Honoring the World Soul with a Sunrise Ritual

Honoring the World Soul with a Sunrise Ritual January 28, 2018

The perfect way to honor Hekate as the World Soul fueling of all creation is at sunrise during February when the first stirrings of spring are happening deep underground while winter still covers the land.  

world soul


February seems like a fitting time to honor Hekate as the World Soul. Although the end of the darkest season is still weeks away, the longer days hint at the spring to come. Today there feels like the land and the sea are vibrating with the potential of new life. Deep in the earth, the tiniest signs of life are starting to stir. On days like today, my mind turns to Hekate in Her purest form, that of the World Soul.

Hekate as the World Soul

In The Chaldean Oracles Hekate is declared as the World Soul, the vital force that fuels all of creation:

fragment 51

The Hekate presented in the fragments of this mystery poem dating from the 2nd century CE is all powerful. There are several different epithets used to describe Hekate as the World Soul, including. Soteira, the Savior. This isn’t passive salvation being discussed, but refers to the ability of an individual’s soul to ascend to higher consciousness through specific acts, including living a virtuous life.

A Modern Interpretation of Hekate as the World Soul

Within the Oracles, Hekate is the dominant figure, although the Father is also included along with a primordial fire. Hekate holds dominion over the material world. Outside of this world exists the Father (who is all about rational thought) and beyond him is primordial energy. Hekate mediates the pure intellect of the Father while being the source of all creation. Through Her, our soul’s can ascend to a higher plane. However, as the World Soul she exists within our soul, too. Then there’s this intricate hierarchy of entities and a rather rigid structure of the way it all works. Those ancient theurgists were fond of complex descriptions!

Using Hekate’s Wheel to Explain Hekate as the World Soul

I’m using Hekate’s Wheel as a model to try to explain all this. We are the star in the middle, with the white core representing our soul, which is the bit of the World Soul that lives within us. The circle outside of us represents our sovereignty, or free will.  The three-coiled snaked is the material world around us. Hekate is the World Soul whose essence permeates all living things. The Father is outside of Hekate, although not in a superior way, then there is the primordial energy force that created them both. Hekate mediates the intellect of the Father so we aren’t just rational thought machines.

A very simplified model of the Chaldean Oracles view of creation.
A very simplified model of the Chaldean Oracles view of the universe using Hekate’s Wheel. You can save this image to enlarge it.


That’s Hekate as The World Soul in The Chaldean Oracles, but how does this conceptualization of Her fit in with our contemporary understanding? Well, for one thing, the hierarchical complexities of the Oracles don’t seem at home in the 21st century. What does make a lot of sense to me is the idea that Hekate is the World Soul, the essence of all creation. As a witch, I seek to understand and manipulate this force to achieve a desired outcome. As a devotee of Hekate, I can connect with Her energy in all living things. The question for me is “how do I actually do this?”

My Thoughts on Human Souls

In order to explain how we make magick, we need to talk about the human soul. In my thinking, each one of us has a soul that is a unique transcendent spirit. This soul is never born into human form, but is attached to each incarnation. The soul is connected to our current existence, but we can be disconnected from it for a variety of reasons, like ego or trauma. I believe that our life’s work is to become unified with our soul. By listening to the soul, we can achieve our true life’s purpose. When we quiet ourselves through things like meditation, prayer and ritual, we can become better attuned to our soul-voice within.

The Magick of the World Soul

Hekate as the World Soul is the divine fire that both ignited the initial soul spark and fuels our individual souls’ through eternity.  When we connect to Hekate it is always through the World Soul energy. Each of Her many epithets represents a type of energy contained in the World Soul. We establish communication by reaching into our soul and touching that spark. The mechanism by which we reach into our soul is fueled by the World Soul energy that infuses our every cell. Our magick is borne from connecting to the energy of Hekate as the World Soul. That’s something that’s deserves at least a day of celebration.

Celebrating Hekate as the World Soul

Given that winter is the season of Hekate Soteira, it seems fitting to honor Her as World Soul during this season. I’ve chosen February 1 as the ideal day to celebrate Hekate as the World Soul because the half-way point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox seems like an ideal time. There’s the slightest stirring of new life from deep in the earth, while here on the Atlantic coast raging winter storms are still happening, so there’s an abundance of natural energy. Since I interpret World Soul as being the essence within all natural energy, I feel especially connected to Hekate when the world around me is highly energized.  This year there is a blue moon on January 31, so the energy will be even higher.

