NFL’s Evan Rodriguez and Wife Reject Abortion: “Who Are We to Determine a Baby’s Life?”

NFL’s Evan Rodriguez and Wife Reject Abortion: “Who Are We to Determine a Baby’s Life?” September 26, 2015

Evan Rodriguez is a tough guy–tough not just because he’s played football for the Chicago Bears, Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Buckaneers. Rodriguez is tough because he’s willing to protect and nurture precious unborn life,then face the pain of loss, because he knows that his unborn daughter will likely live only a few days or a few hours after birth.

Rodriguez and his wife Olivia are expecting a little girl in December. Back in July, doctors informed them that their daughter is missing parts of her brain and skull, a rare birth defect called anencephaly, and that she will not survive long after birth because of the condition.

The doctor, like many doctors in today’s abortion-friendly climate, suggested that  they could, if they chose, “terminate the pregnancy” (aka “have an abortion”). The other option was to let the pregnancy continue, and “move forward with the process.”

Evan and Olivia had a painful and difficult decision to make; but after prayer, Evan explained their decision to continue the pregnancy. “Who are we,” he asked, “to determine a baby’s life?”

CNSNews has the report:

“I prayed to God like I wanted to make the right decision,” Evan said.

Olivia Rodriguez said she asked God, “Show me what it is that you want to do through all of this. What’s the good to come out of it?”

“We decided to continue with the process because we felt like, who are we to determine a baby’s life? So, we are going to leave it in God’s hands,” Evan said.

Olivia added that they would do “anything we can do to be able to make the best out of her life.”

The Rodriguezes feel grief, certainly, knowing that their child’s life will be brief; but they have hope, too, that they’ll see her again. “She’ll be waiting up there saying ‘daddy,'”said Rodriguez. “So, there’s a time and place for everything.”

The couple have tried to raise awareness of anencephaly, and are trying to help other families through a Twitter hashtag #thefightforlaylasky. They’ve named their unborn daughter Layla Sky because, as Evan says, “I always zone out and look at the sky and wonder what else is out there.”

God bless this couple as they face the future with faith, but also with sorrow. Their strength at a difficult time is a testament to the value of all human life, and an inspiration to everyone.



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