Supermoons and Magick

Supermoons and Magick December 29, 2018

Supermoons can provide an excellent source of energy for lunar witchery. Read on for what you need to know about supermoons and moon magick.

I am in love with the moon. I talk to her, send her my fears, tell her about my victories. She is as dear to me as any life-long companion should be. Perhaps this is why I can get irritated when I perceive that others are trivializing or vandalizing my beloved companion. There’s a lot written about supermoons. In the article below I talk about them in general and offer tips for harnessing the power of my beloved moon.

The Difference Between Lunar Magic and Magick

Lunar magick is as real as the moon’s control of the tides, but needs to be controlled and directed for effective witchcraft. Here’s where I am going to draw the distinction between magic and magick since it is very applicable to the supermoon situation. Let’s talk about magic, which I define as the general energy that exists in all things, as the place where wishes reside. I have absolutely nothing against wishes, but when I cast a spell I want results. Wishes depend on all manner of natural coincidences for them to manifest, and the general will of the universe bending in our favor. I thoroughly enjoy making moon-wishes.

Magick on the other hand requires an intention that can be supported by correspondences, spirits, and other forces to bring about a desired outcome. These are very different activities.

Standing under a supermoon awaiting for that angelic portal to open up while thinking of your heart’s desire is magic. Drawing down that moon into a spell and then releasing it is magick.

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