Read This Book: The Memory House by Rachel Hauck

Read This Book: The Memory House by Rachel Hauck April 7, 2019

Rachel Hauck has mastered a unique storytelling technique: connecting parallel plots from different time periods into one meaningful tale sure to pull at your heartstrings. Her latest release, The Memory House, showcases her ever-blossoming talent.

Combining drama, romance, faith, and sometimes mystery, Hauck continues to delight her fans and attract new readers. It’s hard to write a clean romance that still communicates the zing between partners. It’s even harder to include a realistic faith element in such stories. But much like Denise Hunter (one of my faves!), Hauck has become a best-selling author producing a steady stream of beloved stories.

So what’s The Memory House about? It follows two couples. The first character we meet is Beck, a NYC policewoman who lost her father in the 9/11 North Tower collapse. She also lost all memories associated with him. Which is why she can’t remember Bruno, the struggling sports agent who apparently grew up down the street from her when they lived in Florida as children. When Beck takes a leave of absence to investigate why she’s been named the beneficiary of an old house in that Florida town, she and Bruno renew their acquaintance and discover things that will change their lives. Their story is really sweet.

The second couple we meet lived in the 1950s. Everleigh Applegate suffers great tragedy early on, leading to her quiet, steady, boring life with her widowed mother. Only when a handsome, engaging friend from high school comes back to town does she begin to wonder if she can break free from old pains, habits… and secrets. Her story is really powerful.

How these lives intersect and intertwine will keep readers turning pages and rooting for reconciliation, truth, and true love. Just released in early April, it’s available wherever books are sold. Grab you a copy! Or download… or win a copy of your own through the contest below. Good luck!

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