not like this and eventually found a way to take his ministry from him….this is why Father Corapi should have lived with his Order, that which could have watched over him and kept him strong….strong enough to defeat his Enemy…..

    I pray that the grace of the Holy Spirit will stay with Father Corapi for the rest of his life….no matter what he does.

    I continue to listen to his inspired recordings, I can hear the Holy Spiritnothing can change that

  • Everett Goss

    Fr. Corapi Is not just an out standing priest with words of love and compassion but is spreading the truth of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Through the BLESSED MOTHER, and I pray that someday he will be back to his ministry .

  • Big Albert

    It is always sad when such a high profile Priest goes the way John Corapi did. Only a genius – with a bit of help from the Devil – could pull off such a stunt. Whether or not he planned it that way – it sure worked! He had a huge following – garnered big, big bucks, then took off to the hills with a lot of money and an attractive female. Not quite the formula of a holy man. In all the years of following the faith, I have never seen nor heard one like him. I hope and pray no others follow.

  • Big Albert

    Throw the first stone? Of course not. That is up to God, as most faithful know. But,
    I doubt I would hold my breath until he says his next Mass or hears confession. He might be too busy in his new life to do that again. But, I will certainly pray for him and all the faithful. God will take care of it. He always has and always will.

  • Joe Brogna

    Father John Corapi and I have much in

  • Joe Brogna

    I never met Father John Corapi, but after watching and listening to him on TV and radio, preaching the Gospel (the word of God) and to articulate the most inspiring sermons I’ve ever heard since Bishop Fulton Sheen. His devotion to Mary, Our Blessed Mother, is quite profound, These things got me to love the priest in him. On the personal side, we share a very similar type of back round. We were born the same year, we are of Italian decent, grew up in a tough Italian neighborhood, we both fought in the ring and won boxing titles (myself, Golden Gloves, New England Champion), at one time we experienced a fast and furious life stle and we both took vows. Fr. Corapi received the greater vow of Holy Orders (Priesthood) I took an oath in law enforcement as a Massachusetts State Police Officer. Now to the most serious matter. The Catholic Church, the church established by Christ, no doubt, is impeccable in all it’s religious teachings. With all due respect, in times past, aside from her teaching, the church has made some regrettable mistakes, befittingly, they made amends with apologies. In regards to Father Corapi, I fervently believe, as many others do, if not an apology, it would be prudent on behalf of the Catholic Church to extend forgiveness and reinstate Father John Corapi . . . . Amen !
    the church has made some regrettable mistakes and made amends with apologies. Pertaining to Fr. Corapi, I fervently believe, if not an apology, forgiveness would be prudent and should be extended to Father John Corapi, Amen !