Democrat Senator Mark Udall Uses Little Girl to Stump for Abortion?

Democrat Senator Mark Udall Uses Little Girl to Stump for Abortion? August 6, 2014

Sen Mark Udall ad“I want my daughter to have the same choices I do.”

What the Mom means, in a commercial supporting pro-abortion Senator Mark Udall of Colorado, is that she wants her daughter to be able to kill her child, just as this mommy could have killed her.  Just as Mommy may have killed her older brother or sister.

Pro-life voters will no doubt object strongly to Udall’s using a little girl to promote his abortion agenda.  The ad also makes the false claim that Udall’s Republican opponent in the November 2014 election, Republican Congressman Cory Gardner, wants to “ban common forms of birth control.” reports that

“…Gardner actually supports making many pill forms of birth control and contraception over-the-counter. An over-the-counter position provides women with more access to birth control, not less and is very far from a “ban” on anything.”

Sarah Zagorski, executive director of Colorado Citizens for Life, told The Daily Caller:

“His new pro-abortion ad which features a little girl and her mother, shows the citizens of Colorado just how far he will go to promote his radical abortion agenda.

“Sen. Mark Udall has consistently shown the people of Colorado where he stands on abortion. From voting in favor of unlimited abortion funding for businesses like Planned Parenthood, to refusing to support parental consent laws for minors, Udall holds an extreme abortion-on-demand view and will not protect the women and children of Colorado.”

Pro-life citizens of Colorado:  Get out and defeat Mark Udall on November 4.

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