Comments about my Blog in the Past Three Days

Comments about my Blog in the Past Three Days August 31, 2017

The following are comments written in the past three days about one or more of the now over 100 Christology (and some anti-Trinitarian) posts on my Kermit Zarley Blog hosted at

Sam Andrew wrote:

“Good Summary, I’ve enjoyed many of your articles, but found this one particularly good, the Shema is the very crux of Judaism as you point out, without it the whole thing becomes just another local/ethnic god. Having been raised between Jewish and Christian grandparents I heard the arguments from both sides about the trinity, and as you point out here there is only one view point that is clear an[d] unambiguous to the text. It’s so unfortunate more Christians don’t think about this key issue, and those that do twist themselves in knots trying to prove the Trinity doctrine they inherited rather than applying that intellect to better things and letting the text and the context of the texts speak for itself.”

Luke Jones wrote:

“It seems very clear once my eyes were open to it. I was simply raised to believe Jesus was God, although if I came with fresh eyes, I am not sure I would have arrived there. It seems most churches and church leaders have invented a NEED for Yeshua to be God, as if his sinless sacrifice wasn’t enough. What follows is that anyone who does not say “Jesus is God in the flesh” is in a cult (although I have never seen the phrase in my bible.) I am then made to feel afraid or ashamed for thinking Yeshua was a man, only a man.

But Yeshua never claimed to be God. He denied being God several times. [E.g., John 5.19-46 and 10.34-38]

Paul is very careful to NEVER use “theos/God” when referring to Jesus. He is called a man several times in Acts and Romans, and at least once in some other epistles. Why don’t we take Paul for his word? Jesus was a man, appointed by God.

Now I see far more meaning to his baptism, his anointing with the Holy Spirit, his role as High Priest, his submission to God’s will, his suffering for his friends, the hope of his resurrection (as certainly as he, a man, was raised, so too I, if I have faith and obey, will be raised!) He is an example I can relate to, not some mystery I will never comprehend!

Thank you for writing, Kermit Zarley. May YHWH bless you and your readers.”

Saffiregal wrote,

“There are so many scriptures as proof the Trinity does not exist. The New Testament also known as the Christian scriptures, one example is in the passage of John 17 where Christ prays to the Father. Christ is one with God the Father as are all his faithful believer’s. The entire book of John is often quoted by Trinitarians as proof that Jesus is God when it in fact disproves the claim.
“Thank for this site in searching for bible truth.”

To see a list of titles of 130+ posts (2-3 pages) that are about Jesus not being God in the Bible, with a few about God not being a Trinity, at Kermit Zarley Blog click “Chistology” in the header bar. Most are condensations of my book, The Restitution of Jesus Christ. See my website, which is all about this book,  with reviews, etc. Learn about my books and purchase them at I was a Trinitarian for 22 years before reading myself out of it in the Bible.

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