Practicing Spiritual Witchcraft: The Combined Superpowers Of Gratitude And Prayer

Practicing Spiritual Witchcraft: The Combined Superpowers Of Gratitude And Prayer January 24, 2018

Witchcraft can be a beautiful spiritual path of growing into our truth. For too long we’ve allowed our well deserved hang-ups about prayer and gratitude to block us from standing in the presence of the goddess to speak our thanks for all she has blessed us with. Reclaim the combined superpowers of gratitude and prayer.


If you’re thinking that prayer has no place in witchcraft, then I urge you to reclaim this powerful practice. Gratitude expressed through prayer is a powerful part of Modern Hekatean Witchcraft. What’s more adding daily expressions of the bounty we already posses, attracts more our way. Be grateful for the blessing of being one of Hekate’s chosen through the daily practice of The Witches’ Hour of Power, including The Witches’ Prayer to Hekate. No matter what has happened, regardless of current circumstances, gratitude and daily practice of witchcraft is transformative.


Mighty Hekate, Queen of the Witches,
Blessed am I,
To call myself one of Your chosen.

Yours truly trying to look mysterious. I am grateful for the sense of humor I have about my sometimes over-the-top sincerity. Hail Hekate!


The Power of the Witches’ Prayer

As much as structured religion grates me, I love praying. More specifically, I pray daily to Hekate to help me become all that I can be in this incarnation and express my gratitude for all that I have. If there is one practice that I would say that has the power to transform above all others, it is daily prayer that summons our internal power while connecting us to the forces, deities and spirits that we associate with.

I’m not talking about passive words offered up to the gods in the hopes of a miracle occurring without me doing anything. That almost never works, at least not for me. The type of prayer that I find highly effective is the sort where I not only seek divine assistance, but make a commitment to the actions that I will take in order to manifest my intention. “A Witch’s Prayer to Hekate” is an example of the type of prayer that I find most helpful. This is a prayer to express gratitude, one of the fundamental practices of Modern Hekatean Witchcraft as taught in The Keeping Her Keys tradition. Each month at Keeping Her Keys, we pause from the hustle and bustle of Modern Hekatean Witchery to create the energy of abundance by celebrating all we have.

If you are struggling with reclaiming prayer as part of your witchery, I can relate. There was a time when I rejected the notion of ever praying again. I’m asking you to trust me on this: when witches pray, the universe listens. There are the petitions we make to our favored deities and spirits, asking their intervention and support. Our spells are a form of prayer supported by correspondences and spirits. Prayer is the work of witches, my lovely. Don’t let anyone keep the power of the word from you.

The Witches’ Hour of Power

So many have adapted The Witches’ Prayer to Hekate as part of their daily Hour of Power. I am humbled that the words I write touch so may. I remain sincerely grateful that my assignment in this life is to share the work of Modern Hekatean Witchcraft. Like prayer, The Witches’ Hour of Power is a foundational practice of Modern Hekatean Witchcraft. Start small, perhaps by reciting this prayer. Add in a daily Two Card Tarot practice. Build upon this with a daily dose of calming and connecting through meditation, such as the Hekatean Breath Chant. Make note of your psychic experiences and your general state of being in your Witches’ Journal.

The Witches’ Journey

As witches’ we need to take the time to acknowledge how blessed we are, although this can be hard to recognize if we are going through challenging circumstances. I think it’s when things are at their worst that we most need to take a moment to stand in gratitude for what we are. For me, that also means honoring Hekate as Goddess of the Witches. That’s fundamental to attracting abundance in my life, including practicing witchcraft that works. One of the things I am so grateful for is that through the practice of Modern Hekatean Witchcraft, my students have realized their dreams of a better career, home ownership and creating their version of a truth. Prayer and The Witches’ Hour of Power are part of manifesting our life’s mission. Gratitude works, witches.


