Is Donald Trump Mentally Ill?

Is Donald Trump Mentally Ill? November 29, 2017

DonaldTrumpHeadshotHe certainly needs psychotherapy or at least some form of regular, cognitive therapy. The main reason is that Donald Trump suffers from a obvious, extreme narcissism. But the other reason is that he creates his own reality by constantly lying. Ever since Donald Trump became the Republican nominee for president until now, fact checkers have been pointing this out by comparing Trump’s public statements with historical facts. Since he has been president, these fact checkers generally agree that Donald Trump has told about five lies per day. Plus, The Donald tells lies, changes and admits the truth, then reverts back to his lies. It’s happening right now.

If readers are familiar with what’s going on with the U.S. presidency, I don’t need to inform you of this stuff. Five years ago, long before Donald Trump decided to try to become president of the USA, he started publicly saying, and repeatedly so, that then U.S. President Barack Obama was illegally our president because he was not born in this country. Thus, Trump claimed that Obama’s Hawaii birth certificate was a forgery.

I live in Arizona. For many years we had a very testy sheriff of our very large Maricopa County named Joe Arpaio. He constantly defied federal government laws about profiling. The federal government then brought suit against him and it cost taxpayers dearly for him to defend himself. This year the judge found Arpaio guilty. But before the judge could declare sentencing, President Trump pardoned Arpaio. Why? Arpaio was a big supporter of Trump for president. In fact, just because of that Sheriff Joe had created a funded organization to investigate President Obama’s status as a natural-born U.S. citizen. Like Trump, Sheriff Joe claimed Obama’s birth certificate was forged.

Last year, shortly before the election, Donald Trump–reportedly at the insistence of his political advisors–publicly stated that Barack Obama was born in the USA. His constant allegation that Obama was not a natural-born citizen, thus illegally our president, had been an important plank in his platform for president. Our Senator John McCain said it helped “stir up the crazies” when Trump campaigned for president here in Arizona, which he did seven times. Arizona is the most politically conservative and far-right state in the union.

Now, it has come out this week that President Trump reportedly has been saying to many people privately, including in closed White House meetings and as reported anonymously by a U.S senator, that Barack Obama was not born in the USA and therefore does not have a legitimate birth certificate.

Donald Trump won the most electoral college votes to become president but lost the general election by over three million votes. Yet, without furnishing any evidence, he alleged that he won the general vote as well and claimed millions of fraudulent votes tipped the scale in Hilary’s favor. But all state voting officials admitted there was no such evidence for that in their states.

And at President Trump’s inauguration, he claimed it was attended by “millions,” which wasn’t even close to the truth. To state it diplomatically, Donald Trump creates his own reality; to put it truthfully, Donald Trump is a great big liar.

This week, President Trump again publicly called North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un “rocket man” and asserted he is “a sick puppy.” That latter is the pot calling the kettle black.

Donald Trump is a conspiracy theorist. He reportedly watches and listens to conspiracy theorists on television and other mediums. Every once in a while, Trump publicly espouses some conspiracy theory. Agreeing with the Obama birther movement is evidence of it.

These facts about Donald Trump are characteristics of mental illness. The American Psychiatric Association says “mental illness refers collectively to all diagnosable mental disorders–health conditions involving significant changes in thinking, emotion and/or behavior [and] distress and/or problems functioning in social, work or family activities.” It says “nearly one in five (19%) of U.S. adults experience some form of mental illness.” It further informs, “While mental illness can occur at any age, three-fourths of all mental illness begins by age 24. Mental illnesses take many forms. Some are fairly mild and only interfere in limited ways with daily life, such as certain phobias (abnormal fears).” This latter may be why Donald Trump is a conspiracy theorist.

When the Hollywood Access tape was shown on television last year, wherein Donald Trump said salacious things about his unsolicited groping of women, I thought he was history and could not possibly win the presidency. How wrong I was. What happened was that so many voters were willing to overlook Trump’s bad character as well as the twelve dozen women who publicly told their story of how Donald Trump, without their approval, aggressively touched their private parts and/or French kissed them. Some of these women say it happened when Trump was married to his current wife Melania. One time she was pregnant with their son.

Last year, President Trump admitted the Hollywood Access tape was legitimate, that he said those things. But now, he claims that tape is fake so that he did not say those things when he got off that bus.

Why did Donald Trump get elected despite such unsavory things about him? So many voters wanted a change in Washington. D.C. Many of them cared only about their hope that Trump would “bring back jobs.” Other voters, including many evangelicals, cared more about their cultural mores than Trump’s character. They are still fighting culture wars that they lost many years ago.

Donald Trump is a dirtbag who became U.S. president. He also is mentally ill. Somewhat mentally ill people can still go on functioning satisfactorily in life. But I don’t think a mentally ill person is fit to have the most important job in the world in which he could drastically affect the whole world due to nuclear weapons. God help us!



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