Healing with Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft: Concepts, Practices, Techniques, Spells and Correspondences

Healing with Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft: Concepts, Practices, Techniques, Spells and Correspondences May 19, 2018

Hekate has been a source of profound healing for many of her followers and others who work with her. Their methods are as diverse as their wounds. Healing is a complex process, with the original trauma interacting with our personalities and subsequent experiences. However, there are practices, techniques, correspondences, spells and rituals that can greatly aid your healing journey.

The Healing Power of Witchcraft

Several months ago, I wrote an article called “What’s the Point of Witchcraft?” in which I claimed that natural magick – those everyday situations where great things happen beyond all reason – was why I practiced the craft. While this is true, the other equally important point of witchcraft is to bring about positive change in my life and for others. Because just as life often blesses us with wonderful magick, there are also the times when we are cursed with suffering. For some of us, the source of our pain is deeply connected to our childhood. You can read about Healing the Mother Wound here.

Buddha might have said that life is about suffering, but I disagree. To me, life is about healing from hurt and becoming wiser from it. Another big part for me is to lift others up as they walk their healing journey.

Turning to Hekate for Healing

There’s no records of Hekate’s thoughts about healing. However, there is a long history of her association with witchcraft, particularly that associated with herbalism. Potions, decoctions, talismans, etc. Many ancients spells were about cursing and finding love, if we are to believe that the existing fragments reflect the common practices of the time.

We can turn to those ancient stories for inspiration and guidance along our healing journey, as I write in the first lesson in my course on Applied Modern Witchcraft:

“Healing is the place to begin when learning witchcraft and for personal development work. The core of Applied Modern Witchcraft from my perspective is healing – ourselves and others. This healing can take many forms from distance healing to deep personal shadow work. This is where we begin. Because witchcraft from my point of view starts within. I really believe that the only rule for witchcraft is to “know thyself.” This requires turning inward. Going into those dark corners and facing our fears. I recently wrote a series of articles about Persephone, including one conceptualizing her as a Queen of Pain. I described her as a role model for facing and overcoming our hurts and fears. Only by staring them straight in the eyes can we tame them and move on to the real work of creating a magickal life.”

from The Sacred Seven: A Course in Applied Modern Witchcraft

The First Step in Healing

As a psychologist and witch, I have always blended them together into my classes and individual practice. In my twenty years of experience, I have come to believe that acceptance is the most vital part of witchcraft and healing:

“Acceptance is the absolute first step in any magickal working. We need to put our energy into solving a problem rather than resisting its existence. When we do this, we clear the path for developing intentions that will lead to the outcomes we desire. Resistance is like spiritual or energetic dirt. We need to be purified from it through acceptance.”

from The Sacred Seven: A Course in Applied Modern Witchcraft

Healing Using Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft

I’ve received many requests for a “Healing with Hekate” article and workshop. I’m pleased to say that I have finally made this class available in three videos that you can find below.

Self-Healing and Being in Toxic Relationships

In the first part of the class, I provide a short intro on healing and how Modern Hekatean Witchcraft can be useful in self-healing work. For example, Hekate has many epithets well suited for healing. Hekate’s governance over the three energetic realms provides a framework for all personal development work, including healing. As an Under World Goddess, she welcomes the pain associated with our past trauma. In her Middle World role as Guide, she can help us cross over the threshold and begin a new. Finally, as Gatekeeper, she holds the keys to healing our minds in her Upper World aspect.

When our pain comes from the past, we often are in a place of physical safety in the present, although our psychological, spiritual and physical beings may be quite distressed. For those still in a dangerous situation or relationship, Hekate and witchcraft can help. Through binding, protection and self activation spells, those in difficult situations can find relief.

Watch the first part of the class, including the intro and suggestions for those currently in a toxic situation:

Practices, Techniques, Correspondences and Spells for Self-Healing

One thing I have noticed in healing stories from those who work with Hekate is that they have a daily practice. I do this as well. The practice can be as simple as lighting a candle or as complex as an all-out ritual, like my “An Evocation of Hekate Suitable for Any Rite.” In between is the daily reciting of texts, hymns, chants and prayers. An example is my “Witches’ Prayer to Hekate.” In this second part of the class, I talk about the “Witches’ Hour of Power” that includes daily practice, self-expression, magick and other activities to energize your healing work. Several different correspondences and spell recommendations are discussed, too.

Healing with Hekate: A Guided Journey

The final part of the class is a healing guided journey to receive a key of healing from Hekate.

I’m offering this class because it’s been my experience that those who would benefit the most are typically the least able to pay for it. I’ve been through horrific times in my life. Based on my own experiences and training in psychology and witchcraft, I offer up this class. I hope it benefits you. Many blessings on your healing journey.

PS – Laughter is part of healing, so you are encouraged to laugh at my less-than-perfect video skills and my ghost-induced sneezing fit. Our “house ghost” (Toby) is very curious and usually shows up whenever I’m trying to record an audio class or make a video! At least this time “Walk Like An Egyptian” didn’t start playing from upstairs. Sigh. I hope you’ll have a chuckle and learn some things to help you on your journey.

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