Witch Bottle Spell

Witch Bottle Spell January 11, 2019

Witch bottles are one of my favorite spell techniques. When I wanted to cast a spell of protection, growth, and success, I knew that’s what I wanted to create. In this article, I go over the process of making a witch bottle spell step-by-step. Magick is as real as the spells we cast. A well-constructed spell is worth the effort.

Someone recently asked me if it was true that a spell wouldn’t work unless divination was performed immediately before casting. Nonsense. There’s so much other false information out there about casting spells that I thought I would write about one of my tried-and-true methods: a witch bottle spell with an animal spirit ally. Since I recently cast a spell of protection, growth, and success for all things associated with Keeping Her Keys, it seems sensible to plunk the spell right into this article. Spells work best when they are embedded within the things being bewitched.

When I have important witchery to do, I usually create a witch bottle containing a spell combining different spirits with a powerhouse incantation. I love merging all the energies together and then watching the jar do its thing over the coming months.

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About Cyndi
Cyndi Brannen is a witch and spiritual teacher, a trained energetic healer, psychic and herbalist. Merging together her training in shamanism, Tarot, past life work, meditation and psychology, she teaches and writes about better living through witchcraft. Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft explores Hekate from her ancient origins to modern understanding through magic and personal development is available now for pre-order from Moon Books. True Magic: Unleashing Your Inner Witch uses the magic of the elements and the three realms to activate your true witch powers and will be available later in 2019 from Moon as well. Connect with her on Facebook or at keepingherkeys.com to learn more about her teaching and writing. Cyndi lives in rural coastal Nova Scotia with her two sons where she can often be found wandering the cliffs or wild foraging plants. She lives what she teaches: fierce love, emotional courage and true magic. You can read more about the author here.
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