Evoking The Dark Mother: A Ritual For Summoning Hekate

Evoking The Dark Mother: A Ritual For Summoning Hekate March 4, 2018

Hail Hekate, the Dark Mother, Queen of Witches, Keeper of the Keys, Golden Robed Terrifying Queen. Should you wish to behold her presence, performing this ritual will undoubtedly get her attention. The question I pose to you is, “are you ready for her?” 

If you are fearful of her majesty, then perhaps you are not ready to summon her. On the other hand, if you are seeking her power for insincere purposes, I pity you. Her wrath is fierce for the profane.

Hekate is the force underlying all of creation. She is the deepest mystery there is. We can be granted glimpses into her power, but it is only through sincere intentions that such visions are granted. Those mysteries lie within Hekate’s Witches. This ritual breaks down the illusion of separation between us and the Goddess that we have been forced to believe. She offers your key to your own Inner Temple. Will you claim it?

Hekate Goddess Ritual
Behold the majesty of The Witch Mother through this ritual.

The Witch Mother is medicine to her chosen and poison to the profane. If you aren’t certain which you are, then avoid this ritual. I’m not saying this to scare anyone off, but it is a warning.

Hekate is rising. We, her witches, have been called home to her crossroads. She awaits with her keys of magick, medicine and mystery. 

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Evoking Hekate Begins With Reconnecting To Our Sacredness

To evoke Hekate we must go deep within ourselves, returning to our own sacredness. As long as we deny that she resides within our witches’ souls, then we are denying her. The road back to our sacredness is a long and winding river.

If you are new to Hekate, read these tips before diving all the way into the sacred river of her power.

The full version of this ritual can be found in Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft. 

This ritual has been performed by hundreds of Hekatean Witches around the planet. It is my offering to all those who seek to return to their own sacredness through the Witch Mother.

Evocation is the intentional summoning of the Witch Mother into our presence. It is visceral, transformative and incredibly healing. To call Hekate forth is a radical act of sovereign power. We awaken the coiled soul-serpent within that is Hekate through which we connect to her external presence. There is no separation between us and her. This ritual is an act of remembering what we have always known.


This evocation came to me over a period of months over a decade ago. It was a dream that was a whisper that was a key which opened the gates to my own sacredness. Through those months, I beheld the majesty of the Witch Mother. There were days, weeks even, that I walked through my everyday responsibilities in a sort of fugue so deep was my connection to her. When it came time to write all that I was experiencing as a ritual, I turned to ancient texts for inspiration.

The author summoning her Witch Mother, with added effects.

I developed this evocation using various ancient texts and epithets. I wanted to capture as much of the image of this ancient and complex goddess that I could with a relatively short evocation. The first time I used this in a large ritual, Hekate’s presence surrounded the group with such power that it was almost smothering. Her energy caused the fire to get out of control – forcing me to break my chanting to get someone to throw water on it. My attendants at the ritual were so overcome that they hadn’t noticed. Many of those present at the ritual were afraid. Such is the presence of the Witch Mother. Take that as a precaution. Over the years, I’ve learned to better manage the power of this evocation. The version I share is imbued with her power and strengthened by all those who have performed this rite.

Image of Triple Goddess Hekate
Turn to the ancient writings and iconography for inspiration. However, Hekate is very much a Goddess of Our Time.


I recommend you engage in standard ritual preparation before you start any working, including proper cleansing and consecration of all objects and tools to be used and a self-purification including bathing.


Hekate’s colors of black, red and white are appropriate. All three should be represented in your attire and on the altar. Three is the number most sacred to Hekate, so candles, herbs, etc. should usually be staged in trios. Of course, an icon of Hekate and her symbols (e.g., Hekate’s Wheel, keys) should be included on this altar. I always include something dead (bones of an animal sacred to Her), something stagnant (wine, for example) and something growing (a bulb of garlic works) to represent the three realms, the three selves and the three stages of life.

Hekate is a Triple Goddess. For some, this means she represents Maiden, Mother and Crone. Read more about Hekate as The Triple Goddess. 

Plant Spirits: The Deathwalking Oil is an excellent ally for this rite.

