November 30: Meeting Hekate At The Crossroads

November 30: Meeting Hekate At The Crossroads November 29, 2017

November 30 is the night for meeting our Witch Mother at her eternal crossroads. Our spiritual origin point, where the material and mystical interact. The portal to the world of spirits, and where we can find comfort when the world makes us weary. Not an evening for elaborate witchcraft, but for spending time with Hekate, her ancient witches and her horde of spirits. Set aside time on this night for a quiet ritual of remembrance for all the crossroads you’ve traversed and for listening to her wisdom. 

Meeting Our Witch Mother At The Crossroads

Across cultures and traditions, the crossroads is understood as a spiritual portal to the powers of witchcraft and the world of spirits. It is the hangout of witches, spirits and other things feared by those not like us. Our Mother’s association with the crossroads dates back to ancient times when offerings to Her would be left at these locations. To those who feared her, these offerings sought her protection. For those of us who belonged to her, our offerings are of gratitude. We meet her at the crossroads to stand in our power, while banishing those would harm us out of fear. The spiritual power of the crossroads is central to Hekate’s Witches.

Our Origin Is The Crossroads

What those who feared us understood is that the crossroads is a juncture between the everyday world and the deeper one. The entrance to Hekate’s Cave, her dark womb from which we all come. The crossroads is where we are birthed into this life school to learn the lessons required. It is to the spiritual crossroads we return time and time again, as we progress along our journey. We meet Hekate at these thresholds, where she offers the keys we seek.

For Those Who Fear Her, Fear The Crossroads

For those ancient suppers set at the crossroads by those who feared her, there was the unintentional result of nourishing those from whom the offerings were designed to protect. In ancient times, those unaccepted by society, from the poor to girls and women who defied societal norms, both literally and spiritually resided at the crossroads. These outcasts of society may have eaten the food gifts left for Hekate, providing us with an origin story of sorts for the current view of Her as Guardian of the Marginalized.

Hekate is particularly associated with three way crossroads, as Trioditis, although She was also recorded as connected to a four-way intersection as Tetraoditis. As you probably know, the tripartite (three-parts) associations with Hekate are plentiful, but we can also consider this notation on her connection to the four-way crossroads as evidence that offerings can appropriately be left at such locations.

Hail Enodia: Guide Along Our Earth Bound Journey

Enodia, is an ancient archetype of Hekate that literally means of the road provides another example of Hekate’s crossroads connection. Over time, Hekate’s association with the crossroads spread into other cultures and religions. In the Roman pantheon, Her crossroads connection was allocated to the goddess Trivia (literally “three ways”).  Early Christian writings warn against people doing any sort of healing at a crossroads, further evidence of their fear for our kind.

Learn more about using epithets, the archetypal characteristics of Hekate, in your practice here. 

More about Hekate’s history can be found in this article, while a contemporary understanding of her as Guardian, Guide and Gatekeeper is available here. 

Hekate of the Crossroads Night

As for the origins of November 30 as a celebration of Hekate’s crossroads aspect, your guess is as good as mine. Like I wrote about Hekate of the Underworld Night, I’m content with thinking that Hekate wants it this way. I don’t know for certain where I got the idea that November 30 was a holy night for Hekate of the Crossroads, but I think it goes back to Leo Ruickbie’s Witchcraft out of the Shadows (2004). However, the historical references in this book are a bit contrary to other sources, so I can’t say that either the research is accurate.

Rituals: Hekate Is Well Pleased By Our Honesty

For me, Night of the Crossroads has often been an intimate time for connecting with Hekate, her eternal witches and my spirit allies. No grand ritual or feast, but a quiet time in the dark. Come to her with honesty, and she will be well pleased.

After the intensity of Night of Hekate on November 16, a time of connecting, welcoming in her presence, listening to her wisdom, and spending time with my spiritual companions is restorative, which is exactly what our time at the crossroads can be.

What we do can be as simple as making an offering while expressing our gratitude. While you’re at it, contemplate all the times you’ve transitioned through a major crossroads in your life. Reflect upon how Hekate helped you through, even if you weren’t a devotee at that time. Perhaps Hekate called you for the first time when you were at a major crossroads. Maybe you’re seeking Her for the first time and hope to connect with Her on this special night.

A Night Of Integration And Healing

For me, the vibe of this night has always been of quiet connection, like a late night soul-baring conversation with my most trusted advisor (because that’s exactly what it is). Spiritual growth is messy, but on this night it all comes clean. Peace, gratitude and blessings. Rest for the weary soul traveller, in the presence of our Queen. Sit down, settle in and find healing in the truth of the crossroads.

Of course, you may be at a very different place in your journey, where the fierce Queen Brimo is how she will come to you. With Hekate, she presents herself as we need her to be. While the tender embrace is possible, she may come raging in because you need that type of medicine. 

When we enter into the crossroads, transcending time and place, pieces of ourselves often come back to us because we are breaking through the illusion of separation. Who we were in the past meets us in this space. Soul retrieval can occur spontaneously, or we can intentionally set out to call back these missing pieces. For me, this night is the beginning of the process. Integration of pieces of me that took refuge in her cave when they could not remain with me in the present is an ongoing process. Reflecting at the crossroads on November 30 opens the gates for allowing these parts to return home to you. Read more about Hekate and soul retrieval here. 

An excellent ritual for entering her eternal crossroads is to create a timeline of the spiritual crossroads you’ve traversed on your journey from healing to wholeness. I’ll be creating a new talisman of remembrance using this collection of antique keys.

Part of my collection of keys and stones that I’ll use to create my talisman.

Pharmakeia For Meeting Hekate At The Crossroads: Sacred Juniper

An ideal botanical ally for connecting with Hekate at her sacred crossroads, juniper opens the way by banishing harmful energies, cleansing the soul, evoking our Mother’s presence, and by instilling calm clarity. How useful the ubiquitous juniper is for mind, body and soul.

Medea used juniper in her spells, such as when she tamed a fierce snake with sprigs placed over its eyes while dousing it with other herbs and singing her incantation. Ancient statues made of Hekate sculpted from juniper have been found. Also special to Circe, who burned it as an incense. Hail to the original witch for her use of juniper. Heed her practice: snip a sprig and burn – fresh or dried. The smoke is a lovely white and the smell speaks of comfort, clarity and clairvoyance. Perfect for entering the crossroads.

Creating The Power Of The Crossroads: Altars, Candles, Symbols And Such

If you can’t do your reflective ritual at an actual crossroads, set one up in your home. Simple ways to create the energy of Hekate’s Crossroads in your home:

  • Dirt from an actual crossroads.
  • Don’t forget that sea, land and sky combined create the same energy as a crossroads where roads meet. A bowl of water, dirt and a feather evoke the same power.
  • Crossed keys evoke the power of the crossroads.
  • A tripod to represent the three ways is one of my personal favorite techniques for connecting to Hekate and my spirit allies through the power of the symbolic crossroads.
  • Draw a sigil of a forked crossroads on a white pillar candle.
  • Hekate’s Wheel (aka the strophalos) is evocative of the crossroads of time and place, a talisman for stepping outside of chronological time and the material world. Learn more about her wheel here. 
  • Anoint yourself with sacred ash in the shape of the crossroads. Read more about ash here.

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Keeping Her Keys Rituals

I’m not one for limiting a ritual only to one time of the year. If any of these ones feels like the right one for you to do on Night of the Crossroads, adapt as you feel led.

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