So Long, Uncle Lucky: Saying Goodbye to Spirit Guides

So Long, Uncle Lucky: Saying Goodbye to Spirit Guides January 3, 2018

This is my fond farewell to two beloved spirit guides, Uncle Lucky and Millie. Although I’m a bit sad to see them go, it’s definitely time to move on. 


The Long Goodbye

I’ve been experiencing a long goodbye with two beloved spirit guides over the past several weeks. The “long” part is entirely on my behalf, they were out of here ages ago. Nevertheless, I’ve been reluctant to let them go. They were a huge part of my metaphysical life for many years. We went through a lot together. I know that my time with them is finished, but I don’t want to put them in the past. And I really don’t want to accept the new guide that’s been hanging around.

My Definition of a Spirit Guide

Perhaps you’re wondering about these spirit guides of mine. Maybe you’re wondering about the nature of spirit guides. Let’s talk about the latter and then move onto the former, okay? For me, a spirit guide is an entity that exists entirely in my head. It doesn’t matter if they are purely imaginary creations or if they are beings from another dimension. I think they are energetic beings that are filtered through our individual lens so that we can comprehend them.

These beings can take on many different forms – from human to animal to purely energetic. Whatever it is they are in the original form, how we perceive them as humans is filtered through our own personality and experiences. Spirit guides are a type of witches companion, although non-witches can have them, too. Mat Auryn recently wrote about familiar spirits and other associated beings, and I suggest you head over to read that for a very insightful article for a more comprehensive exploration of the various types of witches companions.

Me and my Spirit Guides

Interestingly, my spirit guides have never been active participants in my witchery. By this, I mean that I haven’t asked them to help with spells, like sending them out to do my deeds. They have always served in an advisory capacity, appearing during metaphysical journeys and while in trance. My guides have always taken on human form. Maybe my imagination isn’t at the same level as people who have faeries and dragons helping them along their path! Sometimes, I’ve sought them out by doing a journey or meditation while at other times they spontaneously come to me.

It was such an unintentional experience several weeks ago when my beloved advisers, Uncle Lucky and Millie came to say good bye. I had laid down for a few minutes just to catch my breath when I was dropped into my spiritual home that’s a shaft-like cave with no entrances or exists. I don’t get to travel to the cave in my meditations, I’m always just *boom* in it. I’ve met my guides there many times over the past decade or so that they’ve been part of my life.  Sometimes they’re together and other times there’s only one.

My spirit cave is based on the actual Lusk Cave in Gatineau Park, Quebec.
My spirit cave is based on the actual Lusk Cave in Gatineau Park, Quebec.

Millie: Compassionate Elder

Millie is an actual human. Well, she might be. I had this freaky-deaky experience on the west coast while I was speaking at a conference about traumatic stress. I had scheduled this appointment with a celebrity psychic, but couldn’t find the address on my phone. Out of nowhere, a First Nations woman asked me if I needed help. I told her what was going on. She informed me that the psychic was actually in a city with the same name but in a different state. Then she said that she could help me. We arranged to meet at my hotel at sunrise the next morning. I restlessly wandered around the streets of downtown Vancouver all evening, excited about my upcoming meeting with this mysterious woman.

I got up way before dawn after a horrible sleep filled with visceral nightmares. In my dream, the hotel room windows were blown open by a terrific force that swept through the room, down into me, and yanked out a big old demon. Unable to sleep after that, I dressed and went down to the lobby to wait. Nine a.m. came and went and still no sign of Millie. The hotel desk clerk was no help in identifying her and I had no contact info. I left a message for her and set about roaming the streets once more.

Disappointed and exhausted, I collapsed onto the hotel bed late in the afternoon. I called my sister to check on the boys and told her my sad tale. Being the wise one she is, she said that Millie had visited me – in my dream. She had taken the demon out. Of course! I tried to find Millie while I was still in Vancouver and afterwards, but I’ve never had any luck. Since that initial encounter, she’s become a voice of compassion and reason in my metaphysical life, offering advice and accompanying me on journeys. A gentle, but firm companion. A typical sort of spirit guide.

