Doctor Trump!

Doctor Trump! April 24, 2020

President Donald Trump’s reactions to this COVID-19 pandemic that the world is suffering is proving what I’ve been saying many times in my blog posts since he began running for president, that he is so unqualified for the task. Just consider his public comments today.

Just hours before President Trump spoke publicly yesterday, the EPA warned Americans concerning COVID-19, “do not ingest disinfectant products.” Yet President Trump then went before reporters in a media briefing that was nationally televised and said of the virus, “I see the disinfectant that knocks it out in a minute, one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning? As you see, it gets in the lungs, it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it would be interesting to check that.” IS THIS MAN SANE OR WHAT?

At least he could have said that in private, asking his medical advisors, without going before the world on television and making such an irrational FOOL of himself. But no, the man who calls himself a “stable genius” knows what’s best!

Right after that, Lysol, the big corporation that is known for its disinfectant products made a public announcement, warning people not to ingest or inject into their bodies any Lysol disinfectant products. They obviously did that because of Trump’s statement he had made. This is pitiful, that Lysol would have to say this because of what our president had said.

Today, Trump said to media reporters about his remark the previous day suggesting that people try ingesting disinfectants to avoid contracting COVID-19, “I was asking a question sarcastically to reporters like you just to see what would happen.”

This is Trump’s pattern as president. He says something publicly that is obviously really stupid. Then, when he receives much criticism for it, he tries to put out the fire by claiming he never really meant what he said, such as that he was joking or speaking, as here, sarcastically. Sometimes, he even claims he didn’t say it when, in fact, he was being nationally televised when he said it! Yet Republican members of Congress still support this guy, and he still has a 40+% support rating in polls of the electorate. I don’t get it.

When Trump makes any of those walk-backs, I think it is always just another one of his great big lies! As I have said before on my blog, in doing so he is an example of the biblical proverb, “Like a maniac who shoots deadly firebrands and arrows, so is one who deceives a neighbor and says, ‘I am only joking!'” (Proverbs 26.18-19 NRSV).

It is so obvious to me that Donald Trump suffers from classical narcissism. As the U.S. president, he has said multiple times that he is “a stable genius.” I think it is only a fool who would even say such a thing, even if it was true. He claims he has an uncanny intuition for figuring things out. He boasts often about having abilities that he doesn’t have at all, even sometimes including matters about medicine or science.

Donald Trump admits that he doesn’t read books. Some who know him say he can’t concentrate on something long enough to do something like read a book. You can’t be a smart person without reading books, and I don’t mean fiction books. I mean read books by experts in their fields. You get smart by learning from smart people who know what they are talking about, and they know it because they specialize in that subject, usually having studied it all of their lives.

President Trump holds daily briefings about this coronavirus. He has his medical experts speak briefly. Sometimes, when he does, he interrupts them or afterwards contradicts what they just said. Oftentimes, it is obvious that the medical person is attempting to speak diplomatically so the president will not disagree, as if he is a very stable genius Doctor Trump.

I recently was criticized for criticizing Trump as president rather than being positive about the matter by proposing a solution to the problem. WHAT! If you don’t get it yet, you’ll never get it! The reason I make these criticisms on my blog about President Trump is that I imply that the solution is to get rid of this guy come next November.

But now, Trump’s Democratic challenger and former vice-president Joe Biden says he thinks that because of the ongoing spread of COVID-19, President Trump will try to delay the November election by claiming he is protecting the health of the nation in doing social/physical distancing. If that happens, Doctor Trump will have spoken again.

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