Hekate and Daily Tarot Work

Hekate and Daily Tarot Work January 30, 2018

Daily divination using cards connected to Hekate’s wisdom is a powerful technique for knowing what to approach and avoid in the coming hours. 

There are countless ways to use the cards for guidance. A simple technique using two cards – one representing what to move towards and the other what to move away from – is an excellent practice. There are many ways to attune a deck to working with Hekatean forces and spirits.

Keep your cards beside an image of her, with an altar activating the power of the card spirits. For seven days, make an offering to her and ask her to infuse her wisdom into the cards. Light a white candle beside the cards and burn incense sacred to her while petitioning her to pour her wisdom into the cards. Add this into your practice of daily devotional work. Petition Hekate’s blessing and wisdom for the deck.


Approach and Avoidance

The ways we practice approach and avoidance across a variety of situations are indicators of personal well-being. For example, using avoidance coping can be hurtful except when it’s a problem that we can’t actually solve. In contrast, approaching things that we don’t have much control over can be disastrous. Coping is a mixture of both approach and avoidance. Balance is found in knowing whether to approach or avoid an event, person or situation. We are continually engaging in approach/avoidance thoughts and behaviors without giving much thought to the underlying concept.

Approach/Avoidance in Magick

The ubiquity of the approach/avoidance duality is also found in magick.  Probably the most common application is working with the different phases of the lunar cycle. I can use the energy of the waning moon to help with spells of avoidance. These are the things that I want to remove from my life. The opposite energy comes with the  waxing moon – that energy if for things that I want closer to me. This is approach energy. Full moon energy is a balance of both approach and avoidance energy. The dark moon can be interpreted as the absence of both.

Approach/Avoidance and Magickal Ingredients

There are countless ways that we use approach/avoidance in magick. Many ingredients used in spells have one of these aspects or a balance of the two. For example, bay leaves are often used to attract financial gains. Another way of thinking about this is approach magick – we want the money to come to us. Sage is often used for purification – we are using it to avoid harmful energy. This applies to minerals, too. We could use amethyst because we desire to have a lover approach us. Red jasper is one of my favorites for banishing nastiness as a means of avoiding metaphysical troubles. I’ve been applying approach/avoidance to all sorts of things in my magickal inventory. It an interesting way of thinking about magick, isn’t it?

Hekate and Approach/Avoidance

This applies to magick involving Hekate, too. When I invoke one of Her epithets, I am tapping into energy that is  either approach or avoidance, except for those characteristics that are neutral. I can use use the energy of the epithet in an approach or avoidance manner. I may use approach energy when calling upon Hekate Brimo for helping being more assertive.

One of Hekate’s most popular epithets is Enodia, meaning “of the way.” This is Hekate as our Guide along our Middle World journey of this life. Enodia guides us as we seek a balance of approach and avoidance energy. There is my witch’s journey and there is Hekate willing to guide me along it. With Her guidance, I can figure out what I should run towards and those that I need to back away from.

Attuning the Cards to Hekatean Aspects

The cards are a form of sympathetic magick, offering access to the wisdom of our unborn selves and the spirits through their symbolic representations of the archetypal animus. These energetic signatures are the forces of the deeper, unseen universe. A good deck builds in these forces through correspondences, including animals, colors, symbols, human actions and appearance, botanicals, numbers and more. All the correspondences synergistically tap into the associated archetypal force. When a deck is attuned to any purpose, these correspondences become associated with the purpose. It’s no different than using correspondences in any working. Decks can be attuned to only give yes/no answers, for example.

Students in THE MYSTAI learn the Hekatean Tarot Index System of attunement that works with any deck. Learn more here.

Attuning The Wild Unknown for Hekate’s wisdom

Hekate Enodia Two Card Daily Guidance Tarot Spread

This is a simple two card Tarot spread that uses the energy of Hekate Enodia for insight into things in our lives that we should approach and those that needed to be avoided. It’s designed to be used for daily guidance.

Hekatean stone spirit grid to attune with her forces and wisdom.

Approach/Avoidance in the Tarot

There are so many ways that approach/avoidance can be used for interpreting the Tarot. I’m going to use a few examples to illustrate some of the different way that approach and avoidance can apply to the cards. For this discussion, I’m using the traditional Tarot deck, with the four suits of Cups (Water), Pentacles (Earth), Swords (Air), and Wands (Fire) and the Minor/Major Arcana framework since this is the one most of us know. Although I use my beloved Hekate deck  (which uses a different structure; pictured in the photos) for specific questions, I’ve always used my trusty Druidcraft app for my daily two card spread.

Approach/Avoidance Tarot Interpretations

I’m going discuss approach/avoidance using a few cards from a deck developed made  by one of my favorite local artists, Bennie Allain:

Bennie Allain


Most Tarot cards can be interpreted using approach/avoidance in one of two ways: either or both. Using the two card spread, each card would be assigned the position of “approach” or “avoidance.” However, a different approach would be to use another type of spread but interpret each card using both approach or avoidance. In the examples, I’m focusing solely on either approach or avoidance since the reading uses two cards, one representing each concept.

The Tower

The Tower card signifies great upheaval, not necessarily something I want to approach. However, if I approach the coming storm mindfully then I’m likely to come out okay on the other side of the collapse. Pulling the Tower in the approach position can be interpreted this way.

IMG_1967 (1)


The Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups is generally seen as a card that we would want to approach. Who doesn’t want their cup to run over? However, if this card is in the “avoid” position, it could mean that we risk losing our blessings or are in danger of excess.




Cards with Mixed Messages

I’m using these two examples to show that most Tarot cards can be interpreted based on their position in the  Hekate Enodia spread. Some cards seem to have mixed messages, though. This is where the position in the spread (either approach or avoidance) and your interpretation become important. Some cards can be interpreted as representing a balance of approach/avoidance energy, like The Lovers and the Two of Wands. While The Lovers perhaps indicates a merger of approach/avoidance, the Two of Wands suggests a balance that’s more like being between the two:




I’m hoping that these few examples illustrate the usefulness of doing the Hekate Enodia spread as a daily source of insight. For interpreting your cards, a blend of the established meanings with your own personal insight works best. You may experience Hekate coming forward with a message during your reading.

Using the Technique

This spread is designed to be done by anyone who wants to use the cards for daily guidance If you are new to Tarot, I suggest you read Mat Auryn’s explanation that divination is devotion. His article will be helpful in understanding how to take care of your cards and how to go about using them. Mat also has many reviews of different decks on his blog in case you’re looking for help in choosing one.

I suggest doing the daily spread first thing in the morning or at bedtime in preparation for the following day.

Pulling the Cards

There’s so many ways to pull two cards that I’ll leave it up to you. The important thing is to concentrate on approach or avoidance as you shuffle your cards and then pull one at a time. I generally shuffle once, then hold my intention while I shuffle again, pull that card and repeat the process for the second card. If you’re using an app, concentrate on either “approach” or “avoidance” before you select a card.

Once you have your two cards, contemplate the meaning of the card in terms of approach or avoidance. Drawing the cards is simple, interpreting may not always be! I hope the few examples I provided help with thinking about the cards in terms of approach and avoidance.

I’ve also developed the Hekate Shadow Self Tarot Spread. 

Keeping Her Keys on YouTube has several videos on working with the tarot.

Watch my videos on Modern Hekatean Witchcraft: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFvMtvLnlyejINnZAKCc0qg?view_as=subscriber




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