The Month of February

The Covenant of Hekate is celebrating Hekate as the World Soul for the entire month with various acts of devotion. There’s even a hashtag – #hekateworldsoul. If you’re not a member, you will be able to see selected projects on various public forums, including Friends of the Covenant of Hekate.

I’ve created the Sunrise World Soul Ritual as my contribution to the Covenant’s project. Part of the Covenants’ mandate is the free sharing of resources, so I thought that sharing it here on Keeping Her Keys would be a way of making it available to those of you who aren’t members.

World Soul Sunrise Ritual

I love how the symbolism of the rising sun can be used to help me both understand and connect with Hekate as the World Soul. The rising sun epitomizes Hekate as the World Soul, with the blazing colors sending forth Her energy through all of creation. Honoring Hekate as the World Soul during sunrise allows me to truly feel Her awesome force. The best time to do this ritual is during the month of February. However, you can do it anytime of the year.

Soul 2 Soul Intention

I wanted to develop a ritual uniting my own soul with Hekate as the World Soul. This is a form of ritual wherein there isn’t an intention, nor are fancy words required. It’s just about my soul reaching out to the World Soul.

Timing and Preparations

The ritual should be held at sunrise if possible. You can consult tables for the exact time in your location. You can also use the picture above for a focal point.

The only thing needed for this ritual is you and the sunrise. I’m using Hekate’s Wheel as my visualization model with Hekate as The World Soul (the outer circle, refer back to the diagram above) being symbolized by the rising sun.

World Soul Sunrise Ritual Procedure

Start just as the sun crests the horizon. Position yourself so you are facing the sunrise. Take several deep relaxing breaths. Clear your mind of the business of everyday thoughts.

Sending Your Energy to Your Surroundings

In your mind’s eye see the whole of creation as Hekate’s Wheel. Begin by seeing yourself as the six-rayed figured at its heart. Turn your attention inward. In this quiet space, your soul comes forward becoming the very essence of your being. Feel the World Soul spark within your own soul reach out to fill your whole body. With several deep, relaxing breaths let the soul energy that now fills you pour into the ground beneath your feet. Then raise both arms above your head. Take several more deep breaths releasing your energy up and out through the top of your head. Next, bring your arms to your heart center and visualize the energy from below and above mingling and then spreading out from your heart. You remain sovereign but are connected to your surroundings.

Extending Your Energy

Once you feel connected to the energy all around you, envision it going further out to all of creation (using the three-coiled snake imagery from Hekate’s Wheel if you like) and then to the outer circle that is Hekate as The World Soul. See the emerging sun as the symbol of  Hekate as the World Soul. As the sun rises, feel the energy of the World Soul wash over you. Keep your breathing steady. Pause here as you feel that connection. This is Hekate beyond any epithet or words, just pure energy.

Connecting with Hekate, the World Soul

Now visualize the energy pouring from Hekate into you while your energy pours into Her using the sun as the focal point. Spend a few moments doing this, keeping your breath steady. Feel the unity between your soul and the World Soul.

Disconnecting from the World Soul

As you bask in the glow of the rising sun, let the energy of Hekate fill your being, recharging your own soul spark. When you are ready, slowly begin to disconnect from this energy by pulling away gently. Work you way back down through the serpent of creation and your surroundings until your energy is contained within you once more. Your soul is replenished.

Paying Tribute to Hekate, the World Soul

After you’ve completed the energetic part of this ritual, pay tribute to Hekate saying something like this:

Hail Hekate, Anima Mundi.
Hail Hekate, Anima Mundi.
Hail Hekate, Anima Mundi.
She who is the very soul of the world,
Within me lives the same spark,
That fuels all of creation,
And birthed the universe.
Hail Hekate, Anima Mundi.
Hail Hekate, Anima Mundi.
Hail Hekate, Anima Mundi.

NOTE:  “Anima Mundi” means World Soul in Latin.

I hope you feel inspired to celebrate Hekate as the World Soul during February! Please feel free to use the ritual as you feel led. Don’t forget the hashtag #hekateworldsoul!

An audio version of the ritual is available on the Keeping Her Keys Facebook page.


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