How’s Your Bible Reading Going? A Mid-Year Check-up

How’s Your Bible Reading Going? A Mid-Year Check-up June 16, 2018

Swipe. Nine days behind schedule.

My current status

Thanks, Youversion.

Have you ever seen an icon appear at the top left corner of your phone and feel the urge to swipe? Maybe it’s just Remind 101 or your calendar. Or maybe it’s your Bible app acting as the “good angel” on your shoulder. But you. . .


Not every day, of course. I am the one who set this program up, so I can’t really be upset when it tells me I’ve fallen behind. More than an aggravating reminder to get with the program, this app serves to help me reach my goal of reading through the Bible in a year.

Have you ever tried doing that? Several plans organize biblical content in such a way to allow readers to read about 15 minutes a day. If they read daily, they’ll finish the Bible in one year. But it’s ok to finish in 15 months, or 18. Or even two years. Because such an exercise was never meant to be a legalistic guilt trip. Just a tool to help people read the Word of God.

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