Where I Fear to Tread: Angels and Witchcraft?

Where I Fear to Tread: Angels and Witchcraft? January 8, 2018

I’ve always avoided angels. It seems I can’t anymore. In this post, I discuss angels, ascension, and Hekate. There’s also a ritual to welcome angelic help.

I’m currently dealing with an unwanted suitor. You see, for the second time in my life, an angel seems to want to become my spirit guide. The problem is that I don’t much care for heavenly beings. I actually fear them if I’m being honest. As a daughter of The Dark Mother, I prefer the familiar underworld creatures. I brought this on myself by declaring that my dark days were over and welcoming Hekate Soteira into my life on the winter solstice. This version of Hekate as Savior also happens to be the Mother of Angels, so it’s not surprising that this is happening. Since I’m committed to going where I fear to tread, I decided to perform a ritual to welcome my angel guide into my life. But I still have many questions about angels and witchcraft.

A Case of Angelic Avoidance

I wrote some of my confessions a while ago. Here comes another one – I’m afraid of angels.

Avoiding angels has been relatively easy up until now.

For weeks I’ve been dealing with an angel situation. When my beloved spirit guides, Uncle Lucky and Millie, took their leave, they had a clear message for me “now is the time for you to walk with the angels.” Yeah, right. I’ve had this problem before.

Way back when I was taking a course, I did this upper world journey that ended up with an angel coming forward. Ewww. Gross. I was given the name “Malaki.” Say it like “Mal-a-kai.” Being the erstwhile student that I am, I launched into a search for the meaning of this name in spite of my allergic reaction. I looked in books. Nope. No mention of an angel with this name. Same thing online. Got out my Bible. Yes, I do have one…several actually…I get them whenever a family member dies. Maybe it’s a subversive way to try to save my soul. I couldn’t find my Malaki anywhere. Success was found on a Jewish scholarly website. Seems it means “messenger,” although it was spelled differently. The same meaning as angel. My messenger was named messenger. How dull.

In the weeks that followed, I made a half-hearted (more like 1/10-hearted) attempt to understand this new spirit guide and angels in general. In the end, I resisted the whole lot. No angelic relationship for this daughter of The Dark Mother. I even quit the course.

Angels were altogether too New Age for me. Too sparkly, white,  and heavenly. Ugh. In addition, angels were intertwined with the Christianity from which I had escaped. Why would I ever want to do anything with a flipping angel when there’s all sorts of spirit guides other there?

Where Angels Tread

Here I am again, with this angel-waiting-in-the-wings problem. For weeks, I kept this to myself. As these things tend to go, my angelic suitor was not willing to let me avoid him this time. When I climbed High Head to do a winter solstice ritual, once again good old Uncle Lucky told me to go with the angel. I realized that my beloved Uncle Lucky is most likely an angel, but he never presented himself this way to me. Maybe he knew that this fool wasn’t ready to go where angels tread.

I started to think that just maybe I should walk on heavenly ground. After all, I had decreed winter to be the season of Hekate Soteira. As Savior in The Chaldean Oracles, she is viewed as the source of all things, including angels. As The Mother of Angels She sends Her messengers to help human souls ascend. Sounds good, right? Still, I had my doubts.

Angel Fire

Hesitantly, I initiated a discussion about angels and witchcraft while I was sitting around a fire with a group of friends. This happened:

Avoiding an angel is not likely to be successful.

Alright, already. Even I get the message when it’s in the shape of a big fiery angel. At this point, I decide to seriously consider accepting Malaki as a spirit guide. He’s seems hellbent on it and I’ve announced to the world that I’m done with being a creature of the underworld.

Angels and Ascension

I did a lot of research. There’s not much out there about Hekate and angels, other than authors discussing this in conjunction with The Chaldean Oracles. The boiled-down idea in this ancient text is that a certain type of angels are sent to humans to help us ascend, an idea that makes a lot of sense to me at this particular crossroads in my life.

