Trump Doesn’t Believe His Intelligence Agencies about Russia Meddling

Trump Doesn’t Believe His Intelligence Agencies about Russia Meddling February 14, 2018

U.S. President Donald Trump has claimed that there was no Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, which he won. As I’ve posted before, how does he know that? He’s no intelligence expert. And I would argue that he’s not nearly as intelligent as he claims to be. He most certainly is seriously lacking in wisdom, largely due to being a classic narcissist. That alone makes him mentally deficient to be the leader of the free world. Moreover, I have repeatedly posted that I do not believe Donald Trump really believes in our democratic system. Evidence for this is that he constantly trashes our news media as “fake news.” If he had his way, he would seriously suppress our fundamental freedom of the press. Trump is for Trump, not really for Making America Great Again.

Yesterday, all three heads of the main agencies of the U.S. government’s intelligence community testified before a Senate panel that Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election and that they are, and will be, meddling again in our 2018 federal mid-term elections. Yet friends of President Trump claim that he afterwards still believes that there was no such Russian meddling and there still isn’t. Trump had claimed months ago that Russian President Vladimir Putin denies that his government had anything to do with such Russian interference in our democratic election process. That is correct–Putin has denied it. And Trump said since Putin has denied it, he should be believed.

Yeah, sure! That’s just like President Trump saying we should believe president top aid Rob Porter denying his two ex-wives claiming publicly that he physically beat them during their marriages, even one of them showing a picture of her with a big black eye. Porter adamantly denied it, yet days later resigned. Trump then defended Porter and refused to acknowledge the complaints of Porter’s two ex-wives. As with Putin, Trump said “he said he didn’t do it. We have to remember that,” as if we have to believe it as if neither Putin nor Porter are lying. That is the epitome of a liar: one who not only constantly lies but denies certain others lie when the evidence clearly shows otherwise.

Donald Trump is seriously lacking in honesty. And because of this he is not a person who should be believed about such things, if much of anything. As I have posted before, his word isn’t worth two cents. Because of this alone, Trump is a disgrace as our president.

Ever since Donald Trump has been president, which is just over a year now, he has constantly alleged that the FBI’s investigation conducted, first head by James Comey (FBI Director whom he fired), and now special counsel Robert Mueller, into whether or not Russian government operatives tried to influence our 2016 presidential election is “a witch hunt” and “a hoax.” Trump has constantly used these very words to describe it. Again, how does Trump know that? The man is full of baloney! Anyone who believes that, in my opinion, is deluded. Trump doesn’t know what the heck he is talking. Or, on the other hand, he certainly does know and is lying about it–that he colluded with the Russians to try to win the election. That is what Mueller is now trying to find out.

President Trump reportedly refuses to believe Russians meddled in the 2016 election because, if they did, he says people could allege that that caused him to win the election. But these U.S. intelligence agencies, while claiming the Russians meddled, have never concluded that that caused Trump to win the election. Moreover, if they did claim this, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to prove such a thing.

I do not believe a sane person would take the risk President Trump has in obstructing justice regarding Mueller’s investigation just to stoke his own oversized, unhealthy ego about winning the election fair and square. Rather, he is taking such risk because he has done something he desperately doesn’t want Americans to know.

As President Trump repeatedly makes such claims about Mueller’s investigation, and firing people involved in it, he continually risks obstruction of justice which is a federal crime for which he could go to prison. Remember, President Nixon lied about the silly Watergate break-in at the Democratic headquarters, and then he obstructed justice about it. Then he was caught red-handed talking about his coverup to staff members in the oval office due to the Butterfield taping system of the White House. The House of Representatives later began impeachment proceedings, and Nixon resigned. Gerald Ford then automatically became president. He immediately pardoned Nixon. That was a very controversial decision for American voters. If Ford had not made this pardon, Nixon would have been imprisoned.

If Trump really does know the Russians meddled in our election because he was involved with them in collusion, will Mueller ever be able to prove it? And if he can, what will Congress do since both branches have a Republican majority, which was not the case during Nixon’s presidency? And if so, Trump may have to face our court system. And if Trump fires Rod Rosenstein, deputy attorney general, this could be Watergate all over again, only much worse. I think it’s obvious that President Trump is hiding something. What is he trying to hide? So far, I think it is more plausible than not that he is hiding his own collusion with the Russians in last year’s election. I’m open to believing otherwise, but so far that’s where I think the evidence is leading. This could get very ugly for America.

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