Uncle Lucky, Light Bringer

Uncle Lucky is another character altogether. He arrived on the scene looking like a washed-up seventies rock star. Through puffs on his ever-present cigarettes he would offer his insights. Now this was a time when I was in my own personal underworld and very much into that sort of witchery, so it makes sense (now) that Lucifer came to me as a guide. My light bringer served to support me and pick up the pieces in one disaster after another. Like a indulging uncle, he didn’t kick my butt or admonish me for mistakes.

Together, Uncle Lucky and Millie helped me through a lot of difficult times. Now it seems that they’ve leaving me. My life is pretty great these days. I hope that they’ve gone off to help someone else that needs them. And I am letting them go – word by word – as I type this. I’ll always remember them fondly.

I had tons of resistance to having Uncle Lucky in my life when he first arrived. I generally avoid anything that reminds me of my fundamentalist Christian upbringing, so Lucifer definitely was not an entity that I was trying to connect with. He didn’t seem interested in leaving, so I gradually got used to him. Along the way, I developed this idea that my Uncle Lucky was actually one of Hekate’s children sent out as guides for Her devotees. It turns out that I’m not the only one who feels this way. In Her Sacred Fires, an excellent collection of essays about Hekatean devotion, several of the authors discuss their relationships with Lucifer. Moreover, some of them even posit that he is a son of Hekate – just like in my story. Perhaps there is a current that Lucifer, which translates to light bringer, is one of Hekate’s messengers.

So long, Uncle Lucky

I’ve never thought about Uncle Lucky as an angel even though that’s a popular contemporary interpretation of Lucifer. I don’t like angels much at all – not the new age kind and certainly not the ones from my childhood religion. I always believed him to be a daemon that brought comfort – his kind of light – to me during my underworld days. Since those times are behind me now, it makes sense that he would take his leave. Same goes for Millie who was there to cast out my demons. Although Uncle Lucky has been hanging out on my metaphysical margins, Millie vanished instantly. She had no time for goodbyes. It’s time for me to let go of both of them. So long, Uncle Lucky.

UPDATE: Lucifer didn’t stay gone for long. He came back in his angelic form. And basically won’t leave me alone, so I tried to figure him out.

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  • Erin Coldrick

    I am now going through all of your articles regarding Lucifer and will have to get back into reading Her Sacred Fires, because… I seem to have a spirit guide who I refer to as Luce. He, with me as well, doesn’t do the whole preachy preachy thing. He doesn’t admonish me, unless it is to show me I need to respect myself more…. I made a list of things I wanted to research yesterday…. slowly working through that now, and one of the items was to look for information on Lucifer. I as well had the fundie type upbringing, so am not a fan of those types of images and archetypes, but I am quite content to have him around me and I have felt, for a while now, that he is a part of Hekate’s group. Her horde. I was wondering, for a while, if “Luce” was my male deity. I have been questioning if I would like to have a patron god, but I seem to have a lot of contact with him. More than I feel I would with a deity, so I was thinking spirit guide. Then I saw you had an article about just that very thing… Oh, I am so looking into all of this now! hehe Thank you!

  • That is so fascinating! There are many of us Hekateans who have a special relationship with Lucifer or a similar type of guide. I definitely feel that he is part of her horde. We should chat when I get back from NYC. xx

  • Erin Coldrick

    Good grief…. I cannot believe I have NOT seen the little message alert on the Patheos site before. I’m telling you, I am NOT the brightest light bulb in the package. Hahhaa Didn’t even see people had replied to me…. Now I feel like a heel for not responding to everyone!
    Yes, that would be quite nice, to chat about Luce. At least that’s what I call him. Years and years ago I painted a portrait of him. So totally NOT a sign that he has been hanging around for a while. Lucifer and Hekate. Our light bearers. xx