Three Simple Spells Using The Tarot and Herbs

Three Simple Spells Using The Tarot and Herbs May 1, 2018

I organize my witchery using the lunar cycle, so my thoughts turn to removing obstacles and protection workings during the waning moon. Here are three simple spells using the Tarot and herbs to clear your personal field for whatever you hope to grow in the coming months. One to improve communication skills, another to help boost psychic abilities and the third to remove resistance.

General Technique

Using Tarot cards as correspondences in spells is a great form of simple magick that looks easy on the surface but requires a sound knowledge of the meanings of the cards. These magickal cards have so many uses as energetic sources in workings. Like most things I do, I take the meanings of the cards (both standard and personal) and then apply them to the task at hand. This is a fantastic way to get to know the cards as individuals and to better understand the energy of the suits and the numbers.

For the Minor Arcana, the cards can be used as representations of their corresponding suits and numerical value. For example, if I was interested in lucid dreaming, I could start by selecting numbers appropriate to the spell. One is about beginnings while three can be used to represent the “3rd” eye. The Ace of Wands could be worked for to add fire energy to your fresh start. If you wanted to enhance your psychic abilities, you could use the 3 of Pentacles to strengthen the mystical skills you’ll be learning.

There are other cards you could add that are specifically linked to psychic abilities, like the High Priestess of the Magician. You could get even more precise with matching the exact nature of your undertaking with a Major Arcana card, such as the Moon for lucid dreaming. I like to have three correspondences in most spells, so if I was only using cards I would do something like this for dream work. This scenario blends traditional and personal interpretations of the cards.

Corresponding the Tarot to Herbs

The cards can be connected to herbs and other botanicals (plants, trees, etc.) through their common energies to strengthen a spell or can represent different energies (ingredients) of a working. Sticking with the psychic ability example, myrrh is associated with the Three’s and Pentacles with sage, so both would be added to the spell correspondences to augment the energy of the card.

Wands go with almond and one’s are associated with Lady’s Mantle (traditional) or mugwort can be used. The Moon also goes with mugwort. A blend can be made from the four ingredients (using dried ground almonds or almond bark) and then placed in a bag (a further enhancing through color magick by using an appropriate color, like blue for communication through dreams can also be added). Then the bag and cards placed under the pillow. An incantation activating all the properties involved can be added for more oomph.

Waning Moon Removal Simple Spells for Personal Development

For spring waning moon magick, the dominant energy is that of clearing the way for growth. I’ve selected three common issues for simple removal spells: communication problems, psychic development work and resistance to acceptance for healing work.

Spell to Remove Communication Problems

Card: Five of Cups
Botanicals: Ginger and Licorice Root

The Five of Cups is a reminder that anger, and disappointment are painful (but necessary) parts of our journey. However, (as you know) it is through heart ache that we often grow the most. The energy of the Five of Cups can help with letting go of these hurts to begin anew. Healing work, especially in repairing communication issues in your most important relationships and for thought work involving releasing harmful self-talk and ruminating on the past, is the focus of the spell.

Ginger is strongly associated with healing and represents the suit of Cups. Licorice Root is connected to Mercury, as such it is excellent at enhancing communication skills, particularly when it comes to speaking your truth, and getting the frog out of your throat. It can be linked to the Fives through a shared association with the planet Venus, lending energy to the relationship aspect of the spell. Ginger and licorice root can be combined and burned as an incense. Add a bit of mugwort to enhance the working. Mediate on ginger’s fiery energy to bring us out from the personal Under World since it is part of Hekate’s Garden.  Contemplate Mercury’s swift nature and trickery through the energy of licorice root.

Healing Ritual Bath

You can also blend a “potion” to use in spells for healing through communication using ginger and licorice root. Use about 2 tsp of ginger and 1 of licorice root in two cups boiled water. Add your other ingredients, such as hair of the people involved, a chunk of an appropriate stone and let steep in the energy of the waning moon to remove obstacles between you. To focus on personal healing from hurtful words or your own maladaptive thoughts, add this potion to a salt bath. The purifying and protective nature of ginger will soothe you body, mind and soul allowing the licorice root to work it’s magick at clearing blockages in communication and releasing harmful thought patterns. Meditate on the card while soaking.

Spell to Remove Barriers to Psychic Development

Card: Star
Botanical: Cloves

The Star is a great card for using in a spell to awaken your inner goddess, particularly for developing your psychic abilities and connections to all things. It’s also a card for rebirth, particularly through the Star’s healing energy. It’s also a card of peace and contentment, so it can be used to ensure a smooth path into mystical and spiritual studies.

Cloves can be worked with in their natural state (dried flower buds) or as essences (alcohol based) or essential oils. They are all about companionship and the return of the Goddess. They represent the Aquarian Age that we are just now embarking upon.

To make an incense: grind cloves, then add white sage leaves and lavender for a pleasant encounter with the Goddess of Fertility and Growth seeking her counsel for removing all blockages for your burgeoning mystical abilities. Carry cloves and The Star with you in a yellow bag to enhance psychic abilities in everyday situations.

Spell to Remove Resistance

Card: Chariot
Botanical: Olive

The Chariot arrives in a cloud of dust, reminding us not to let dirt get between us and the important things in life. However, She comes bearing success and triumph as well. The twofold energy of the Chariot for balancing feelings and thoughts can be applied to acceptance work as part of a healing journey.  Envision yourself as the Charioteer charging forward removing all resistance.  Use Charioteer energy to clear the smoke and lean into the problem at hand.

As the Charioteer, your work is to clear the way with grace and fortitude. Balance is in order. Olive brings us this by calming and protecting, thereby opening the way for us to see the situation in a new way and develop strategies that will truly lead to the outcomes we desire. For calming things down and bringing clarity, add lavender and mugwort and let soak under the waning moon for two nights to bring peace as you charge forward. Once ready, anoint yourself with the oil in the morning and evening at the points of the three selves (under belly button, at heart center and crown) while envisioning yourself as the Charioteer.

Develop Your Own Spells

These are three examples of the ways that the Tarot and botanicals can be combined as correspondences in a simple spell. I hope they inspire you to create your own workings. Research the cards and botanicals using reference books, but add your own interpretation as you feel comfortable. Llewellyin’s  Complete Book of Correspondences is a great resource.

I’ve written about using the Tarot for personal development work in other ways:

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For the above spells, I used the three cards drawn for the weekly Tarot Tuesday in the Keeping Her Keys community. Almost every week, I teach different ways the cards can be used and provide messages for personal growth. Then I add a “practice” with each card. These three simple spells are an example of the type of practice that is included.


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