In terms of a serious discussion on angels and witchcraft, I revisited Christopher Penzcak’s Ascension Magicka book I hadn’t even thought about since I threw it across the room the last time I had an angel problem. Could it be that I actually hadn’t been ready back then? Or was it some sort of shadow self resistance bullshit? I’ll never know.

Penczak’s explanation of angel magick is basically that we can work with heavenly beings as a method for our soul’s ascension. If we are interested in becoming a higher vibration creation, then we need to look up to the heavens to do. Angels can help us in this regard. Sounds a lot like The Chaldean Oracles to me. And it makes sense. I’m committed to not being a creature of the dark anymore, so I need a light bringer to help me along.

Where I Fear to Tread

Have you ever reached the point where you say to yourself, “enough research! Do something, already!”? Well, I do and did again with this angel situation. I decided to walk forward. I’m not very clear about how this will work, but I’m going to have faith that my angelic guide knows what he’s doing and will help me figure things out.

As a way of taking a rather trepidatious step forward into the angelic realm, I did a ritual welcoming my messenger into my life.

Welcoming my own angelic messenger.
Welcoming my own angelic messenger.

Angel Welcome Ritual

Before I started the ritual, I wrote a welcome to my angel:
I welcome you, Malaki,
Heavenly Messenger,
of The Great Mother, Hekate.
Be my guide,

Her emmisary.
May I ascend in understanding,
And walk in Her light.

Next, I decided that I needed to craft my own angel as symbol of accepting my new spirit guide. If there’s one thing we have abundance here in Nova Scotia, it’s rocks. After searching my collection of local stones, I formed some into an angelic shape using mostly agate. I consecrated them, along with a little burlap bag and a key, all the while focusing on removing my resistance to angels and creating space for Malaki.

I’m going to carry the stones in the bag with me, like a lot of pagans do. Added to the bag will be this key that I infused with my intention with a simple knot spell:

With this cord of black, I acknowledge my time in the underworld
And my guides that saw me through.
Knotted black cord to the key.
With this cord of white, I welcome my angelic guide
To see me along the starry road of the upper world.
Knotted white cord to the key.
With this cord of red, I connect to the life force of the middle world.
Knotted red cord to key.
I unite these cords,
As a commitment to bringing balance into my life.
Knotted all three cords together (with three knots).

(It’ll take quite a while of heavenly ascension things to balance out all my time hanging out below.)

I’m going to put the key in the bag, too. I’ll leave the welcome where it is so that I see it several times a day.

Even after all my thinking about angels and my ritual to welcome my personal heavenly being into my life, I’m still not exactly rushing into the angelic realm, although I am committed to doing so. I’m not sure how this will work into my witchcraft. I would love to hear your thoughts about angels and witchcraft. It’ll help me as I go where I fear to tread.

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  • kenofken

    Your journey is your own and I wish you well of it. Personally though I find angel work to be the worst sort of New Age dreck within modern Paganism along with the many attempts to reconcile Christianity and Pagan practice. I don’t need the help of angels to “ascend” because I am not fallen.

    I also will never work with any entity which does not respect my will and sovereignty. If an angel or anything else won’t take no for an answer, its banishing time..

  • I have recently worked with angels. They helped me remove a lot of “scar tissue” and new pains on my soul. It was a very rewarding experience for me as I had not realized how weighted down I was. Before I started I worked on getting to know what to expect to find (and set up an altar dedicated to them). What angels were to various other religions. Their ranks and functions in each rank. Once i had all the information i could pack in within the tome frame i allowed. I have to set time limits or i will avoid the work. I started the meditation and work. Interestingly, as you had an angel ready and willing to work with you, so dis I. The journey was painful as the intent was to heal wounds, but successful.

  • Jeff

    I suggest you look into the books of the Gallery of Magick. You’ll learn some surprising things about angels. They aren’t all that you think they are, and they aren’t all goodness and mercy and sweetness and light.

