Hekate’s Fire-Breath: The Energizing Goddess And Early Spring

Hekate’s Fire-Breath: The Energizing Goddess And Early Spring March 16, 2018

One of Hekate’s ancient titles was Ergatis, meaning “The Energizer.” This is the archetypal energy of early spring, when the world awakens to great change and the power of possibility. This is the soul of the world becoming, of turning to potential, and of immense transformation. Behold the fire-breath of Hekate that creates the winds of change turning the wheel of the year and the seasons of our lives.

Awakening from slumber, there is a necessity for clearing away what blocks and binds before we can move forward. This is the quest for authenticity. Our search for balance, that is eternally changing yet constant in the requirement for the journey. This is the power of Ergatis, the energizing goddess.

Hekate Ergatis: The Essential Energy

This title of Hekate’s comes from the ancient Chaldean Oracles. This is basically a story on how the universe works. According to the ancient mystics who channeled the oracles, Hekate is Anima Mundi, meaning the Soul of the World. In their wisdom, she is described as the source of the energy of all creation.

Flowing from her womb, this is the fiery energy that they described as “ergatis.” What these mystics were referring to is the “ergatis” essence of all things, which are birthed from Hekate.

The energy of Hekate fuels all, thus, as she is Anima Mundi. It is her fire-breath, sometimes cool and other times hot, that turns the seasons. In early spring, this ergatis is warming, awakening, and fierce. Blowing away all that no longer serves in order to breath new life.


It is necessary that these winds of Hekate blow away all that blocks and binds.

The Energizer: Hail The Winds of Change

Living here along the Atlantic coast, spring storms into my life with 80 mph winds. March is a fierce month here, with little evidence of fresh growth to be seen. Spring here requires faith that greener – and calmer – days are coming. I find faith in the very winds that rip shingles off my roof for I know that these are the winds of change.

The raging waves that flood the shore are necessary for the coastal plants to grow. Like these plants, the storms of life nourish our bodies. The winds blow us clean, clearing the way for a fresh start. This is Ergatis, Hekate’s energizing breath that blows away all that no longer serves, creating the space for rebirth.


Perhaps the stormy side of spring here in Nova Scotia is foremost in my mind rather than the cuteness of eggs and bunnies at least partly because my youngest son has recently turned thirteen. The last thing he wants is an Ostara celebration like way back in his childhood days. His declaration hit me like a nor’easter. The wheel of my life has turned and I’m suddenly beyond making holiday magick happen for my sons. While trying to sort out what Ostara will look like without the cuteness, my thoughts wandered towards the deeper meaning of the Equinox.

Hekate And Early Spring

My thoughts about Hekate and the Spring Equinox are kind of complicated. On one hand, I see Her in the storms and the winds of change in Her role as Brimo and as Queen of Land, Sea and Sky. There’s Her role as Torch-Bearer to consider as well. Finally, she is Pasikratea, the very Queen of the Universe with the moon and the sun under Her domain.

Create an altar for welcoming the energy of spring, the breath of Hekate blowing us clean. An intense period whether it syncs up with the calendar or not. Usually does when we are in attunement with our Mother Goddess. To breathe in these energizing winds, dittany, mugwort and thyme. Sure to keep us connected to Hekate, amplify our intuition and fortify us as sovereign wild ones. Selenite and rose quartz for cleansing and healing. Black obsidian to keep us from blowing away.

Hekate’s Breath of Fire

Hekate is associated with Spring through her role as Persephone’s guide out of the Under World. She was very much the energizer who brought Persephone out, guiding her along her path so the Wheel of the Year could turn. I like to think that the very same torch which lit Persephone’s path is used to light the fire of creation. I know I’m combining different stories here, but isn’t that what we all do to make sense of things? Hekate as The World Soul from The Chaldean Oracles is seen as that fire. While her fire turns to creation and away from lighting our way through darkness, she becomes Enodia, both the guide along our earth-bound journey and the very way itself. The winds of change are her fiery breath, invigorating the world and our journey.

The Breath Of Balance

Hekate is often portrayed as a Goddess of Mediation, from helping poor Persephone to aiding in Medea’s spells. For some, this relegates her to the role of a minor goddess. This is completely untrue. Ask any mom who’s hidden eggs so that her children believe that there’s a magic bunny on the loose, it’s often those who work behind the scenes who have the real power. Spring is a time for Hekate to be the mediator of our lives, too.

The Fire-Breath That Turns The Season

As Her energy shifts from the Under World to the Middle World of everyday life, She calls to us to do the same. It’s time to leave our gloomy cave to brave the winds of change. I hadn’t thought about this at all, until I noticed that my blog “When Hekate Calls: A Practical Guide for Answering” was getting a lot of views this week. Much more than I would have anticipated. Here’s my theory: that when Hekate emerges alongside of us from our personal Under World – and the seasonal one of winter – She calls us for the first time or anew. Reminding us that it’s time to shine our own light. This is the promise of rebirth. Her fire-winds of change.

There are many epithets that can be associated with Hekate as The Wheel of Year turns to spring. In the month of March, She is Ergatis – the energizer of these coastal storms and new growth. She is described as The Mother of All (e.g., Pammetor) in various ancient sources. Spring is the season when the earth is reborn. Hekate mediates the seasons as She did for Persephone and our lives, ensuring the balance of all things.

Hekate’s Breath

Hekate’s energy within the context of early spring is as the Mistress of Balance, whose breath fuels those winds that remove all that harms, clearing the way for rebirth. Hekate doesn’t shield us from the storms of life and the winds of change. Instead, she comes to us to guide us along our way rather than to force. We are sovereign agents walking the stormy shore. When we enter the season of spring in and in our lives, no more do we walk in darkness but in light, seeing the storm-tossed coast and feeling the winds of change. Perhaps she smiles as she breathes those winds of change.

Anima Mundi: Hekate as the Universal Creatrix

As Pasikratea, Queen of the Universe, She is the creatrix of the fire of creation and the force of the storms necessary to wash the land clean. Both the sun and the moon are her domain, for she is Anima Mundi, the “ergatis” of all.

However you honor Hekate during early spring, I hope you take the time to contemplate the majesty of all of Her domains, from the depths of the Under World to the heights from which the winds of change come. For She is the mediator between all these things, and the bringer of balance to the Wheel of the Year and our lives.

Summoning Hekate’s Fire-Breath

Hail Hekate Ergatis, Energizing Soul of the World.
Hail Hekate Pasikratea, Queen of the Universe.
May your breath relieve me of all that blocks my way,
Reducing me to my truth and power.
As I breathe in your fire-breath.
During these days when the day equals the night,
May I understand the balance of my own life,
That the darkness and the storms
Yield to the winds of change,
Ushering in a new season.
Hekate Enodia, my road
May be a challenging,
But as I breathe in your fire-breath,
I am reborn.

Amplify the energy of becoming through the beautiful April full moon.

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Hekate’s Messages

It has been my observation from the hundreds of witches who’ve shared their experiences with me, that as Hekate’s breath blows fierce, her messages come through with astounding resonance and might. Here’s some help for understanding how she speaks to us.



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