Creating Sacred Space for Hekate

Creating Sacred Space for Hekate November 7, 2017

Sacred space is a necessary part of witchcraft and devotion to Hekate. I use sacred space for a variety of purposes from clearing an area so that I can pray without distraction to forming a large space in which I can conduct a spell. In this picture, I’ve created a nontraditional sacred focal point in my living room so that I can focus my intention on Hekate and witchcraft just by meditating on the objects in the display.

Sometimes I put a lot of thought and effort into creating the space, like when I do a full-scale spell or if I am doing an intense meditation or, most importantly, when I am doing a major devotional ritual to Hekate. Other times, I create an “insta-circle” when I am just trying to get the energies cleared in a space, so I can pray or do a quickie devotional to Hekate. At this end of this article, you’ll find a detailed description for creating sacred space using Hekate’s Wheel.

Creating Sacred Space

Regardless of whether my space is elaborate or simple, I strongly feel two things about preparing a sacred space: 1. that you should prepare your sacred space the way you feel led, and 2. that there is a correct way to construct a sacred space. Yes, I realize that those two beliefs appear to be contradictory. I mean, if there is a right way to create a sacred space then how can it always be individualized?

Sacred Space is Intersectional

Let me unpack these ideas a bit. First, creating a sacred space should be a highly personal endeavour. Your space should be a physical manifestation of the intersection between you and the energies that you plan to work with in the space.

In Modern Hekatean Witchcraft that includes aspects of your personality, experiences and beliefs along with the aspect(s) of Hekate that you’ll be focusing on in the space. In addition, you’ll probably want to reflect the nature of the activity that you’ll be doing in this space. If you follow a specific tradition, there may be a ritual process that you’ll follow every time you create a sacred space. There may also be specific tools that you use to harness energy within your space. The words that you say and the things you use may then be part of an organized structure, but the choice to use such processes is yours alone. So, it’s personal but also structured. You need it to be highly personal so that it has great meaning. Magick without meaning is rarely successful.

There’s a Proper Way to Create the Space

Now let’s talk about the proper way to create a sacred space beyond making it highly personally relevant to you. First, the more consideration you put into the space the more effective its outcomes will be. Blindly following a ritual or spell without contemplation rarely yields desirable results.

If you have an established method for creating sacred space that works for you, that’s great. If you are having trouble connecting with Hekate, then maybe you should rethink your techniques.

Hekate can’t be called up willy-nilly. You can’t put Her in your fancy statue and find Her patiently waiting there. She is the Cosmic World Soul, Great Mother and Savior. I don’t think She cares about how we create our sacred space, just that it honors Her. I wrote about  ancient and reconstructionist methods for creating a shrine to Her and ways to include Her in an altar here,  so I am focusing on creating a physical space that is conducive to communion with Hekate.

The main things to include in a sacred space for Hekate are symbols that are associated with Her like keys, snakes, garlic and to include epithets that are reflective of the energy that you wish to tap into. There’s lots of info over on my Facebook page to help with these things.


Creating a Welcoming Space for Hekate

Like me, you may have an existing practice for casting a ritual circle. I think these methods, like calling the quarters, are fine for creating a sacred space involving Hekate. However, I prefer to use an approach that specifically honors Her energy.

The most important thing to keep in mind when creating a sacred space for Hekate is that you are requesting Her attention. She can’t be “summoned” like a lesser entity. She inhabits everything, so what we are doing is focusing Her energy on our pathworking. Creating a sacred space puts us in the mindset for doing this.

Most important is that She demands a virtuous life from Her followers. Before creating the space, ask yourself if you are seriously doing this. Focusing your inquiry through a ritual cleansing, like a bath or self anointing can greatly aid in finding your answer.

As for the actual space, we want to create an energetic environment when She feels revered. Three is the number most commonly associated with Hekate, so a sacred space creation ritual that includes this number can yield an environment highly conducive to Her presence, attention and favor being actualized.

Creating Sacred Space using Hekate’s Wheel

The strophalos, or Hekate’s Wheel, is a fantastic symbol to use when creating the sacred space. The strophalos has three “arms,” each of which can be visualized as containing an aspect of your three basic human capabilities. The three overarching virtues of passion, compassion, and integrity can also be positioned on the arms. Additionally, other aspects of Hekate can be added to each arm.

Once you feel ready, set up your space with images of Hekate, offerings and things that represent each of the three arms (e.g., a black, red and white candle). Visualize yourself standing on the sun/star in the middle of the strophalos. It can be helpful to have an actual strophalos on hand to consult with and to help focus your attention. You could even make a larger one on which to stand. I like to make one out of consecrated salt on a black cloth. I can stand on it as I focus on the energy of each arm of the strophalos.

I visualize each arm in one of the three colors associated with Hekate – black, red and white and wrap them around me to create a confined, holy space where Hekate is welcome.

I often take each of the arms and imbue them with an aspect of the ritual that I am performing. Specifically, I call upon the three aspects of the world: land (black), sea (red) and sky (white). Then there are the three levels of worlds that I work with: the under world, middle world (i.e., everyday life) and the upper world. I often recite The Prayer of Devotion and Petition to Hekate when I am creating ritual space. You can stop with that prayer if you are doing an act of devotion. However, if you are doing a spell, you’ll want to fully energize your space.

I encourage you to write your own text for casting the strophalos, but here’s what I use:

Casting the Strophalos

Hail Hekate, Sotiera,
Savior of All.
Hail Hekate, Pammetor,
Great Mother.
Hail Hekate, Trimorphis,
Bringer of Transformation.

Savior, Great Mother, Change-Bringer,
I seek to create this sacred space
To honor You above all.

Savior, Great Mother, Change-Bringer,
I seek your attention in this sacred space.
May I be found worthy of it.

I call upon the energy of your great wheel
To sanctify this environment.

Take three fingers of your left hand and place them on your lower abdomen, facing down. You can also hold a black object to further focus your energy.

I call upon the energy of the Underworld,
And the depths of the seas,
The world of emotion,
May mine be virtuous
And this space holy.

Take three fingers from each hand and touch them to your heart centre. You can hold a red object to further focus your energy.

I call upon the energy of the Middle world,
And the land of everyday existence,
The world of actions,
May mine be virtuous
And this space holy.

Take three fingers from your right hand and touch them to your forehead. You can hold a white object to further focus your energy.

I call upon the energy of the Upper world,
And the skies above,
The world of intellect,
May mine be virtuous
And this space holy.

Hold your hands high and pull the energy from the three arms together, move them around you in a circle as you turn clockwise, and envision black, red and white cords forming a circle. Feel the energy emanating from these cords as they extend from you into your circle.

Blessed Hekate, She Above All,
I honor you with this space,
A reflection of my devotion,
I request your attention to my ritual.

Now, you should feel Her enter your space. Take some time to acknowledge Her:

Hail Hekate,
Accept my gratitude
For Your presence.

Now get into your specific ritual. When you finish with the details, open your space:

Blessed Hekate,
I am forever humbled
By Your presence
In this circle
And in my life.
Guide me along my way.
May my emotions, actions and thoughts
Serve You well.

Now, open the circle by pulling your three energetic arms back into your three centres of the body.

Turning counter-clockwise, with arms raised, open the three cords, envisioning each one as it returns to its natural relaxed state between you and all things.






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