  • Richard Wachenheim

    I generally believe that “angels” are really fairies (large and small), since when christianity and old testament writers had to come up with something to define what fairies are to convert the pagans and non-christians into the fold.

  • Brianne Raven Wolf

    I think that your article, for me anyway, was very interesting. Have grown up with a Baptist Deacon physically abusive father in my youth, I had problems with angels. When my youngest sister, who got killed in a farm accident, crossed over, and I believe has returned, I knew for sure angels were not with me, or my family. So I wish you well on your journey with an angel. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to angels, but in my lifetime, except for a great friend who crossed over at age 19 while I was in Idaho in the military, I really can’t/won’t get into them! But I’m also not in the underworld either. Guess I have to see where my journey with Hekate goes! Hail Hekate!!!

  • Very interesting. I shall have to think on it. I’ve never been drawn to fairies, either.

  • I had a similar upbringing, so I’m naturally resistant to angels! I am making progress with them. It’s an opportunity for me to change my perspective…and get over my own hang-ups! Hekate is like that, giving us things that challenge us. It’s up to me to decide to avoid the situation or to say bring it on.

  • Brianna LaPoint

    if this was facebook id add you. Well said!

  • Erin Coldrick

    I have my own deep seated issues with angels and heavenly dwellers. And while I kind of agree with kenofken’s sentiment, that if it won’t take no for an answer, it’s banishing time… I have also found, in the last few months, that my dislike of something, or distrust, does not necessarily reflect the benefit I could gain from an interaction that normally I would LOVE to avoid. I hate carrots; despise them…. gag at the taste; but they are good for me. Some yoga stances are abysmal to perform, but great for me…. I know, I know…. I’m not advocating finding the benefit of something being forced on us, like ‘creepy old Uncle Louis touching places he shouldn’t be near.’ I’m talking about not dismissing things because we have a former, possibly skewed, belief about said experience. Because I was raised in a fundamentalist/creationist home, I may decide something is rubbish based on those experiences…. That doesn’t mean that the beings we could interact with are all just being pushy and not respecting us…. it means I have been raised in a certain way and now have an opinion that might limit my beneficial experiences. I may think an archangel is scary and want nothing to do with them, but maybe they could teach me how to meditate in a way that I could not even fathom without guidance. Our minds have a perspective. They grip onto that perspective with fervor. But maybe we need to be shown a different angle and maybe an angel can teach us that lesson we need for tomorrow, in a way that another being could not.
    I am NOT a fan of angels. Any time someone says the word God or heaven, my hackles begin to show…. but that doesn’t mean I won’t learn something from an experience with angels or god or Jesus etc…. The yoga instructor I watch on YouTube (I live in the middle of nowhere, no Yoga classes here) always tells us to not “run away” while in those intense poses….. If something hurts, absolutely, get out of that position, “find what feels good!” she always says, but if it’s just that your muscles are shaking and you want to quit, stick with it and observe your reaction to those muscles shaking…. you may learn something you otherwise wouldn’t have.
    If you want to get right down to it, I was an atheist witch. I wanted nothing to do with ANY deity. Now I am a devotee of Hekate….. She kept creeping in here and there until I acknowledged her. What’s the difference between Hekate and Malaki? These beings are able to teach us things, and I am trying my best to not lose out on a learning experience due to my personal hang ups. I have a limited experience in this realm. I don’t see the big picture…. maybe an angelic being does see it. Maybe they can steer me in the correct direction and help me learn something that I could derive immense benefit from.
    I am a work in progress in this particular section of life. My main spirit guide has on more than one occasion had to shake his head at my stubbornness and/or fear, I know, but he keeps gently pushing me to lose that skewed mindset. Just because I had a bad experience with singing at a Chistmas concert in 1984 does not mean singing should be avoided at all costs for the rest of my life…. Experience teaches us…. but we must realize those lessons needn’t be etched in stone. As we grow and age, our experiences change. I am not the same person I was 2 years ago…. so my experience with an angelic being would be different now than what it would have been 10 years ago as well.
    For me, being a witch means being open to whatever can help me grow. If that means an angel telling me something, so mote it be.

