Phil Mickelson Is Wrong about PGA Tour

Phil Mickelson Is Wrong about PGA Tour February 20, 2022

I’ve been blogging about the proposed Saudi-backed Super Golf League (professional) that would lure players away from the PGA Tour and thereby compete with it by offering them huge sums of guaranteed income. One of those posts, here, is about 50-year old superstar Phil Mickelson supporting this proposal and in so doing heavily criticizing the PGA Tour in some specific ways that, however, lack necessary details, showing the Phil seems to be rather ill-informed about how the PGA Tour operates. Most of the top PGA Tour players are disagreeing with Phil about his recent comments and saying that they will remain committed to playing the PGA Tour and not the SGL.

To get the right assessment of Phil’s comments and especially the media rights issue, which is where most of this controversy is focused, read this Golf Digest article by Joel Beall published yesterday: “What Phil Gets Wrong about the PGA Tour’s Media Rights.”

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