Trump’s Mid-East Peace Plan Map

Trump’s Mid-East Peace Plan Map January 28, 2020





















In my last blog post, which is about Trump’s Mid-East peace plan announced today, I did not see the proposed map that goes with this plan until minutes after I posted that. President Trump had claimed in his announcement, today, that his plan “doubles” the land for Palestinians for their future state he proposes compared to how much land they now control. I did not know what that entailed until I saw the above map.

Even though I don’t agree with this unilateral approach by Trump, which highly favors Israel, I think this could be a game changer that eventually could benefit Palestinians as well. For me, this is significant that I would say something positive like this about President Donald Trump since I have posted negatively about his presidency about 150 times on my blog.

I was surprised to see that Trump referred to land he suggests for the Palestinians, which includes two swaths located southeast of the Gaza Strip along the border between Israel and Egypt that is in present Israel, thus in the Negev wilderness. These two portions of land are within the territory I suggest as a Palestinian state in my book, Palestine Is Coming: The Revival of Ancient Philistia, published thirty years ago. So, I now view these two land swaths in the map of Trump’s peace plan as starters for a more encompassing territory wherein I believe the eventual Palestinian state will be established.

This Trump plan represents one more event out of many that have transpired in the past thirty years since my book was published that move in the direction I lay out in the book. It is based on my interpretations of ten prophecies in the Jewish Bible (Old Testament), starting with Isaiah 11.14. But it seems people have a difficult time with this text because they don’t understand the context of the entire chapter of Isaiah 11.

Hardly anyone has ever agreed with what I predict in my book is going to happen. The naysayers only say something like “that can’t happen.” Then they give all manner of reasons that have nothing to do with the Bible. But the amazing thing is that no one has ever engaged with me concerning the biblical texts. It just shows that even for people who say they believe in the Bible, they often don’t. They just remain quiet and ignore it.

(Half of my book, the part that matters, is now available for free reading online at my website by clicking here.)

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