Faith & Politics: Three book recommendations for Election Day

Faith & Politics: Three book recommendations for Election Day June 1, 2020

Politics permeates the trainwreck that is 2020. But with the glut of coronavirus coverage, economic repercussions, and recently-inflamed racial tensions currently occupying headlines and heart space, perhaps Election Day isn’t quite on your radar yet. (Or maybe you wish for time-travel so it could arrive tomorrow.) Regardless, November 3rd awaits Americans as assuredly as my dogs’ whining for dinner at 5 p.m. daily. Barring the Lord’s intervention, it will happen. Are we prepared for it?

Current events demand that we prepare now for our presidential vote in the fall. Yes, now. October surprises (those bizarre twists and “shocking” revelations that often appear just before Election Day) love to change the campaign narrative. But savvy voters will have already made up their minds. To help us become more savvy, less prone to deceit, and more informed, thoughtful, and rational about our electoral choices, I’ve decided to risk my life recommend to you three short books. I promise you have time to read them all before even your mail-in ballot deadline.

The authors of these books speak directly to Christ-following Americans of all denominations. In unique ways, each with a different focus, they guide their readers to think broadly, holistically, and intentionally about why they are voting for whom. What issues should be important and/or critical (bottom-line) to believers when we punch that ballot? How do we choose morally, ethically, faithfully, especially if we feel torn between “the lesser of two evils” or stuck on one non-negotiable issue? These authors are not interested in driving us to vote for a certain party or candidate, but rather in helping us understand what’s driving us to ally ourselves with one or the other.

The subtitles clarify each book’s particular intent. I’ll list them in reverse order of availability.

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