The Winter Solstice: Day of Hekate Soteira

The Winter Solstice: Day of Hekate Soteira December 21, 2017

This new story offers a Modern Hekatean Witchcraft interpretation of the winter solstice. On this day, we honor Her as Soteira, bestower of hope and light. 

Ancient depiction of Hekate with torches.
Ancient depiction of Hekate with torches.

Hekate and the Winter Solstice

For Tender-Hearted Hekate

Was greatly saddened by Persephone’s fate.
Indeed, the descent of all humanity into the
Darkness grieved Her greatly.
As She knew too well the sadness
That overcame Her soul
When Her beloved Titans fell.
She cast off her Underworld garments,
Revealing Her brilliant light,
Crowned in Stars,
Resplendent in Shimmering Clouds,
Holding the torches of heavenly light.
For She is Unconquerable Hekate Soteira, Savior.
She turned Her eye to the humans below,
Desiring to end their suffering,
But in Her eternal wisdom did not bestow
Onto the earth all Her brilliance,
For a balance of light and dark is necessary
To maintain the structure of the universe.
Thus, She planted within all things
A small spark of light
That gave them hope.
Then She commanded Helios to
Gradually return the light of the sun to the earth.
So that the humans would not be in total darkness
Until fair Persephone returned.
Thus, Hekate Soteira was pleased with Her workings,
And so on the winter solstice,
Humanity was delivered from darkness.

The Holy Darkness Cycle is Complete

All month, I have been focusing on Hekate as Soteira. This aspect of Our Lady is as vital to our understanding of Her many roles as Her underworld aspects. Balance of darkness and lightness is required to maintain order, not only in the universe, but in our personal lives. The winter solstice marks the end of the period of Holy Darkness that began on November 1. We have honored Hekate as Queen of the Underworld, as Guardian of the Crossroads, and now it is time to turn our attention to Hekate as Our Savior.

On the winter solstice, the darkest day of the year, it would be easy to fall into the darkness of despair. However, the spark of hope burns bright within each of us. Tomorrow the sun will begin it’s gradual return. During these dark times, that small spark of hope is enough to keep us going. The lengthening of daylight reminds us that eventually things will get better. Lighter days are ahead.

I woke up before five a.m. this morning with the story of Hekate Soteira complete in my mind. I didn’t have any intention of writing such a tale. I was so moved by this unexpected winter solstice gift that I thought I would share it with you.

If you are moved to perform a ritual to honor Hekate as Soteira, I would suggest using a balance of light and dark energy and imagery. I’ve written about my own simple ritual and prayer, so feel free to use that as inspiration for your own working.

Hail Hekate Soteira,
Bringer of Hope and Light,
Deliverer from Darkness.






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