I am grateful for being a Hekatean Witch. Taking the time each month to be grateful and to honor my Witch Mother is such a blessing. Read more: Honoring Hekate on the Dark Moon

Being Grateful in Spite of IT ALL

There seems to be so much suffering going around these days. Lately, there’s been this theme running through the conversations I’ve been having in my personal life and with members of the Keeping Her Keys community concerning the pain of invalidation. I originally thought that I would write a blog about this, but after praying about it, decided not to. Instead, the focus of this blog is a prayer of thanks and affirmation to Hekate.

For many of us, our witches’ journey includes a great dealing of suffering. We can be ostracized from our families because of witchcraft. There can be difficulties in social and public situations, too. In addition, some of us find refuge in being a witch after a life full of trauma. Through all these painful experiences runs a common theme – others trying to invalidate us for simply being who we are. The results of chronic invalidation, especially during childhood, are long lasting and severe.

In witchcraft we can find the validation that we’ve lacked in other areas of our lives. Through witchcraft we can tame our shadow self and find deep healing. Witchcraft can bring out the best in us. We can be proud of who we are. After all, we are Hekate’s chosen, the witches.

So instead of another blog about the shadow self, here’s a prayer. I hope that these words will remind you that you are exactly who you were meant to be. Through connecting with Hekate and affirming our commitment to living a life of truth, we can find healing. Sort of a shame detox spell if you’re more comfortable with that interpretation instead of calling it a prayer.

To learn more about Shadow Syndrome and ways to overcome it, read this. It’s time to stand in your rightful power, witch. The problem isn’t that we are weak, it’s that our shadow convinces us we are because we are afraid of just how powerful we are. Mighty. True. Hekatean. Witch. Heal the shadow. Send those who try to hold you back flying on a wave of gratitude for all they’ve given you – in pain we learn our truth, after all and move forward.

Sending you the fierce love and true magic(k) of Modern Hekatean Witchcraft,

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A Witch’s Prayer to Hekate

Mighty Hekate, Goddess of the Witches,
Blessed am I,
To call myself one of Your chosen.

Might Hekate, Goddess of the Witches,
You are both the dark and the light,
You are the way,
And You are the light along it.
My Goddess, You hold the keys of all creation.

Mighty Hekate, Goddess of the Witches,
I stand before you in this liminal space,
That you created for us alone.
Here in this place of the in-between,
I feel the energy of the worlds,
I see the vision of the future,
I hold the wisdom of the past.

Mighty Hekate, Goddess of the Witches,
You have bestowed upon me the power of the Witch.
Through the gifts of  Your sacred keys,
I am the walker between the worlds,
The spinner of the web of fate,
The knower of Your secrets,
The student of Your mysteries,
The giver of Your healing.

Mighty Hekate, Goddess of the Witches,
My journey is a blessed one,
Each key you give me unlocks great power,
Grateful I am for all Your keys;
The key of acceptance for that which I cannot change,
The key of courage to overcome adversity,
The key of compassion for myself and others,
They key of pain through which I discover my own strength,
The key of suffering in which I found healing,
The key of peace that brings me contentment,
The key of wisdom so that I may live a life of truth.

Mighty Hekate, Goddess of the Witches,
My witch’s journey is a blessing,
Through the darkness of the underworld,
Up to the heights of the heavens,
And the balance of everyday life.
Through all situations, I honor You.
In all ways, I honor You.
For all of time, Eternal Queen, I honor You.



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  • Mellie

    Thank you for this. Very timely. Invalidation has been a strong theme for me lately. Also trying to learn to be more comfortable in the “in between.”

  • This is brilliant. I’ve never been comfortable with prayer, but this one resonates with me!

  • tobeimean

    Have you ever read Charles Boer’s translation of the Homeric Hymns ? This prayer reminds me in many ways of that collection. Nice work towards defining relationship with Hekate. Bravo !

  • I have read that translation! Perhaps it influenced my tone if not content. Thanks for pointing this out!

  • Brianne Raven Wolf

    I thank you for this message. I too am a follower of Hekate, and I have gone through a lot of what this article is about. I do believe in the power of prayer, to an honoring of Hekate. For me, this is a daily prayer! Blessed Be!!! )0(

  • tobeimean
  • tobeimean
  • tobeimean
  • tobeimean
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