Read This Book: ‘Little Mole Finds Hope’

Read This Book: ‘Little Mole Finds Hope’ February 4, 2020

book-coverWhen my children were small, I was able to stay home with them. As much for my sanity as their enjoyment, we visited the tiny library in our tiny town every Monday morning for children’s hour. Ms. Jan, the ancient librarian, was a wizard with kids. She knew which books would keep their attention and which authors wrote quality content. She thought up and supplied creative crafts every week to go along with her theme. And she could keep a circle full of toddlers in line with one look.

Those were the days. I learned more about children’s books from her than my kids did. Mo Willem, Dr. Seuss, Eric Carle, Margaret Wise … Duck for President, Piggie and Elephant, Ferdinand, Mama Llama and all her drama … we met so many fun, funny, wise, thoughtful characters. I wish Glenys Nellist had been writing when my kids were younger. Her “Little Mole” would have fit right in.

A glimpse inside.

Though she’s been writing since at least 2014, Nellist is only now introducing us to Little Mole. In her brand-new release, Little Mole Finds Hope, we meet a cute but depressed young mole. (The illustrations by Sally Garland make him jump off the pages.) When Little Mole is feeling sad in his dark, underground home, his mother shows him how to look for hope. He finds that signs of spring are everywhere, from the daffodil bulbs under the soil to the tiny buds on the branches above.

Originally I thought this book had potential, but you never know exactly how a book will turn out until you have it in your hands. And I am so impressed with Little Mole Finds Hope! The message, the wording, the illustrations . . . they all work together to create a beautiful story that will remind kids and adults who may be hurting that there’s always hope. Learn the signs, be ready to look for them, and believe what they tell you. It’s a great fit for counselors’ offices, school libraries, Sunday schools, and of course your own home collection.





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