Witchcraft Is My Medicine

Witchcraft Is My Medicine October 26, 2019

Witchcraft is the medicine that heals the spirit and nourishes the soul for those who walk this crooked path. It’s not found in a pill or in a ball of light, but in the pungent scent of herbs, the wild energy of the natural world, and under the pale moonlight. For centuries, our true medicine has been robbed by others who sought to silence us. Now the time has come to reclaim our medicine.

The word “medicine” comes from the Latin meaning remedy and the art of healing. To the ancients, medicine was holistic rather than the reductionist approach of our modern mainstream healthcare system. Traditional systems of healing around the world treat the whole person, including their spirit when there is dis-ease. Witchcraft does this for me.

The Wickedness Of Treating People As Parts And Pieces

True medicine views each person as unique, and treatments are devised based on this rather than generalized patterns. This poses two questions. First, how is it that we ended up with a system of medicine that treats people are parts and pieces rather than whole beings. Second, how could it be that witchcraft has been separated from medicine? Witchcraft is inherently about healing, not only for troubling symptoms, but to nourish the spirit.

False Medicine

Addressing my first question, it’s been a long, complicated road that led to the current situation. Our society is suffering more and more, with ever increasing pharmaceuticals being forced down our throats. While this sort of medicine can be necessary at times, it rarely treats the underlying spiritual ailments that give birth to their corporeal symptoms. Children who may be undergoing an awakening of their psychic abilities are force fed drugs that may forever harm them. Adults who are in the grips of sadness are often denied comfort, instead given pills. While there are many well-intentioned professionals in mainstream healthcare and effective treatments, the mechanism driving the whole system is profit, in particular that of pharmaceutical corporations. How can such a system be truly healing?

Silencing The True Healers

The answer to my second question cannot be untangled from the first one I posed. When the patriarchy took hold, the prime objective was to silence the healers who refused to conform. The long road from pharmakeia being the holistic practice of herbalism to what we know think of when we hear “pharma,” began when the medicine was taken away from the healers by the men of power.

The Return Of Witchcraft Medicine

The return of witchcraft, and the closely related rise of holistic medicine, demonstrates that people know that the current approach to healthcare fails us in many ways. The world is evolving, and witches and other healers, are leading the return of the true medicine. Of course, the true medicine never disappeared. It was being practiced all along by witches and other healers, who learned to practice outside of the glare of the watchful eyes of the powerful. We also learned to adapt the useful parts of their medicine for our healing.

Desperate For True Medicine

We are desperate for the true medicine that witchcraft can offer. This is why so many horribly damaged people turn to witchcraft for help. It’s why my inbox is full of those in need of healing. If you are suffering, know that witchcraft, the true kind that draws you inward to heal the shadow and retrieve the soul, may be your cure.

This is not the pseudo healing offered by a pill, nor is it found in a ball of white light. The only way out of hell is through it. Excessive clinging to the light not only avoids the darkness where healing resides but can burn us to ash.

The Healing Power Of The Shadow

Our personal underworld journey is where we find healing and from which we are reborn into our unique power. None of this is easy. Our journey will be unique. What works for another may not for you. We often have to keep trying different treatments – from crystals to past-life regressions – to find the medicine that works for us. There is great beauty in this journey.

We Practice Wild Medicine

Our minds have been deceived by the powers that be into believing that we must “cure” our uniqueness. Of ways of experiencing the world have long been feared by those in power. We have always been the wild ones they sought to control. No wonder that their medicine rarely works on us. Witches are different, right down to our DNA. Whenever we attempt to conform to their ways, we will get horribly sick, in mind, body and spirit. Our medicine is found in the darkness. It is the poison that heals, and the power of the natural world. This medicine isn’t found in the halls of corporations, but by returning to Hekate’s Garden where the keys to our healing are found.

Witchcraft Heals The Spirit And Nourishes The Soul

Witchcraft heals the spirit, nourishes so that those who find their truth in it can become powerful, and calls many of us to be healers of mind, body and spirit. That is true medicine.

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