Trump Choked Tonight

Trump Choked Tonight September 26, 2016

2016FirstPresidentDebateIn this year’s campaign for the U.S. presidency, Republican nominee Donald Trump has constantly boasted about his ability to compete everywhere in the business world, on the golf course, and now in this presidential run even though he has no political experience whatsoever–zero. But he turned out to be sort of a zero tonight, a big bag of wind in the first of three scheduled debates with the Democratic nominee–former First Lady, New York Senator, and Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton.

Frankly, The Donald just plain choked. Even from the get go, he had a mean look on his face. But his TV reality fans and voters would say it was just a serious frown. He continued with that scowl for the whole hour-and-a-half debate. In contrast, Hilary looked bright and cheerful, and she smiled many times. Trump couldn’t have cracked a smile if the debate moderator Lester Holt would have given him a Mulligan, which he sure needed.

Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump were cruising about even stephen tonight for about the first twenty minutes as they sparred for the crown jewel of becoming president of the USA. But then Hilary kept going strong as the capable debater, for which she is known, spouting out lots of solid answers to Lester Holt’s questions while Trump was just thumping along with his usual rhetoric that was light on specifics, for which he is known.

Then Clinton turned up the heat and The Donald went into what can only be deemed as a serious meltdown. He didn’t start to sweat like Tricky Dick Nixon did at the first presidential debate against Jack Kennedy, but he was heading that way. By the end of the debate, the Trumpster needed to get on his cell phone and call for Santa Claus and his reindeer to rescue him from the attacking lady dressed in a bright red pants suit while sporting matching red lipstick and a victory smile that reached from ear-to-ear. The Trumpet, having a withdrawn look on his face that signaled despair, was suffering from some kind of inflammation and needed to be iced down. Only a benevolent savior from the North Pole could have cooled him down.

Donald Trump reached into his bag of tricks that had worked by “stirring up the crazies” on the campaign trail, as Republican Senator John McCain said early this year. But The Donald could pull out nothing new, just beating the same old drum of defending his birther certificate accusation of President Obama, accusing him of not being born in the U.S. and therefore an illegal president. Hilary charged at him, alleging that that helped a lot to put the Trumpet on the stage tonight.

Then Trump kept on about his lie that he had said before the Iraq War that the U.S. shouldn’t do it. Yet every fact check organization that has been following these candidates’ every word has declared Trump a complete liar on this point. Trump then hammered away for way too long, saying he had conversations with Fox News lead anchor Sean Hannity in which he said this. He said, “call Hannity” for verification. Yeah, sure.

Then Mrs. Clinton brought up the subject of the supposed billionaire’s reluctance to make public his tax returns. She said all U.S. presidential candidates for the past forty years had done that. Why not him? Donald, what are you trying to hide? Your claim that you can’t do it while being audited has been shown by top IRS people to be quite incorrect.

Trump said he would reveal his tax returns if Clinton would make public the 30,000 emails she deleted. But those emails are likely gone, and Trump’s tax returns are not. Hilary also has admitted repeatedly that she was wrong to have used her private cell phone for government business. And the Justice Department and FBI have exonerated her of any crime.

Donald Trump, during this political campaign, has been calling several of his opponents liars, such as “Lying Ted” for Ted Cruz, and “Crooked Hilary” for Hilary Clinton. But the fact checker organizations have proved that Donald Trump is the biggest liar of all. PolitiFact announced that Donald Trump lied much more in 2015 than any of the other candidates.

Then The Donald accused Hilary of low energy, like he did of Jeb Bush, indicating that she was not physically qualified to take on the difficult responsibilities of the toughest job in the world. But the lady in red fired back, saying he could talk to her about that after he had visited 120 countries throughout the world, conducting important government business with heads of state as she had done while Secretary of State. Chalk up another point for the blond lady in flaming red. I wonder if she wore red for the same reason that Tiger Woods always did that on Sunday.

Hilary pressed Donald on his very troublesome statements he has made during this campaign about nuclear weapons, saying he didn’t care if there was nuclear weapons proliferation and that some countries needed to get them. Folks, that is so alarming to me. It makes me think of the film “Dr. Strangelove.” We don’t need such a narcissistic egomaniac in the White House with his finger on the nuclear button.

While The Donald was continuing his bleeding nosedive with blond mop intact, he blatantly expounded, “My best quality [to be the U.S. president, obviously] is my temperament.” Really! As Hilary later said, “Donald, you live in your own reality world.” Gocha! That was after she reminded him how he had gone off on woman multiple times, calling them “pigs” and such. Many media reporters have been accusing Trump, who used to own The Miss America Pageant, of being a misogynist.

I think Hilary Clinton is now leading this series of three debates by a wide margin. Immediately afterwards, the television political pundits were even discussing the possibility that because Donald Trump would surely know that he had soundly lost this round, he might throw in the towel and cancel his commitment to debates the next two and final rounds. Wow! Do you really think that is possible. That would go so against The Donald’s many statements of bravado, saying he is such a champ in the clutch. He verifies this by saying he has won several golf club championships. Oh, isn’t that a wonderful credential for getting into the world’s most elite clubhouse. If The Donald stays the course, he better bring his big artillery next time. His momentum of late just got stopped in its tracks tonight. So much for his baggadocio on the links and everywhere else. Surely the billionaire turned TV reality star is not going to give up. The Donald is chokin’ like a dog.


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