For Beginners

If you are new to evoking, I recommend practicing with just a few stanzas. Acknowledge to Hekate that this is what you are doing. Notice the energy that you summon. Process it. Over time, work up to the entire evocation.

Hand Positions

There are hand positions that go with the evocation. The basic way to hold your hands is together, with the three middle fingers of each hand touching each other. Your thumb and pinky finger of the same hand should be together, forming a circle. Start with your hands in the Middle World position, at your heart center. Although your hands don’t always remain touching, each hand stays in the same position – with the three fingers out and the thumb-pinky in a circle. The left hand always moves down to the earth, while the right will reach up each time.

The mudra, sacred hand position, for evoking Hekate. Learn more in Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft. Images copyright of the author.

Evocation of Hekate Suitable for Any Rite

(Hands together at heart center)
Blessed Hekate, Great Mother, I am grateful for Your presence in my life.
I implore You, attend this rite.
Pause. Take three breaths. Envision your own sacred soul-serpent awakening.
When you are ready, continue with the evocation:
Great Hekate, who spins the web of the stars and governs the spiral of life.
Brimo, Chthonia, Einalia, Enodia, Kleidoukhos,
Kourotrophos, Nykliopolis, Perseis, Propylais,
Propolos, Phosphoros, Trimorphis,
Soteira, Soteira, Soteira.
Terrifying One, Earth Goddess, Sea Goddess, Goddess of the Road, Keeper of the Keys.
Guardian of Children and the Marginalized, Night Queen, Daughter of Perseus, She Who Guards The Gate.
Leader, Shining One, Three-Formed Goddess.
Liberator, Liberator, Liberator.
Fierce Goddess, Attend your epithets!
Pause. Envision these characteristics awakening within you as your soul-serpent stretches.
I draw upon Your colors!
(Left hand down)
Black as night,
(Hands together at heart center)
Red as blood,
(Right hand to the sky)
White as stars.
(Hands together at heart center)
Feel these colors surround you.
See your soul-serpent with these colors. 
Allow them to blend.
Lend me their energies,
I implore you, Mighty Queen!
I offer myself to You.
I bow before You,
Hear me, know my name.
(Bow your head, state your name. Take three breaths.)
(Left hand down) Hail Hekate
(Right hand up) Hail Hekate
(Hands together at heart center) Hail Hekate
Your soul-serpent is fully connected to her presence. She will take form in your vision as she wills it. Allow her to bestow these visions upon you without hesitation. Her presence is as unique as each one of us.
I honor You as She of all forms.
(Left hand down)
I honor You as the Young Mistress,
And ask that You bestow upon this ritual the energy of youth.
(Hands at heart center)
I honor You as the Eternal Creatrix,
And ask that You send the power of creation to my working.
(Right hand up)
I honor You as the timeless World Soul,
And ask that You lend me your wisdom for this rite.
Pause. Take three breaths.
(Left hand down) Hail Hekate
(Right hand up) Hail Hekate
(Hands together at heart center) Hail Hekate
I honor you as She who rules over
The Under World, the Middle World and the Upper World.
(Left hand down)
I honor You as the Gatekeeper of All Under World and Goddess of the Daemon
May they strengthen my rite!
(Hands together at heart center)
I honor You as the Guardian of the Crossroads of the Middle World, the Universal Key Holder,
And seek Your guidance along my earth-bound journey.
(Right hand up)
I honor You as the Breath of the Universe and the Mother of Angels
Behold, I seek their assistance now!
Pause. Take three breaths.
(Left hand down) Hail Hekate
(Right hand up) Hail Hekate
(Hands together at heart center) Hail Hekate
I honor You as Sovereign over land, sea and sky.
(Left hand down)
I honor You as Queen of the Sea
And petition for Your mighty waves to strengthen my desire.
(Hands together at heart center)
I honor You as Queen of the Land
And ask that You hasten my working on the earthly plane.
(Right hand up)
I honor You as Queen of the Sky
And implore your assistance across the higher realm.
Pause. Take Three Breaths.
(Left hand down) Hail Hekate
(Right hand up) Hail Hekate
(Hands together at heart center) Hail Hekate
(Left hand down)
I honor You as Torch Bearer,
And ask that Your light shine on this working.
(Right hand up)
I honor You as the Key Holder,
And pray that You’ll open the doors to your mysteries.
(Hands together at heart center)
I honor You as Queen of the Witches,
And ask Your blessing for this rite!

