Supermoon Magick: What You Need To Know

Supermoon Magick: What You Need To Know December 29, 2018

Supermoons can provide an excellent source of energy for lunar witchery. Read on for what you need to know about supermoons and how to draw down their energy.

The moon is always super. Canstock photo.


The Difference Between Lunar Magic and Magick

Here’s a fact: drawing down the moon takes practice. Lunar magick is as real as the moon’s control of the tides, but needs to be controlled and directed for effective witchery. Here’s where I am going to draw the distinction between magic and magick since it is very applicable to the supermoon situation. Let’s talk about magic, which I define as the general energy that exists in all things, as the place where wishes reside. I have absolutely nothing against wishes, but when I cast a spell I want results. Wishes depend on all manner of natural coincidences for them to manifest. Magick on the other hand requires an intention that is supported by correspondences, spirits, and other forces to bring about a desired outcome.

Magic is everywhere, but we witches make magick.

Standing under a supermoon awaiting for that angelic portal to open up while thinking of your heart’s desire is magic. Drawing down that moon into a spell and then releasing it is magick. So much talk about supermoons is this vague sort of magic that is almost invariably a failure, except when it’s not. When the latter occurs, there’s a few things involved. First, lunar energy has a natural inclination to impact life on earth, from the tides to our moods. Second, random coincidence. Third, believing something is going to happen can motivate a person to do things to make it happen. To me, as a lifelong lover of the moon, this cavalier approach is defilement and makes witchcraft look ridiculous.

How Super Is A Supermoon?

Supermoons are a very real phenomenon that occur when the new or full moon occurs when the moon  is at the closest it can get to earth. A bit of science explaining this situation can be read here. The moon’s orbit around the earth is not a perfect circle, so there are times when she (no offense to anyone who sees the moon as masculine or otherwise not female) is closer. The full moon is the result of the position of the earth as we make our way around the sun combined with the position of the moon relative to where we are on earth. These are the facts. The new age fiction comes in with the claims about the rarity of supermoons. For example, early in 2019 there will be three of them. How super/rare is something that happens 3 times out of 13? All this hype reminds me of the typical new age trope that everyone is super special and deserves all the prizes, like we’re all in some sort of universal kindergarten where every child is the chosen one. Life doesn’t work like that, neither does witchcraft.

Supermoons can appear brighter than regular full moons. If they occur on the new moon (what we Hekatean Witches refer to as the Dark Moon), nothing is visible but the added boost is still there. The full moon and the dark moon offer similar opportunities for witchery, depending on your focus. Not surprisingly, there is very little mention of the dark/new moon as a supermoon. I think it’s because pictures of the black night sky aren’t the click-bait that photo shopped full moons are.

The energetic difference between a so-called supermoon and a regular full/new/dark one is small but not insignificant if a witch knows how to harness the extra force. Lunar eclipses occur when the sun, moon and earth are in alignment during the full moon when it is dark. A lunar eclipse may be happening in Europe, but not California, for example. The pictures at the end of this article highlights the areas impacted by eclipses.

Special Lunar Events and Witchcraft

Every lunar cycle has unique characteristics. If you are into astrology, the position of the moon within a certain sign can influence the type of energy available. I follow the traditional North American indigenous full moon symbolism, so each full moon has a specific energy that relates to my location and climate. For example, the Full Cold Moon in December 2018 fell within 24 hours of the Winter Solstice. This is an example of a very special lunar event that provided amazing energy for witchery. Read more about this truly super event here. The lore about the lunar cycle varies across cultures and traditions, so this is another important consideration.

The moon appears to be bigger at certain times, like during “supermoons” and at moonrise. I generally wait until the moon is high in the sky before drawing her down, but it is possible to capitalize on the energy of the optical illusion that makes us see the moon as larger when, in fact, she’s not. To me that’s more like stage magic than magick.

Drawing Down the Supermoon…Or Any Moon

The moon is like all the spirits we work with in witchcraft – it’s necessary to open ourselves up to the energy first and then we do the magick. This takes practice. The basic technique is to open your energy fields in a protected energetic space like a circle if you are new to this or for other reason’s such as having other people nearby or if you are feeling weak, while standing under the supermoon or any moon. Let the moonlight bathe you until you can feel it permeate your being. Then draw her down using your mind, words, and actions. An incantation helps to direct the lunar energy and your focus. Envision the moon’s energy pouring into a vessel such as a cauldron or your hands. Add a prepared spell supported by correspondences and you have created your own supermoon. Pull that lunar energy into the awaiting herbs, stones, bones and other objects, then blend them together with your spoken words of power. Once combined, release this super spell into the direction it needs to go. Magick is the willful manipulation of lunar energy and other forces.

Making Supermoon (Or Any Moon) Water

take 2 cups of living water (bottled spring water will work) and place in a clean and clear glass gar (like a mason jar). Add clear quartz and/or moonstone to increase potency. Lunar herbs, such as lavender, can also be added. Place in direct moonlight during the desired phase. For example, a full supermoon with an eclipse (results will be weaker with a partial eclipse, consult your local eclipse schedule) during the winter will yield charged water great for “cooling” witchery, especially for clarity and revelations. Charge without the lid if possible, for at least 48 hours. Wrapped in dark cloth and then place in the back of the fridge, this water will keep for months. Use for scrying in a black bowl on the next new moon among 1000s of other types of witchery.

Each part of the lunar cycle is super in my experience. Canstock photo


Using the Supermoon (Or Any Moon) to Cleanse and Activate Stones and More

The Supermoon provides some added energy that can be helpful if you are new to drawing down the lunar currents and to give spells a real boost. The fact is that for this to work, we need to actively direct it. This can be for spells, cleansing and charging water, stones and other objects, or purification of our personal energy. There’s many, many ways to work with the moon for truly effective witchery. That’s a fact.

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