  • Neither is Hekate…nor any of the other Gods and Spirits.

  • Genevieve Anastasia

    Hey, Cyndi!
    Although I did not see any mention of this, I am curious of your personal thoughts about angels being a part of witchcraft in general!
    Do you think that even though you are more comfortable with the underworld than the celestial realm, would you say that you see angels like the same as creatures of the underworld to be a fitting part of witchcraft practices (despite the genre of magic)? Biblically, supposedly demons were fallen angels- I’m not sure if I believe or disbelieve this claim. But it seems to me that “fallen” could mean “underworld” in this case… so, as demons and angels could essentially be similar beings, as demons are a part of the underworld and angels are part of the upperworld, would working with upperworld deities (angels) really be that huge of a step for someone originally working with demons/underworld entities? Are demons in a sense or completely underworld deities? Today, Hekate is viewed as a Cosmic figure… someone who is in between all upper, middle, and under worlds…. so apart from practicing Hekatean witchcraft, and just focusing on the demons/angels as a generic category, I wonder if the two can be compared without religious influence.

  • JudithAnn L

    I have never been an angel person – even as a child raised in Catholic faith. Odd given the beautiful imagery of guardian angels, the seraphim and all the rest. The church I attended had beautiful frescos of angels painted on the arched ceiling over the altar, and the altar – two and half stories high with a stepped spire that had angels on the levels before Joseph and Mary, with of course Jesus at the top. Still, no real connection to angels. But as I have progressed in my craft, I’ve decolonized the otherworld beings – they belong to no particular faith based practice, they predate such. They were named and described and utilized by each as they were perceived in the time and the environment encountered. Receiving my Reiki degree, we talked about beings of light – other world beings, whether ascended souls or just always light beings is irrelevant. They are conduits of the energy of divine love, universal love and light.
    I am intrigued by Genevieve’s remarks above – fallen angels, fell to the underworld (hell) because they opposed Heaven’s rule and God’s supremacy. Rebels, LOL. But just as Adam and Eve it’s about being “punished” for wanting knowledge and sovereignty – patriarchal crap.
    I like to think that all the realms of Hekate are our – upper, middle, lower, and the beings that inhabit each are available to all of us as we have need and are willing to work with them.

  • ^This…with emphasis on respect of one’s will and sovereignty.

    As a general response on this post: there was an experience that, after 10 years, I had to totally re-think. It was what is called the Blue Pearl phenomenon. For many years, I thought it was beneficial after all the information I came across on it…until a few months ago. I read about someone’s experiences with it (and it being associated with AA Michael). She stated that every time she saw it, she said, “I have no contract with you.” (As it was a subtle form of psychic attack.) Initially, I was shocked to read what she stated, but then I had to test it out for myself, and now I believe what she stated is true (so every time I see it, I state the same within my mind, and notice that it does help me).

    Also, someone else with whom I have spoken about issues regarding angels validated my hunches about them. They do not care for them either.

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  • Marissai

    “a book I hadn’t even thought about since I threw it across the room the last time I had an angel problem.” This made me laugh so much. I could never explain to myself why the angel talk makes me feel a bitter taste in my mouth. It’s nothing about my childhood religion either, as we weren’t into it so much, as a family. It’s just an idea that their light is cold, that it doesn’t bring any insight or helps with anything. I see them as possible guides into another place.. where I will be thankful to part ways again.
    Also, thank you very much for sharing all the emotions you have on your journey, Cyndi. I can’t even explain how much that raw and direct way you write impacts the story. It’s not another “witchcraft fairytale” it’s real and deep <3