My intention is pure
And my will is strong!

Find the complete instructions for this ritual in Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft 

Get into the flow of the river of Hekate through the 13 lessons of Keeping Her Keys. Available widely. Signed and blessed with a unique sigil copies can be purchased at keepingherkeys.com/shop.
Join the Keeping Her Keys Coven at keepingherkeys.mn.co
Join the Keeping Her Keys Coven at keepingherkeys.mn.co

Listen to this podcast from one of my students going deeper into this ritual here.


Awakening your soul-serpent that is the blood-fire river of Hekate within. Illustration copyright of the author.




About Cyndi Brannen
Cyndi Brannen, PhD, teaches and writes from the crossroads of personal development, spirituality and true magic. Founder of the Keeping Her Keys system of spiritual witchcraft, she shares the keys of The Sacred Seven laws using practical methods ranging from journaling to journeying. Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft explores Hekate from her ancient origins to our modern understanding through magic and personal development. True Magic: Unleashing Your Inner Witch, based on the sacred seven principles of witchcraft, is a practical guide to better living through witchcraft. Read Dr. Brannen's journey from shattered to whole, and the courses she offers at keepingherkeys.com. You can read more about the author here.

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  • Brianne Raven Wolf

    Thanks Cyndi for this article on evoking Hekate. I have only ever invited Her into my small space. I’m pretty sure She was here with me once, but I didn’t release Her when I was finished. I was reading a little, and felt Her behind me. My cat all of a sudden felt Her presence too. What I learned, if/when I invite any Deity into my Circle, no matter how simple, Release, Hail and Farewell. I had chatted with Jason last year at PSG about inviting and evoking a Deity in a Solitary Circle, he suggested not evoking as I would be all alone, and it might not be a good thing to do. I’m still working on learning more, especially with Hekate in my life now. Blessed Be!!! )0(

  • There are variations in the way we work with any deity, including Hekate. Sometimes, She comes to us spontaneously when we are going about our daily business or during a working. Other times we seek her attention. Evocation is something I use very rarely – and only when I want Her full presence. I liken it to a meeting with the “big boss” when you want a raise at work. Or when I sit the kids down for a “family meeting.” This is serious business and I want everyone’s full attention. Just like most conversations don’t have this serious energy, so are our communications with the gods and other entities, like our spirit companions. Petitioning Hekate is something I do much more frequently, usually for devotional rituals and spells. When I petition Her, I am seeking Her attention and asking for a favor. Kind of like calling up a friend to ask for help with moving or taking someone out for lunch because they’ve been kind to me. Not as formal as evocation, but definitely structured. Prayer is another way to seek out the gods and entities attention. Some prayers are simple requests like “help me.” These are informal and unstructured requests for attention, usually for guidance and intervention. A more structured method is intentional prayer. This is less formal than a petition, but still actively seeks Hekate’s attention. An intentional prayer is prepared in advance with a specific outcome in mind. This is very intimate, like a late night conversation with your partner where talk about needing them to help with the laundry. Then there are the times when we simply think about receiving a message from the gods or guides and instantly receive one, through signs, inner knowing, etc. At the extreme other end of this communication continuum is invocation. Greater in power than evocation, invoking deity or an entity is a form of possession, where we relinquish our conscious mind and bodily control to the entity. Invocation should generally never be done alone. The few times I’ve done this, I was part of a circle with the necessary support people in place to keep me safe. Solitary evocation is a skill that can be developed over time, requiring lots of practice and confidence. This is why I recommended practicing with sections of the evocation in the article before doing the whole ritual. I’d recommend working up from intentional prayer to petitioning and then to evocation if you interested. There’s absolutely no reason to pursue evocation skills if you not called to it. I hope this clears things up and I thank you for your comments. Brightest Blessings.

  • Great article. Thankyou.

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