Read This Book: A Hero for Miss Hatherleigh

Read This Book: A Hero for Miss Hatherleigh April 25, 2019

Plot Summary

She’s a little snotty at first, taken with her own consequence. Caroline Hatherleigh is a viscount’s daughter, after all, a lady of the English ton during the Regency era. Visiting the Devonshire coastal area, she meets a young lady somewhat lower on the social ladder. But this generous, friendly woman, Emma Kirby, shines with a serenity Caroline cannot understand. Captivated by Emma’s peacefulness, Caroline is drawn into friendship with her. Emma’s husband, Gideon, is a paleontologist eager to explore the shoreline caves, seeking a unique fossil that will catapult his science, and his reputation, to the next level.

But Caroline discovers quickly, and to her relief, that Gideon is, in reality, Emma’s brother. Though he is determined to keep Emma safe by playing that role, it has begun to chafe—Caroline has caught his eye and possibly his heart. They do let Caroline in on the secret, and in her growing affection for both Kirbys, she begins to shuffle off her snobbish attitude. Discovering the faith that keeps Emma serene in the face of danger dramatically changes her. And when threats to Gideon overlap with Emma’s old perils, Caroline learns what true friendship and love look like.

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