Walking With The Spirits: Tips For Finding And Working With Spirit Guides

Walking With The Spirits: Tips For Finding And Working With Spirit Guides September 24, 2018

Spirits of all sorts have been my companions since I was a small child. When the autumn winds start to blow, the spirits dance with the leaves. They call to me louder now that the veil between our worlds is thin. Sometimes, these departed souls become close allies. I value my spirit guides, from the earth bound dead to my animal spirit companions. Based on the number of messages I’ve been receiving, I think they are calling to many of us as the darkness grows. Here’s a short introduction to all types of spirit guides, including a journey.

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Last night when I was out talking to the Full Moon, a movement in this distance caught my attention. A woman, clad in a 18th century clothing, all white, was walking up the road. My entire body was quaking. No mere illusion, she was the real deal. She walked on up the road, not at all interested in me. Not a new spirit guide. I breathed a sigh of relief. I’m full up on spirits of all kinds right now. That’s been my experience my entire life. Ghosts have always been part of my life as have all types of other spirit companions, from stones to my beloved witch ancestor guide, Doreen Valiente. Now that autumn is here, they’ll undoubtedly come calling in droves. I thought I’d write a bit about my experiences and offer some suggestions for walking with the dead.

I’m going to explore that later on this fall, but I thought talking about spirit guides in general would be a great introduction. These beings can take on many different forms – from human to animal to purely energetic. Whatever it is they are in the original form, how we perceive them as humans is filtered through our own personality and experiences. Spirit guides are a type of witch’s companion, although non-witches can have them, too. Spirit guides can be actually living beings of the animal, human, plant or even stone variety. The key characteristic of your relationship with a guide is that they support your magickal and spiritual work. I’m leaving gods and goddesses out of the discussion for now.  If a deity, particularly, Hekate, is calling you, read this. If you are seeking a new deity, especially Hekate, try this.

There are many different types of possible guides, including (but not limited to): Ancestors, Animals, Botanicals, Deities, Earth Bound Dead, Elementals, Entities (like Angels and Daemons), Plants, Spirits and Stones.

The Earth Bound Dead, often called ghosts, are more likely to come forward when the veil is thin. This can occur because of a personal relevance – like a birthday or event – or when the natural veil between worlds thins in the fall. Other humanoid spirit allies, such as ancestors and astral realm inhabitants, follow similar habits. When we need them or it’s easy to connect with us, they will present themselves.

The species of animal tends to vary based on the seasonal energy as well. Powerful Underworld creatures are more likely to come forward during autumn, like Owl. I’ve been having dreams about Moose for weeks. In the “there is no coincidences” stream, a friend messaged me today saying that she is dealing with Bull Moose as a new guide. Those marsh-dwelling giants are powerful allies for sure. I recommend Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak to help with animal spirit connections.

Plants that speak to us can become our magickal allies, as can stones. The specific form, or “container,” a guide comes to you in is often just the way they can communicate with you best. Of course, there are pure spirits, such as elements, that may bring messages but aren’t as likely to become companions. Angels and Daimons (Messengers and Spirits) may also connect with you. I’ve written about angels a couple of times before.

Spirits of the Land may also reach out, often with an animal companion. My Bull Moose came to me through my Mi’kmaq guide, both showing me the way forward through the emotional cleansing water energy of autumn.

I get loads of requests for help with Spirit Guides. Today when I sat down to write about the Earth Bound Dead, my guides felt that writing about them in general would be a good place to start. Sometimes, the article I sit down to write isn’t at all the one that comes out of my fingers.

I’ve been helping people connect, understand and work with Spirit Guides of all sorts for several years. They bring a richness to our lives that is difficult to explain until you’ve experienced it. Mine have led me on journeys to other worlds and to the deepest reaches of my inner temple.

Ways of Discovering Your Spirit Guide

Spirit Guides often attempt to communicate with us through signs and symbols. This is where our witch’s power of observation comes in handy. If you are actively seeking a spirit guide, set an intention to find one.

In addition to direct communication and sending symbols, there are other ways that A spirit guide chooses to connect with us. Often, it can just be a feeling we have that a certain type of spirit is watching over us. Although there are countless other ways that a spirit guide communicates with us, I’ve listed some of the more common ones below.


A spirit guide often speaks to us through symbols. Start looking around for unexpected examples. Be on the lookout for random things showing up in your life. Other signs often include spontaneous encounters that are totally out of keeping with what you’re doing. There will also be signs that are meaningful only to you.


Another way a spirit guide speaks to us is in our journeys. This is because our busy minds are quieted by sleep, allowing our established connection with a possible guide to flow more freely. While the guide may come to you as themselves in a journey, they may also use signs in journeys. They could even appear in a human form that’s quite unexpected. A spirit guide will take on whatever form is most appropriate for getting your attention. Keeping a journey journal is a good practice to establish. Through writing about your journeys, you will notice things like signs that you would otherwise miss. There’s a link to a written journey that you can use to connect with your guides at the end of this article.


Meditation leads to an opening between us and the energetic realms. In this altered consciousness, we are more open to receive direct messages from a spirit guide. These messages can be audible – like a whisper – or they can appear as written text on your mind’s eye. They may even appear to you and say things. Symbols may also appear during your meditations. However, you need to pace yourself. Meditating in the hope of receiving direct communication from a spirit guide too often is likely to be exhausting and ineffective.

Direct Messages

A spirit guide may directly communicate with you during magickal or spiritual activities. I want to mention one last type of direct communication, what I call the instant download. This happens when you are going about your regular life and suddenly a guide speaks to you. This can take the form of a vision, you can hear them speak, or a message may suddenly flash across your mind’s eye. When this happens, it can be quite startling. It can also be difficult to write about it immediately after since you are likely to be doing something else – like the laundry. Do your best to journal your experience as soon as you can. Automatic writing is another technique for receiving direct messages.


There are times when a spirit guide speaks to us through events in our lives. Another way they can speak to us through an event occurs when a scenario plays out that is so unusual that the entire situation seems to be a message from a spirit guide. For example, I know someone who unexpectedly altered her morning route because she was late. On this different way to work, she found a heart-shaped key with “you are loved” engraved on it. At the time she was going through a very difficult time in her personal life and was feeling quite unloved. No one came forward to claim the key. This is an example of an entire event being a message. Hekate became her guide and goddess.

Inner Knowing

There are times when we just know something. There’s no other explanation. For me, this often happens when I wake up in the morning. One way of looking at this is that it is our intuition talking, while another is that this is a message that flowed through our established energy channel with a spirit guide. It’s like when you look at someone and instantly know what they are thinking. Typically, the inner knowing accompanies one of the other types of messages, but there are times when we just know without any other evidence.

Spirit Guide Journey

Use this link to access a short guide with a written journey for connecting with a new spirit guide. I wrote this years ago and it’s been used by many who have successfully connected with a new guide.

Finding And Working With a Spirit Guide

I’m excited that fall has returned.  Look for my article on working with the Earth Bound Dead soon.

Come join us in The Witches’ Realm for all sorts of great free autumn courses, from necromancy to conquering your fears.

Yours in Witchery,


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