Pope “Stunned” by Abortion Rate in Spain. Wait Until He Hears About the U.S.!

Pope “Stunned” by Abortion Rate in Spain. Wait Until He Hears About the U.S.! March 4, 2014
Pope Francis greets the bishops of Spain, at the Vatican February 28 for their ad limina visit

Pope Francis was “stunned” to hear that there are more than 110,000 abortions performed in Spain annually, according to Fr. Jose Maria Gil Tamayo, spokesman for the Spanish Bishops’ Conference.

Holy Father, just wait until you hear about the U.S.!

Here in America, the abortion rate has exceeded one million unborn babies each year (1.16 million in 2009 alone).  In the state of California  alone, there were 181,730 reported abortions in 2011.   In the same year, New Yorkers aborted 138,370 of their children.

Father Tamayo told the Cope Radio Network that the Pope told the Spanish bishops, at the Vatican for their ad limina visit,

“The god of money is the focus and not the human person.  Whatever doesn’t fit into that arrangement is thrown away,and the children that are unwanted  are thrown away.”

In the same meeting, the Pope asked the bishops to put their churches in a state of “permanent mission” to help strengthen the faith, especially of children, and to bring back into the fold those who have left.  According to Vatican Radio, he said,

“Faith is not a mere cultural heritage, but a present, a gift that comes from a personal encounter with Jesus, and the free and joyful acceptance of the new life it offers.”

An evangelized family, the pontiff said, is a valuable agent of evangelization.  He encouraged the Spanish bishops to continue their efforts to develop priestly vocations.

According to EWTN News,

The group of Spanish bishops making their ad limina visit included Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco Varela of Madrid, along with his auxiliaries, Bishop Fidel Herraez, Bishop Cesar Augusto Franco and Bishop Juan Antonio Martinez Camino. Bishop Joaquin Maria Lopez de Andujar of Getafe and Bishop Juan Antonio Reig Pla were also among the Spanish prelates.

Diocesan bishops make an ad limina visit to the Vatican every five years to report to the Pope on the state of their local churches.


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  • Suzy

    One of the things I increasingly notice about this pope is how little he really knows about the world outside South America. He seems to make decisions based on this limited perspective which perhaps explains his reaction to traditionalists. He is not very media savey and thus has been guilty oh what some have called malapopeisms. He’s so far not reined in the German bishops and at least one of the American bishops he appointed is already causing problems. On the job training is always difficult, but hopefully he’ll be able to overcome his parochialism and make moves that are helpful rather than ones based simply on his South American experience. I believe he has much to offer, but when he on one hand welcomes the health well gospel Pentecostals and a liberation theologist while persecuting those who are merely exercising their rights under Summorum Pontificum one has to suspect that a parochial view us still guiding his actions. BTW I don’t happen to be a rad trad.I happily attend an NO parish. I just see some of these actions and the Holy Father’s silence on the German bishops plan to depart from Church teaching on marriage and the Eucharist as alarming.

  • Neo-pelagian sour-faced bat

    Perhaps the Holy Father needs to obsess more about abortion, and less about gossip.